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Image 3 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 8, no. 5, 1899

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

_ V ‘ I i Is required to succeed in any line. Our steady aim is to suit our customers. \\'e will not bore . you with a long advertisement. hut we want to impress the llflllll Oll`C\’Cl’}` GHC, lllflt Oll1' ftllll to 1IlZ1l{€ €\'€l'}’ CUSIOHICY " satisfied. "\\'e think every shoe in our stock is made of good, i honest leather. lf‘you find any shoe you buy from us is not as good as represented come right in and tell us all about » it and we will make things satisfactory to you. \\»'e want your trade, your good will. The Great Samplashua Hausa, N0. 4 West Main Street. Drs. Salt 6: malls, t Dentists. { |9—} West Main Street, Over C. J Myers. r " . y Filled and lifxtracted I Certainly without Pain. Old and broken down teeth made as good as new by our system of CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. No charge for examination. rg 1~2 \`Vest A/Iain. L U M B E R. 1All