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7 > Image 7 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 24, 1925

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

vailable IPS"' f KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE SEVEN ROTC PREPARES 5 KENTUCKY ARTISTS EXHIBIT PAINTINGS FOR INSPECTION, DRILL EACH WK. Several Faculty Members to Show Pictures at Nashville On Monday, In National Art Ao-efhtfo- n will open Its exhibit in Nash-TillTann. The exhibit will lnoludo a group of palntlnBH by southern awl a number of pictures by oine of Loxlngtoin talented paintors. Dr. Frank L. McVey will havo two olla, "Old Shakortown, Kontuoky" and "Tho Shrine by tho Rondsldo." Mr. Allen Swlahor will show "A Antiquarian" nnd Kontucklnn Standing of Kentucky Unit to Be Determined SEEKS HIGH RANK Third Year Kentucky Is Recommended for Inspection Headed by the band nnd Its now drum innjor, tho University It. O. T. G. unit passed In rovlow boforo Colonel Hobhs, Friday afternoon In tho first preparation for tho annual inspection for distinguished collcgo on May 15 by officers of tho war department. This rovlow is tho first of a series of weekly rovlows that will bo staged each Friday afternoon until tho dato of Inspection. Strenuous drilling is also being held ench day in an effort to bring to a forniidablo array the who will pass in rovlow tho military officials on May 15. Tho coming Inspection will detor- mlno tho rank of tho Kentucky unit for next year. To bo placed among the distinguished classification hold by tho foremost universities of tho United States, tho Kentucky unit must undergo tho Inspection on both prac tical and theoretical work, equlpmont, spirit manifested, and Interest of tho student body. This Is tho third year that tho Ken tucky unit has been recommended for inspection by tho war department, tho first recommendation coming in 1923. Since 1923 there has been an increase of 100 por cent in tho number of men completing tho advance work, with a slight increase in tho personnel of tho 700 men department. Tho growth of tho Kentucky unit has been great within tho last threo years and will approach tho standards laid down for classification as a distinguished college. pen LOST Barrel of fountain Tuesday night. Finder please return to Kernel office. LOST An S. A. E. pin. Please return to Business Manager of Kernel. Robert E, Lee Hall at Blue Ridge MENS' STUDENT CONFERENCE TO MEET JUNE 16 (Continued from Pago Ono) at homo and abroad. Mr. Speer Is tho second honor student of Princeton University and a devout student of world IIo is a powerful affairs. speaker and leaves a lasting Impression on his hearers. Besides his lecturing he has written 25 books on "Christian Missionary Work and Us Progress." Another well known American lecturer and writer, who will inspire tho delegates nt Blue Itldgo with his messages it Kirby Page. Mr. Pago Is noted for his convincing discussion and writing on tho application of Jesus' principles to modern society and Industry. Particularly Is ho Interested in the abolition of war to rellove tho world from tho horrors that result from It. Mr. Pago has made an extended study of this question and written many books and pamphlets on it as well js- - his numerous lectures. W. T. Thompson, professor of religious education at Union Theological worthy message. Professor Thompson was director of Y. M. C. A. work in several enmps during tho war. IIo Is a successful educator and editor. J. Stltt Wilson of Cnllfornln, will deliver several lectures on christian democracy. Mr. Wilson has been lecturing nnd writing on this subject for many years and Is a master In his field. David It. Porter has spent most of his life in China and ho will have a messago from that field wortli hearing. There nro two renown Kentuckians on tho rogram, Rev. Henry II. Swoets who Is connected with tho Presby- terian Seminary at Louisville and who Is an excellent preacher, will speak several times. IIo Is also a member of tho National Board of Education In the Presbyterian church. Dr. E. Y. Mulllns, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary at Loulsvlllo, which position ho has held for 25 years, will add to tho program. IIo has devoted his entlro life to service with students ana understands their needs. He Is also a writer and editor of a church publication. Others that will make speeches at various points during tho conference will balance the program. J. M. Seminary, Richmond, Va., will have a of Nashville, will represent the Cub-bret- board of education of tho M. E. Church, South. Milton T. Stauffer, of New York, spent fourteen years In China nnd will tell about tho work In that field. Joseph O. Venablo, of Chattanooga, F. Z. Koo of Chlnn, Norman Thomas of New York, and B. M. Chcrrlngton, of Denver will be worked in nt some stage of tho conference. Then there will bo thirty student secretaries on hand to make short talks if they aro needed. After hearing tho Inspiring messages from these experienced speakers tho delegates will be permitted to arrange a private interview with them to It discuss their personal problems. will bo a valuable ass,et in any student's life to hear these speakers and bo associated for ten days with 500 Christian students. When the Conference adjourns on June 25 each delegate will be better prepared to meet the vital Issues of life. UNIVERSITY GIRLS TO MEET TENNESSEE Mr. Carol Sax's two oils, "An Amor-loa- n Boy" and "A Lnndscapo," will bo shown. Miss Anno Worthlngton Calllhan will havo two flowor and still llfo studios, "Calendulas" nnd "Cosmos." Miss Lucille Bush, a student of tho university In tho department of art, was eligible to send paintings, but was unable to complete a still llfo in oil and a wnter color design, on which she was working. Tho Whitney Studio Club exhibit, SPORTS. RECREATION at tho Anderson Art Galleries, in Now AT BLUE RIDGE York, which opons In Mny, will Include a portrait and a decorativo Attractive Plans Have Been landscnpo by ,Mr. Allen Swisher. It Made This Year Is considered a great honor to exhibit at tho Whitney Studio Club. In recent literature Issued by the Blue Rldgo Association Interesting in formation was given concerning sports and recreation. There will bo trips to points of scenic interest such as Chimney Rock, Mt. Mitchell, The Bilt-mor- e Junaluska. Estate, and Lake Dally hikes to Turkey Rldgo, Spanish Castle, Black Mountain, and other points of proximity will bo conducted In preparation for tho long hiko up High Top and moro difficult places. In addition to such sports as swim-- , mlng, tennis, baseball, volley ball and other similar forms of recreation, boating will bo added as tho lako has been enlarged and moro boats will be procurable. Riding horses may bo hired in Black Mountain at any time. From tho reports that have been issued the recreational side of Blue Rldgo seems to bo unusually attractive CANFQRDS U FOUNTAIN Debating Teams in Tilt Here this year. Friday The woman's debating team of the university will uphold both sides of the question Friday "Resolved that the Japanese Exclusion Act of 1924 bo repealed," with tho team representing tho University of Tennessee. One debate will bo staged hero with Kentucky taking the affirmative and the other on the same day at Tennessee, with the negative. Misses Dorothy Smith and Prewitt Evans will uphold the affirmative side of the question at the Maxwell Street Presbyterian church at 8 o'clock. Misses Ruby Rush and Martha Reed will go to Tennessee to take the negative side. Cfor Yotmg Men There is nothing like a STETSON jlOST young men today know the importance of looking fit. Good appearance counts much in the game of life. The young man who dresses with taste has Seventeen students of advanced poultry husbandry spent Wednesday In Loulsvlllo visiting poultry farms They were accomand Hatcheries. panied by J. Holmes Martin who Is in is an engineer. This field will always need trained engineers. But with its great manufacturing, con- struction and commercial activities, the industry must have men too. Since the industry is manned by many types, the result of your work will depend a good deal on the success with which you team up. The qualities that win are not only efficiency attained by the light of a study lamp, but that spirit of the athletic field. This point of view may be useful to the man who has wondered whether campus activities, with all their striving. and stern testing, their setbacks and their triumphs, have any counterpart in after life. a decided advantage. charge of poultry husbandry at the college of Agriculture. The Mansfield Hatchery was tho first place to be visited. This company has nine Mammoth Incubators with a total capacity of some 180,000 eggs. To suppose that ti baseball nine will all cover just one position is as far from the truth as to think that everyone in the electrical industry PEN INK POULTRY STUDENTS ON INSPECTION TRIP But the whole team doesn't play first base But it is surprising how little thoughc the average man gives to his hat. It is his crown, yet he seems to stop dressing at the neck. Tho Ballard and Ballard Mill was Be careful in your selection of your headwear. When you buy a next visited and a study made of tho manufacture ami blending of poultry feeds. During f hat, select a Stetson. Its style is right, its quality means long wear. tho afternoon the Poultry Farm was inspected. Tho Forest Hill voultry Farm of Anchorage was tho last place visited. This farm includes about 25 acres and Is devoted entirely to poultry. Tho flock consists of S00 Whlto Leghorn hens and over 3,000 chicks, Tho class returned to Lexington Wednesday evening. Lans-down- I 4 THE BEST VARIETY al f I Published in the interest of Elec trical Development by en Institution that will be helped "by what ever helps the industry. Electric Company V. Since 1S69 waters and diitributors of electrical equipment STETSON HATS WILL BE FOUND AT R. S. Thorpe & Sons Incorporated The New Corona Four with Standard Key board Main at Mill For Offices For Homes CORONA Four is the office typewriter in portable form standard wide carriage, bbonall ri- big machine features. Don't buy any typewriter till you have seen it. $60 with case. Standard Typewriter Exchange Number 19 of attriei J 226 Went Short Street J. A. VonderHaar w. C. 8tQQ TYPEWRITERS SPECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENTS J" &7 STANDARD TES!R Dealer: PHONE 1792 L. C. Smith & Bros. Typewriter Co. o25 . 227 WEST SHORT ST. OPPOSITE COURT HOUSE