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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky fruit notes, vol. 2, No. 12, -11- 1945

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

el- hc frosts in April. However, enough were: strawberries $7.80 and $8.80 survived to _produce a good crop per crate, peaches $3.66 per bushel uy in most sections, as a whole. Also, and apples $3.85 per bushel. There ch due to the long blooming season and were numerous local market gluts the c0ol_ moist picking season, and breaks, however that were strawberries were picked and ship- brought about in many cases by ped over_ a longer period than on local labor shortages. poor distribu- any prevrous year. tion of local surpluses and, an abun- dance of low-quality home-orchard LABQR products. gx lLabor was the most critically . srort item in t e production, har- lan vesting, and marketing of the 1945 1945 STATE FAIR Ja'; Kentucky fruit crop. ln general, FRUIT EXHIBITS rnd lifok ag ijoncegncd "{1"ald,,g The amount and the qualit o are,an ong ours oge e`ob _. .. Y L gg; done. D_ue to the slow, cool strzw flmt Qilhlblted by Kentucky. gum" em my mg,,S,;> post of this Etitnibir-Kfttiiktfiiii5"i;,d . cro was save . e ar . .' 1 '*V$r ig: crog in western Kentgclrby pgrecski ;mi{afd1U.t Credit to. the Kem entcd a tremendous thinning prob- ug. y ml? mdustryr n$1d1`mg the En- lem that surely would not have S;1O,?S d1?,3S Insect, ad_1&bOI` red been worked out without the gen- iinugggnt the .gnr?1_pubh Wa? at gg; U5;. Of. the germs. Of Br are airrb?r?ZBr-*$r{i?;Z am. The h,bQ,Q";Q,n;fC8,i,f?S 0p,QfQ or the University or Kentuekv, IIIQ new thinning practices caused them k*F*gd_ the Mult. exhlblts- and W D- im to gain wide use this year and made Slmsjf-long` Princeton Served as the large contribution to me pX_OduC_ mrpxerrntendent of the Fruit Depart- by ron program. F_ ` _ _ .vas The peach harvest labor rob- . ust ? 2O`t"3Y gsts lem was spotted. A number of gow- `lmiic .C-hlblg gommmg of 3 Or and ers solved these problems by their iiml `E1QUj mt t_J W Fgn' and own initiative with the benefit of LiCctCt` gf1g1\On Cwmy: rnit certain local situations. In the Hen- ir ..-iGn O . .l Iccouom-Of ate. derson section the large crop was C,.Cn$O59? hun fiom h1S Hin` on harvested and packed chief] bv CS .1C`mi. aastmgls m Umon - Y - Countv. Third went to Mr S C age pr1sonerof-war labor and the crop HOHO\g.3V d F .th t M' ' ' pril wassaved. ln the Paducah-Mayfield HOHOW,,*, 8% H Gulf N? ,f?1I M sec_t1on, where an earlier local de- G,.q\.GS(&` tO I O 3} IQ m pril $_1s}1on Iliad bleen made not to estab- {U U (Lung}; d, 1 t h gars ISI a ranc prisoner-of-war cam , , *9 O0 ISP BY, OD 01101`S tral needed harvest labor was not avail)- {mam went to the Fgnbush Oi`- mm able and a Considerable portion Of chards, Buechel. while second went , in _ the crop was lost for want or pick- t0 M1`, H M- Heilewasn Ma:~*fie1d, , OnS_ mg and packing C,-CwS_ prisoncl-_ and third to S. C. Holloway. May- rgri- 0fwar labor also harvested a major fl1d Th? HOIIOYWYS were. Welceme ton, Dart of the large Henderson county mr Gxhlbllms m. the fruit depart' n gach Hpple crop. Other sections solved men? .Th@` exhibits Y}` put up the th1I` less pressing apple harvest bY th@U` two YOUUS f1`U1'C-gl0\\ig _ proplems and saved their crops i/ESH1?1Obl`t Auzlbcfhe SGH Of H- tern Witt the exception of some Yellow O OY an 3XO HTG SON full ` Transparent crops that had to be fS-CH=11w=w z all harvested in a cornparativel short The Lester Harris orchard of set i time. y Kevil, McCracken County. again . ard. sent up some high quality apple ex- hole PRICES hibits for the bushel, tray and plate that 1 Au __ _ _ entries. In addition to winning a gen- tuck pgrces received for 1945 Ken- number of first and second place yp- ne _}2hYu1E$_ WCW ECUGYHUY at 01` ribbons, this orchard won Sweeps- , Coal ecerlrng for good, Hrst grade, takes honors for the best bushel Of ,m- mmmzrerally packed products that apples, with Golden Delicious, and ated g T}$gg1`$)_ i;1gli;1`ll1nH1lge% gr {he best plate of apples, with - w ro esa e ar ring, 7 _ ` .. :-