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The Kentucky Kernel, April 24, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available BLUE RIDGE ISSUE sir The Kentucky Kernel UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LEXINGTON, VOL. XV if STROLLERS PLAY KY., APRIL 24, 1925 No. 27 AT OPERA HOUSE ON APRIL 28 ELABORATE PARADE, LED BY MAY .. inn. t rr i triT 'OR NEXT FRIDAY "FIFTY-FIFTY- " T MOVING DAY NOT OBSERVED FIRST Of MAY QUEEN O' TO BE GIVEN TUESDAY NITE MAY Is Seventh Annual Production ONE NIGHT ONLY Freshmen May Discard Caps But Remain Yearlings Best Staged in Years by This Organization PARADE AT 2 P. M. "Flfty-Flfty'- Classes Dismissed After Third Hour for Exercises ), am- mm m May Day will bo celebrated on the campuB with a program which, ac cording to plans just completed, will be a trifle mare beautiful, a bit gayer and infinitely more colorful than any previous celebration of this nature which has taken place on the campus in many years. Classes will be dismissed after the third hour on Friday, Mayl, and from then until the close of the gingham dance that night at 11:30 o'clock, a of activities has-be- en- arranged. EXERCISES Beginning at 11 o'clock tho seniors will utilize all the time until end of fifth hour. Their program will start near the main entranco of the university when tho class prophet visualizes all his classmates as they will appear several years from now. Tho class poet, imbued with tho spirit that makes men jwrlte "spring poetry", will recite his verso for about ten minutes. The senior orator and tho junior orator will next address tho classes of the university. A tree will bo planted near the main entrance and each member of the SENIOR Annelle Kelley senior class will file by and toss in a shovelful of dirt. The scene of activities will then be moved to the cannon in front of the Administration building where Mortar Board, senior women's honorary frat ernity, will hold its pledging exer cises; these exercises will bo followed by the Lamp and Cross pledging which will conclude the morning program. PARADE AT 2 P. M. At 2 o'clock in tho afternoon that part of the day's activities of which Circle is in charge will be the Su-K- y begun. A parade, led by the May Queen in a beautifully decorated float, will start from the campus at that hour, and will wind through the down town streets, returning to the campus by a route which has not yet been worked out. Fraternities and other organizations are urged to prepare floats which will enter the competition in this parade. A prize will bo given for the most beautiful float in the parade, and a (Continued Robert E. Lee Hall in Distance From Opposite Mountain "The Messiah' Greatest of Oratorios, And Glee Club Are Music Week Features MEN'S STUDENT Occasion for a Brilliant Program CONFERENCE TO MEET JUNE 16 FIVE GIRLS ARE ORATORIO APRIL 30 Life Interests Will Be ELECTED TO GO National Music will be Discussed by with a big two night served TO BLUE RIDGE musical here beginning with Students festival, College Night, April 29, Will Be "Week Lee, Smith, Huddleston, Hefferman and Rouse Chosen Institution Was Founded in 1906 By Dr. W. D. JUNIOR STUDENTS Weatherford; Comprises 1561 Acres Convention to Be Held! in North Carolina in North June 5 Blue Ridge tho "Land of tho Sky" generations western North Carolina Carolina Sky" in 1906 when tho first has been called the "Land of the was 5-1- started land was purchased. Since then seven tracts have been secured, making an aggregate of 15G1 acres. By 1912 there were three buildings on the grounds and at present there are forty eight buildings, in which moro then 800 people can bo accommodated. The present valuation of tho property is six hundred thousands dollars. Tho founder and builder of Blue Ridge, Dr. W. D. Weatherford, has builded his life and Ideals into tho institution, aud tho equipment is used t(T the maxium during tho summer months for tho promotion of these ideals. It is here that each of tho 500 students who attend the conference this year will find a mountain top experience. After a long school year, with the grind of the classes and examinations and tho coustant round activities don't you sometimes long to steul away for a fow days Into lioine secluded snot In God'a green to mediuway up high outdoors tate und pray to gain Inspiration and vigor for tho groat task, boforo you? Our Master needed this refreshment, 'how much more must you und I need it. hero Is no better pluco In all the uueh exnerlouco than tuo unri.1 rrn m.t.inni-- in thu Uluo Ridge. For rr and It has long been characterized as one of the most exquisitely beautiful regions in all America. United States Government, created by tho National Congress, and through this reservation has become by statute the only Natl onal play ground In tho Southeast. It Is not so much the location and beauty of Blue Ridgo us it is tho spirit that makes tho place worth while. Dr. Weatherford still maintains back of tho Institution, with all of its growth, tho fundamental Ideals Unit will loud into a great future. Every student should plun to go to Blue Ridge at least once during his or her college career. Hero tho small vision of tho uverago college studout Is enlarged into a world vision und they moot the challenge of a life dedicated to a servlco. One, who expects tl live the uext 25 years, cannot afford to start that llfu with a cramped, selfish attitude of their duty as a citizen. 5 At the Student Conference Juno one will find ihontal, soclul, physical aud spiritual uplift that cannot be estimated. 1 am frank to say that tho first ten days ut Blue Ridge is worth a semester In school and that you will return Buying, "It is tho best ten days I huvo ever spent". Signed, Bart N. Peak ob- Col- on Page Three) HISTORY OF BLUE RIDGE RECALLED BY UNIVERSITY Y. M. C. A. SECRETARY tracfof the seventeenth annual spring production of tlm Strollers is to be presented at tho Loxlngton Opera House Tuesday April 8 for one night only. This play, Fred erick Johnson's three-ac- t comedy la the best so far presented by the Stroll ers, and the reception given the party on both the Eastern and Western trips far Exceeded any heretofore accorded by the Strollers. The Strollers have formerly played in Lexington two nights but this year on account of a full University program, the play will be given for one night only. '"Fifty-Fiftydeals with the experi ences or two younc artists. Henrv Brown and Paul Greene in the third floor of a second rate lodging house in Greenwich Village, and the subsequent happenings resulting from their poverty and youthful imagination forms the basis for one of the most amusing and attractive vehicles ever used by the Strollers. The cast follows: Henry Brown . Robert Bigler Sophie Bland Nelle Pulllam lege night "Wednesday, April 29, when the girls' and mens' glee clugs and an orchestra of 40 pieces will bo the feature of the program and culminating Thursday evening April 30, In the spectacular presentation of Han The del's Oratorio, '"The Messiah." men's glee club has already been on two concert tours, where they havo been highly successful, and the home concert April 29, will terminate their activities this season. Messiah of the The production which is being sponsored by the Mc Dowell Club of Lexington and Phi Mu Alpha music fraternity under the At a meeting of the senior members direction of Prof. C A. Lampert will, question, be one of the best of the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet on April without things of u musical nature ever given 19 tho following Blue Ridge delegates lu Central Kentucky. Although this were chosen: Frances Lee, Eleanor is the first time that anything of this Smith, Beth Huddleston, Elizabeth sort has ever been attempted, unusual Hefferman, nud Georgia Rouse. The interest Is being manifested not only convention, which will be held June by the townspeople but also by the people of Georgetown, Purls, Berea 5 to 15 draws from 500 to 700 girls und adjoining towns, who are sending from every state in tho south. representatives for the chorus. No The five delegates are members of effort hus been spared to make the tho junior class. Frances Lee, in addi- occasion the biggest in tho history of tion to being president of tho Y. W. Lexington; tho special soloists will be reinforced by a chorus of over 300 C. A., is president of Thetu Sigma trained voices while uu orchestra of l'hl nud a member of tho Kernel staff. 40 pieces is to furnish the accompaniShe has shown marked ability along ment. tho lines of scholarship and leadership George Frederick Handel, tho comtho University, since her entrance at poser of tho "Messiah", when writing only sophomore la 1924 she was the pledged to Thetu Sigma Phi. She Is (Continued on Pago Six) a member of the Kappa Delta sorority. Eleanor Smith, a member of Kappa NOTICE iu enrolled In the Kappa Gamma, Shu lias Home Economics College. There will be u compulsory meetboon active in Y. W. C. A. work for ing of all town students, living at tho past two years and Is a member home, ut approved boarding houses of thu now cabinet. or out in town, ou Monday, April 7, 3:30 Beth Huddleston was recently eleco'clock lu tho Women's gymnasium. ted president of tho Phllosophlan Literary Boclety. She Is also a member (Signed) Sarah G, Bluudiug (Continued ou Page Six) HELD AT BLUE RIDGE Men of Renown to Be Present to Give Lectures The annual men's Student Confer ence will convene at Blue Ridge, June 10. The elected delegates will assem bio there from all of the colleges and universities In tho south. They will hear discourses of some of America' greatest students of life's vital Issues These tested leaders have studied social, industrial und moral problems of our own and other countries. They will give their observations und aid tho students to form u philosophy of life that will solve these difficulties. The program committee bus secured the services of several prominent und well known men. Among these it is likely that John R. Mott stuuds out us the most prominent. Dr. Mott 1ms made several tours of the world. It has been said that he has talked to more students than any other man In history. At present he Is chairman of the National Council of the Young Men's Christian Association. Although Dr. Mott hus had strong inducements to take up other fields of endeavor, he has chosen to devote his services to tho promotion of christian ideals among students, so that they may cury the work forward. Robert E. Spencer, general missionary secretary of all tho churches and former head of tho Federal Council of Churches, will be an outstanding lecHo will turer on missionary work. discuss thu field for christian servlco (Continued on Pugo Suveu) " Paul Green Mae Dexter Al Weimann Mary Lair Mary Louise Fleming Mrs. Podge Luclle Stillwell Margaret Yungblut Mrs. Hawley John Lair Patrick O'Malley Smudge Wayne Faust Cap(an old salt) W. C. Thomson The properties will be In charge of Philip Rnsch assisted by Dow CaldWheeler, well, Edward Charles Munich and William Burks and Robert Williams. Tickets for university students which were placed on sale yesterday on the campus may be exchanged at the Lexington Drug for reserved seats while reserved seats for the public will go on sale tomorrow at the Drug. Josephine . . SENIORS WILL BE EXALTED A WEEK Distinctive Costumes to Be. Worn by 1925 Class For tho first tlmo iu the history of the university, seniors are to be recognized and treated as such by tho faculty and student body of tho university. The transformation is to take placo during the celebration of "senior week" beginning April 27, during which tho fourth year students will doff their marks of mediocrity and appear as "real seniors." During this week special deference will bo shown to the seniors on tho campus und iu the residence halls und sorority houses. Tho terms "Mister" and "Miss" are to bo applied to their respective names. Bows and tipping tho hat will be recognized u suitable forms of courtesy. Tho seniors will appear on the campus In certain distinctive costumes. Tho girls will wear Kentucky blue arm bauds with the numeral '25 on them and the boys are to wear corduroy trousers and curry canes. The observance of tho week will be officially concluded will the Hay Day exercises on Friday, .1