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Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

AA ‘*¢ ‘~v· ?i>AJf ···— ’·’· A AA ;A*Ai*i¤iA=‘iA¥AA¤€ r—·· ,.—A· "A A AA Aegfggéytxwu;;;1~¥gg;;e,;;:~*A=*A>>;AeA.y;::;;%¤A ¤` AA A -A AA .A "· %e*F¤°$ {€·» >r:¤r.i;z:$S%>:*=·&A2~=A MA;. ·-·1.·=iA -A ¤e·A=·A ».’.= Ai*>i:A `=·-‘V- 2 A A- A · . qx.&x4:..t`g,sv..A.A .< A, .(AA,,A,AA. ,A_ _ , _ A, A A ,,.,q J .‘;\.» .;(»,·· som. 4. At. AAA, .... , _. _ v..· ·AA:"A;AA;AA:A,A;ASAA}A ‘V._- jA A A- AA A A A _A A ··.· ; AA A·AAi .A;A=rAA;A= ··}»‘ 1 TZ A: A .-». AA A A A A 2#sA;a2AeeAAA1A>AtAJ-AiA·AA;iAA;A=1 A·AA; ·»v· C ‘V·· A I A A Jv‘ ‘;»=v ·.~‘ LA AA A A A AA A A '·‘· AA AA A I ·‘ AA A ·AA A A ‘‘‘; ‘°%—— A `--» ‘‘`= AA A? A A · A A ··A·° A A‘ AY- s A>=A·e~#».·A.~·r¤.AA-··;·AA A A ‘ A A AA ·A A A A A A A ¤§’<#s2rc·.>:Em;?'L%·>¤¥Aa~,e.A2A:~»éA·.=A»‘..`·?` AA · ·A A .·*-,~A AA :4-AA ·V‘V AA A A AA A A A A AA A we ‘AA’ A A- A.; AA AA¤i · 'V", CAPE ‘`·A AA AA A A A A A A `AAAYYAF-AA-AI AA AAA A l * AA'. 1 A-A` A A A AA A .A'A A A A‘A‘“ A n A ,.AA’ A ‘°*`» ·:°V Q ’,”· A `V*A A A AA A A A.A.~ A AA AA Az AAAAA AAA AA A A A `AAA —AA_ AA»”· ‘‘V;A A AA AA A AA.· A AA A ` ‘»‘ ‘A·A A ·» A SA A · A A ‘ A Q .—_, A `V—’A Af A A A AA·A _ AA AA1 A A A AA A A AA AA A A A AA A AAA A 3 AA A A- , {YJ AA T · &:;·;AiJA, A A ~ A A AAAA A =AA A · A AA A AA ‘A`A AA A A A ··vA·AA A AA BY LIZ DEMORAN A A A AA AAA-» A' 4; AA AA A - A A A `AAAA ’ A ; A A A A =·A A AA a _ _ A A A ello, I’m Dave Roselle," 1 y AA A AA A said UK’s ninth { A A A A _ A president as he left his pose g A. A A=A· A 32722 A? A A A - AA 1 A AA in front of the camera and A A Ai AA strode across the Alumni House entry _A A AA hall to welcome the couple that had just I g A AA come in the door. I A · A A ii’€A2$t¢A » A. · · , A Virtually an unknown quantity to all A _· A _ A but the presidential search committee, { A A A A A A A Roselle quickly disarmed any critics A A A -A-A A when he added a measure of genuine A A A ' § _AAA _ graciousness to his academic and A A A AAA AA 3; Ag AA , . . . A A A A _·-A‘y . administrative reputation. 1 A A A A, A To those who had had the A A A A AA; _ opportunity to be in Dr. Roselle’s A A A AA AAAA A TA A .A vicinity as he prepared for the A A A AA . A transition to his job as president of UK, A A = ¤`=·AA2 ·“·A - · Q A A A AA AAAA A the action was not unexpected. He A A A· AA AA A__A_A~A AA A A A telephoned many alumni leaders and f AAAA A A AAAQAA A· ~ Kentucky legislators the first weekend AAAA AA A A A A * AAAA·.AA AAAA after his appointment. He cordially A AA A A AA AA A ‘AAA A AA jA¥.AA& A · A A A A AA AAj;A;AA responded to computer-sent well-wishes AA AA A - A AAAAAA iA A · · ~ · A ;AA*AgAA AAAA :2 jAiA A—AA A AAAA AA A·A. and invited passers by his dinner table A AAAA AAA ‘A‘A AAAA-‘ A—A‘ · · · { ·i AAA AA AAAA ·A -AAA -~ A. AAAAAAA A¥A<1-A at thc FZCUIYY Cemerte Jem him and A.AA A jj 1AAgA QA; A A.AAAA_A A A} 'A»=AA _ Q A AA Ag=A=A*¥= his wife, Louise. With every visit A AAAAA A AAAA L2 —AAA · .·A—. ~`‘A i A·AA- AAAA éAA;;;.g= A.AAA A AAA AAAA - AAA A@AAYAAA?AA‘AfiiAi:JA‘·AA A’AA A to e&mPu$» he reached out te 1 AAAAA ·AAA A‘‘A *;?;A§??Q·‘i}fA§ AAAA A`·A g AAAA AA AAAA Af Someone new` A A A AAA. A ·_AAA AA AA*¤jiA¢ A-AA A t AAAA -jA Roselle started his education as a 1 AAsAAAAA_A AAAA_A A·A. AAAA fj _A»AA AAAA g- A AA-A _AAA A part—t1me student at night while his g A A·A» . A . A AA_A. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA;AAAAAAAAAJA A AA older brother finished his senior year of I AAA_ wig A_AA ef -AAA A college. Then Roselle was able to go A A- AAAAA A AAAA A A-A— A ¥;AA~AsAir¢i:§f¤%#= A A A . . · AAIA A A A . -; full time and Chose West Chester (Pa.) A _; _;A; 1A; _A_AAoA · · · A A A-AA AAA2A;;A;;A -AAAA AA 5 State College, graduating in 1961 with A A A AAAA A · · * A AAAAA A e heeheleris degree ‘“ methemehee- A A "Ar West ChS¢U<=, "I E A " “T?A .A :» ¤ S AAAA SA A A ` ? A A. - A AAAA A A¤· =—A AA · A A A;?A;w;:=&f£:;AAA; AA 4; ‘ A AAAA A »AA_ y A AA ef A AAAA A.. l »~ < ‘ AAAAA AAAAA —;..AAA>.¤;>e2