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Night riders : a thrilling story of love, hate and adventure, graphically depicting the tobacco uprising in Kentucky / by Henry C. Wood.

Y O U F t UNCLE SAM OWNS A GREAT NAVY A very important adjunct of Government.-You and everybody mnst be interested in it A Submarine Boat. A new "wrinkle" in warfare. THE AMERICAN BATTLESHIP AND LIFE IN THE NAVY By THOS. BEYER, a Bluejacket Is the most authoritative as well as the most readable book published on the subject. Also Humorous Man-o'-War Yarns. 40 fuell-page half-tones, including Rear-Admiral Evans' flagship "Con- necticut," and a lithographed map, In four colors. of the erime around the world by the U. S. fleet, 1907-1906. EXTRA SILK CLOTH, GOLD TITLE, 1.25 At all bookstores and book supply houses, or sent postpaid, on receipt of price, by LAIRD LEE, Publishers, WabaaZ enue, CHICAGO I I 1, I I4 I I