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7 > Image 7 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 8, no. 5, 1899

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

li _ li % . I ~=Tll B-e- . I Of Kentucky , I wu nivwc. ~ "a E \~ Ji ;, rh, 2 ,,, ,. > _ sltftax y- be in VTQ (mers to the public the following Courses, viz; uy Agricultural, Mechanical, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical, ` Normal School and three Scientific Courses, each of which covers four Est- years in the College proper and leads to a degree, li the L Its faculty contains twenty-nine professors. Its gronds, buildings _ r ill and equipments represent $450,000 in value. Its laboratories, Chemical, l { Physical. Biol0g'cal, Botanical, Geological, Physiological, Mechanical, and Electrical are the largest and best in Kentucky. Each Legislative District is entitled by law a free tuition, room rent, fuel and lights for four properly prepared students in the college proper, and to an equal number in the Normal Department, Alumni of other colleges in Kentucky are entered in post-graduate courses. For catalouge and other information apply to];\11r:s K. PATTERsoN, Ph. i D_, L. L. D., President ofthe College,. Loxington, Ky. , ..-._.. ___........ 1 i `i-; MISS NllLLlKANS shed I * and Q C 00 0 Oi'I0gi'3p y. urse ti p L_ 121 East Main Street, uml her Department of lliouograpliy in connection with the State Col- iii lege of Kentucky. Most tlioroiigli, reliable and liiglily-recoup i _ mended school of Sliortlizind in Lexington. rlillllglll il. l)l`1l()Ll(jlll f<)lll'l. l'