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Image 6 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 12, -11- 1945

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l . 3 li protection of the plants, the mulch the plants to harden up and devel- that spreads to the middles also op as much as possible before the I helps prevent soil loss through mulch is applied. $ . erosion. The main objection to fall Old, second year fields generally I = mulching among growers is the do not benefit from mulch as much ( . fact that they often get a stand of as new, first year plantings. T wheat, cheat or rye over their fields 5 r from mulch spread in the fall. This T_”T I i §Z‘§dlf¤1aE?°€i¥€°¤Y2tE?§f by ""°‘°"" THAT 1945 KENTUCKY ‘ g ` FRUIT SEASON SUGGESTIONS The 1945 season was a real prob- Where possible, cleanly threshed 1¤{¤.>’¤¤r fer Kentucky fruit mc? l straw, free of seeds, should be used. dlscascs , WCW the WOTST In · Where chaffy or seed infested straw letus me msccts had_, to Ps 1 l ls used, the bales should be Spread watched carefully. The spring was l J over the fields on their sides with One ef the wettcst On Tcqmd and ; one or both wires clipped so as to Eh? label Shmtsgc mad'? lt. “°c€S‘ ( » absorb the fall rains and germinate smy fel esch man to Solve his pTOb‘ 1 ` all seeds before spreading time. lemsrm hls OWTT Way- Most QT lhclll 4 Straw used from a stack can also dld { Supwh Job Of TV PT`TC€$·,m ( be spread about so as to be wet by genelah _“'€*C gO9d but Pmducllon l the fall rains; or be forked over so C°,srlri0“§_‘r$ti;lFOOgTT§§r4 A5 were gen Q that most of the seeds drop out. erally rwld but not Considered l ADIOUNT TO APPLY severe in Kentucky, wlth the result l _ that there was very little dormant · I1'1 thi? Padufiah section t€$tS haw? winter injury to fruit buds. A warm ShOW1’1 that lll; to 2 tons of St1'3\V rainy ]\[3rCh, hggvgvgyr brought PGY HCFB give 3b0¤t thi? b€$t 1`€$ull$ about one of the earliest blossom on ordinary years. In the _Greenville pgyigdg in years and much Of the 1 Bild BOWIIHS G1`€€T1 SGCUOH 2 WHS fruit in the state was in bloom by , sh0uld_be about fight while 8f0\1¤d late March or early April. This was L0l11SV1ll€ Hlld COV1¤gtQY1, 2 to 2*/2 followed by a series of serious frosts tons should be about right. anal cle/ld sgells durllig April and t ear y ay. ome of t ese frosts and TIME T() APPLY freezes caused light to heavy fruit No set date for mulching can be gig? mcggrllugagragtg gfqghde stag; ’ . · stated. The plants should be al- A rlly5g6 arid 7 ang Snggll del eq ` lowed to harden up by fall frosts algjut A rll l7_i9 and rl am Kelli anrl lilght frleiesrl Hgvxgzver, las 3 27_May{) g pf rue,temuc soul eon an _ ' . .· and available by late November or 5 rgeflrlfileggisllinnerarimgts lz; Aclyrig early Deeemheh BY that time the aiids caches gin I'10l`}{hCl;l`)1 edhtral ¤¤¤¤= Stats f¤=¤¤€¤*>1y has wld and egstern_Kentuck in mi broom 1 spells with temperatures as low as · · y u . · » 0 and virtually wiped out the crop in ; 10`15 above sem" The best sue' many orchards and low loc tins gestion seems to be to spread straw- lrl Some Orchards ,rS ln the E; Lérli . berry mulch ih Kentucky Wheh ment Station orchard at Lexinpton — temperatures threaten te ge as IOW fruit was borne in the to s of geach A as 15-20°; for it has been established and apple trees but ngrrc lr? lhc { that considerable damage to the lOW€r 2/3 or the trees ` ‘ strawberry crown is caused by those ln most Soutllcrrr 'rmd Western E temperatures especially in late No- . . ” Kentucky peach oichai ds a full l Vemher er early December befere cro of fruit was set on virtuall all ` the plants have become fully hard- p .· · y erred peach vaueties, and the apple set ‘ _ _ _ varied from orchard to orchard. So, 1n general, it seems the time However, the apple crop as a whole to spread strawberry mulch in Ken- was heavier than in 1944, and that tucky varies from late November favored Kentucky, due to the gen- on through mid-December, depend- erally short national apple crop- ig mg 011 the weather. _ the shortest in 20 years. 3 Very early fall mulching is not Strawberry blossoms were also in- g adv1sable because it 1S desired for jured over the state by the repeated rg 6 éé r Fi