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ADDRESS OF GOV. MOREHEAD. By virtue of an act of the General Assembly of Ken- tucky Transylvania University has been reorganized, and a Normal School established as an important, if not an indis- pensable, auxiliary of the Common School system of the State. This system, after struggling for existence for many years, is at length in successful operation, and P5 insure its perpetuity has been interwoven with our organic law. To impart to it the proper degree of efficiency and usefulness it is admitted, on all hands, that there should be competent and well qualified teachers, in sufficient numbers to meet the pub- lic demand. To effect this great object the Legislature, in its wisdom, has established this school, where our own young men can be educated in the art of teaching; and we have now assembled to inaugurate you, sir, as its first President under the new organization. It would be out of place for me to speak of the import- ance of such an establishment to the cause of Common School education, in which the whole State feels such deep and vital interest, and I only rise on behalf of the Trustees, whose organ I am, under whose control this Institution has been placed, and by whom you have been unanimously elect- ed President-and may I not add, also, on behalf of the State of Kentucky, whose most cherished institution is sought to be promoted-to welcome you back to your native State, and, with a heart glowing with honest pride with the antici- pation of triumphant success, to congratuaate you on the en- larged sphere of usefulness which is open before you. -->