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9 > Image 9 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 13, 1921

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL lies in the possibility of the all law may bo encouraged. The remedy is to be sought in removing the cnuso which give rise to the occasions on which the unwritten law is appealed to and in raising popular Ideals to the standard set by the statutes. "If It really Is the function of tho Legislature to embody In stntutory form tho popular will wherever it makes It self manifest, to bo consistent, we hhould write upon our statute books a law to the effect that our administrative officers may nullify or set aside such laws as they see fit whenever In their judgment it is tho wish of the commun ity thnt the enforcement of certain laws shall bo suspended. Such a suggestion may seem n little startling nt first though but the French have a simiinr provision in their code." In the last paragraph Prof. Roberts says, " The task then Is one of restor ing at tho present time tho higher ideals thnt prevailed before the war swung us into the present reign of materialism. This is not wholly the task of the church and school for every organization or lodge can play its part." i FUNKHOUSER AND Society WRITE IMccIrch of Chi Omega Give Dance A bcnutiful ten dance was Riven Saturday In the Armory of the University by the pledges of the Chi Omega frntcrnlty of the University in honor of the Lnmbdn Alpha Chnptcr. The decorntions of the Christmas month nnd the fraternity colors, cardinal and straw, wore used with lovely effect. The hostesses wore Margaret Chcnault, Nan Chcnault, Anne Hickman, Frances Green, Carolyn Nicholns, Ida Kcnncy Risque, nachcllc Shacklcttc, Clay Miller Elkin, Jcanncttc Lamport, Mary Louise Covington, Ellen Hughes, Dctty Barbour. One of the University orchastras furnished the music, refreshments were nerved, and the favors were little candy figures in the Chi Omega colors. The hostesses were assisted by Miss Frances Jewell, Miss Adelaide Crane, Miss Dora Berkeley, Miss Marguerite McLaughlin, Mr. nnd Mrs. Paul M. Justice, Dean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd, Colonel and Mrs. Freeman, Mnjor nnd Mrs. Tucker, Mr. nnd Mrs. James H. Combs, Dr. and Mrs. Edwnrd Wicst, Professor nnd Mrs. Farquhar, Mrs. Eugcnin Young, Mr. nnd Mrs. McCarty Harbison. The guest of honor were the active chnpter Louise McKcc, Carlisle Chcnault, Lucy Kavnnaugh, Frances Ripy, Elizabeth Allen, Margaret Smith, Mildred Moris, Annette Harrison, Virginin Harrison, Daisy Lee Tinsley, Frances Marsh, Gargnret Hnrbison, Martha McClure, Joclyn Webb, Mnmic Miller Woods, Eleanor Moisc, Emma Lee Young, Ruth Tnylor, Frances Renick, Elizabeth Jackson, Mnry Marshall McMeekin and Fanny Summers Tarlton. Alumnne present were Misses Nancy Inncs, Eliza Piggott, nnd Roberta Blnck-bur- n. Ofl MAGAZINE Two Kentucky Professors Authors of Articles in Courier-Journ- course LEWIS disregard for al In the Mngazinc section of the Courier- Journal last Sunday In a very prominent place illustrations and pictures of the writers were articles by Dr. W. D. Funkhouscr, head of the department of Zoology nnd Prof. W. Lewis Roberts, of the Law department. Another acknow ledgement by the state press of the scholarship and ability of the Univer sity of Kentucky fnculty. Dr. Funkhouscr, one of the most popu lar men on the enmpus, is a scientist of international reputation and is a mem ber of Sigma Xi the scientific research fraternity. His story was about "Ken tucky Birds.' Some of the statmcnts from various parts of the story are reprinted: "Students of birds throughout the world nssociatc the name of the State of Kentucky with that of Audubon, the most famous and best beloved of American ornithologists. The citizens of this commonwealth may well be proud however not only of the heritage in ornitho logical research left them by Audubon, but of the wonderful bird life represented within the state's boundaries. "According to reliable estimates, more than one million dollars is lost annually in the United States on nccount of the ravages of various insects." Some figures were given to show that "we pay more to caterpillars, beetles, feed our bugs, plant-licgrasshoppers, than we do to weevils, and keep up our entire school system. Our ensiest solution of the problem is to en courage the natural enemies of the in these enemies sects, especially when happen to be the best friend of man. Foremost among these friends nre the birds. The number of insects eaten by certnin birds, nnd the nmount of insects fed to the young during the nest scale-insect- s, s, Dr. Cotton Noc of the Department of Education is well represented in "The Poets Pact," an nathology of contempor ary verse, which hns just been published by Bookfellows, Chicago. This hand some volume, bound in green boards and printed on Old Stratford Paper, is edited by the poet, John G. Neihardt. There are 100 poems in the volume, contribu tions of forty-si- x writers. Doctor Noe is represented by his well known poems, The Rcdbird, Mockingbird, Pro Patrin, The Golden Fleece, That's What They Say, and Inconsistent. Mr. Neihardt, in "The Stepladder" sever al months ago called especial attention to the fine quality of Dr. Cotton Noe's verse. "THERE AIN'T NO MORE" Among the other guests were Grace Sergeant John Kennedy Dnvis, Emily Hollowny, Elennor Smith, j Shelby Northcutt, Helen Skain, Helen sounded I have heard the death-kne- ll Van Derveer, Frances Ashbrook, Kather-in- e From a chapel by the way, Fuller, Mary Snell Ruby, Mnrgnret And a feeling sad and somber Lavin, Alleene Arnold, Jo Lnwson Tnri-to- ing senson is enormous." Stayed with me all that day. Ruth Gorman. In closing Dr. Funkhouses snid, "We But the thing that really gets my goat, from all the hnve at our homes and as visitors who Also representatives And makes me peeved and sore, t, men's fraternities of the university, the npprcciate our hospitality the most Is the company guests numbering in nil abount two marvelous voices of the bird world When he says, "There ain't no more." hundred. thrushes, song sparrows, wrens, and mockingbirds; the most beautiful of na- You may talk of meloncholy words Thursdny Miss Shelby Northcutt will tures bird creations, cardinals, tangers, Which come from voce or pen; entertain with a ten dnnce, 3 to 6 o'clock, waxwings; the friendliest of lovely But the saddest ones by far, I'll vow, in the bnll room of the Phoenix Hotel in travelers bluebirds, nuthatchcrs ana Are not, "It might have been" honor of the Alphn Xi Deltn fraternity of chickadees; the most beneficial of all the For the man whose appetite is good the University of which she is one of the feathered warblers, Will give an awful roar tribe Cuckoos, pledges. Shall our hos- - When he looks around for "seconds" swallows, and vireos. And he finds there ain't no more. hospality be found wanting?" Fridny evening the nnnunl Y Prof. Roberts, a member of the Law dnnce by the men's fraternities of faculty used as the subject of his story He reaches for the coffee, then he the University will bo given at the PhoeSlams the pitcher down; The Unwritten Law." Some of his re nix Hotel in the palm room. This will marks follow: "he phase, The Unwritten And cusses, raves, and tells his tale be the formal opening of the palm room, Law, which came into prominence twen Of woe to those around. which has recently been completed at the ty-fileft, or thirty years ago, gained wide He spears the only flay-jac- k Phoenix. And drops it on the floor; circulation through the press in con nection with certain notorious murder Then speechless sits, with heart bowed Saturday evening the Faculty Club of trials. We have all heard of the Undown. Univer-Hal- l, the Engineering College of the To bad! There ain't no more! written Law but wo seek in wain for a on the campus, with their annual statement of it in our law books. All Christmas dinner. There of us however have a fairly clear idea Now all men die, as well we know, will be about 40 men present and nmong of its meaning. 'mongst the rest. It has been the plea of sity of Kentucky, will entertain in Dicker justification offered in murder trials But where they go, above, below, tho guests of honor who will respond to where the slain man has been guilty We, down here, only guess. a toasts, are Prof. F. Paul Anderson, ar- - of some moral offense against the de Methinks St. Peter, when he's asked riving home from Pittsburg, Pa., to spend fondnnt or again3t some member of his If there's room behind his door, Christmas with his family, Judge Robert family. The conduct of the slain man Will steer tho down below, W. Bingham, Mr. J. Irvine Lyle, of New turns popular sympathy from him and And say, "There ain't no more." York. creates such sympathy for the slayer w that the latter's acquittal meets with FraTho active chapter of tho Masonic Make This approval. ternity was host nt n dinner and an "Tho application of tho unwritten law informal dance given nt tho chnp- is, in effect, a popular rising above tho ter house on Ilnrrison avenue in honor nw by juries who renlly interpret the of W. H. Penl, winner of tho Rhodes will of the people. The danger in such scholarship, Saturday evening from 8 CHRISTMAS until 11:30 o'clock. Your MERRIEST 49 TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING GO, Truly Exemplify The 20 Shave Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Get Your Hair Cut at W. B. MARTINS BARBER SHOP 115 S. LIMESTONE Haircut 40 Shave .20 Heller Co., A. STATIONERY and FOUNTAIN PENS 258 W. Main Street LEXINGTON, KY. Holiday Spirit Now on display at the Lafayette Drus Store Phone 3309 ll,rlsls "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS." is represented on the campus by J. R. PEPPER Phone 4085 248 S. Lime MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH Incorporated The Quality Department Store FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS Ready-to-WcIligh-Clas- s Garments, Millinery Dress Making Beauty Parlors 230-23- 2 W. MAIN STREET COLLEGE LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY GIRLS ALWAYS WELCOME University Cafeteria Operated on a Cost Basis for Faculty and Students Basement of the Main Building Fayette Cigar Store The Little Store in the Big Building Christmas Suggestions That Appeal to Men To University JMen- - Our Sincere Wishes FOR A Merry Christmas And The Continued Success of "State" As you have no doubt noticed, we have recently completed the purchase of the lease of the United Clothing Store and in February will open a completely new store at the "old stand'' you have known so well. It is our earnest hope that you will continue to make this store your headquarters, which, in the future, will be known as Baynham Brothers Incorporated Send Gifts Which George T. 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