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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

` M Governors Scholors Cool Woste Roods In its fifth year, more than 5()() Ken- Outside the classroom students enjoy UK transportation research engineers ` J . iiicky high School students participated the recreational facilities on campus and are getting set to build a test road made V.i, in the Governors Scholars Program. sPnl their evenings interacting With in part from calcium sulfate, the main 4 The five-week sessions are held at UK outstanding speakers, watching iilms, waste product from atmospheric fluid- it . V'V- and at Centre College. Students are se- participating in clubs and talking with ized bed combustion. AFBC is a new it `r_ S lected on the basis of their PSAT scores, each other. A staff of 20 college students coal-burning technology that is both ef- Q Q-Qi ._. . a personal essay and the reeommenda- serve as resident advisors, The purpose ncicnt and Significantly Cleaner than g -_,; tions of teachers and counselors in their of tht? sPal<1s Pmgfam is t0 Provide other methods. David Hunsucker and t f .l..`r i.t l()(;]_1 S(jh()O1 diStfiC[S_ The pl`OgI`8]']'] is role Inodcls for the students intro' Gary Sharpe are hcading a tcam administered by Lil Press from the ducing them to outstanding, successful will design and analyze a highway in _:_ V. Y,i, G0VFn0Fs Otli in FYanl