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Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 12, -11- 1945

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

lelps in- the Vol. 2 NOVEMBER, 1945 No. 12 KENTUCKY FRUIT NOTES I )NS W. D. Armstrong, Horticulturist, Editor i the POST MORTEM ON 1945 striking success in controlling cod- Lex- INSECT AND DISEASE ling moth with DDT spray pro- nples grams. One orchard often called Stcrs TROUBLES "main headquarters for codling moth QW Fruit grower experiences in 1945 Soul}; Ogllhe Ohio giver? Prlggucig , ac- indicates that t t d prac ICH y a worm- ree crop. an num diseases did hor Ygih tiflgfctlie 3,Iar to DDT. Less than half a mile away, FEL`}? was over. Many diseases were worse On the Sami? PY0PFtYi Wh1 DDT jrgrrr than usual and fruit insects got was oottuserolr there were 20 to 30 more than their share of the peach 0l`m$ 0 9 3PP rll and apple crop. Now that these All indications are that we will r ml pests are lying low for a while, it have another large carry-over of of should be a ood time to take codling-moth worms this fall to ums stock of 1945s gbattles and prepare cause serious trouble again next rein {Oi- i945_ year. This fact will make scraping were of trees, removal of broken and ex- right C d I _ INISEQTSC f tra high limbs, filling cavities, and rees. 0 1 n g 0 . arry-over 0 orchard clean-up very important rpof Forms frpm l941]r;*as realvy with this winter and spring, {fee l 9 Wm EY mor 6 I Y H" Y '3l` There will certainly be serious L Weathfr caused Toth? to beam discussion of ways and means to t_ emerging unusually early but cool rmorore spray programs and man) ions weather the latter part of April and wm waht to try DDT_ Thls year were tjrrgtgintrlfrgf Mor sigitly Cororloitacg srss again aemensgstea the faet I _ e ence _per1 an eaye tl t _ i._t. t k 0;;; hatching. All this combined to make gggweg u2:;$ti%] gigs? dances the first bI`OOd lHtG Gnd HS Z1 I`SUl.t urcs until hayvgst ggrhgfhgr , Yellow Transparents were unusual- - , ~ V - 1 i s_ The mers. _ growing earl_ or ate appe rrry- ly 0l`mY at h8l`V$'t Um producer of late apples, of course, ap- The lateness of the first brood has the longest fight. attack meant thattl eixtra first broord San Jose Scale. Due to the hot. rrsr sprays were nee e , sprays w nc dry season of 1944, scale multiplied oraa. Xl manly] cases 1y;ve1?t{rot1appicdr enormously and by itlhe winterulof wr r s ano er resu o ie a e 1l`S 1944-45 there was a eavy pop a- brood, second brood emergence was tion in man Kentuck a le and Y Y PD , also late, not becoming heavy until peach orchards. The mild very wet late l]gY lift dl`? \\ltll01`1dllg1Q winter and unusually early spgring . H9 Y USUS all CHYY CD- of 1945 kept many growers rom Dan; . tember was very favorable for cod- getting on their dormant sprays and ,d it ling moth and the cffcctiveocss of others got them on late or did not )utHt Q HI`SIl1C8l dpOSllS VVHS l`CCll1Cd. IAS ggt gggd (ggvgyggg All thgsg fac- ro or L a result, in_western Kentucky, scc- tors resulted in much live scale owor i ond and thrrd brood worms really in 1945 and this muitipiisd Cgngid- pray "wet to t0W Oil the tlDDl CYOD erably during the growing season. ; Old s {md the only \;01`glfl`* 9l`0P$idWl` causing much damage to fruit and ., rn young orc ar s or rn o or- t es alike. chards where effective spraying was Ii; number of oeaeh growers rpple . contmlwd UP to SPtmbl` 1- Evoo alarmed at the spread of scale, ap- _ eastern Ktmlucky 0l``hll`d$ had plied summer oil sprays, either just _ more worms than usual aud .1`0\\ after- harvest or both before and Us will d to ml0$l[Y illCll` f after harvest, irr an attempt to kill r forts rn 1946 rf they are to keep thc eraw]ers_~ lh any case ah heavy l0Pl3tl0$ from d"`lOl9m9 effective dormant spray program a- Several Henderson growers had this winter is an absolute "must" ` CIRCULAR OF THE KENTUCKY AGRICULTURAL EXPERIMENT STATION, LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY