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8 > Image 8 of Kentucky Alumnus, 1987, no. 2

Part of Kentucky alumnus

He influenced and helped me in several and at Virginia Tech he was tapped for Maxwell Place. It will be an honor to ways. He is a first rate teacher of administrative leadership outside the live in such an historic home," says mathematics. Really, I wasnt going to mathematics department. He was Mrs. Roselle. "Its a beautiful home . be a mathematics major until I had selected dean of the Graduate School in and were looking forward to making it _ taken his classes. Then he helped me 1979, then two years later added available to the university community with a scholarship. Then he sent me off responsibility for university research and friends of the University," she to grad school." and 22 months later was named added. "I love antiques and our _ Roselle earned his doctorate from provost. furniture will fit Maxwell Place so Duke University in 1965. "When I got He has also exercised his leadership nicely." to grad school I met there a man named ability in several professional societies, The Roselles will not be making Leonard Carlitz. Dr. Carlitz is a very participated on peer review committees major changes to the home. The major l prolific author and a very moral man. in higher education and given revision will be painting and restoration Dr. Carlitz became my good friend and numerous invited addresses and of the wood floors which are now mentor. " colloquia. He is the author of over 30 covered with wall to wall carpeting. Having learned well from these and research titles and three books. He is Central air conditioning and other others along the way, Roselle began also president of the Consortium for improvementswill wait until there is his own career in academe. He taught Mathematics and Its Applications and a more money available. and did research at the University of board member of the Roanoke Valley The couple has two children, Arthur, Maryland, then Louisiana State Science Museum and the River 16, a senior at Woodberry Forest University and Virginia Polytechnic Foundation. School near Orange, Va., and a Institute and State University. At each The rooms of Maxwell Place will daughter, Cynthia, 15, a sophomore at Vi of these institutions he received once again be home to the family of the Madeira School in Great Falls, Va. if recognition for teaching excellence the president. "Were excited about "Arthur is interested in lots of , V, _ AV VV S V V V, _ different things. Hes a good student. WVU V_V gif *i/. V VV if He is also very interested in sports. He V iii! V_ V; _*`* i iV~ la s on the varsit football team and ~ 31 r r ii i'*< 0 P Y ' Y V VV ,VV... rt . .. V ~- [V { golf team. He has also played 1nter V , V, V V scholastic basketball, squash and { ` {~ V i y i . . Lacrosse. Y 7;;*, Z&""""?f4/ Lf ZG"' hfmf Cynthias interests are varied. L g . Shes very good at computers and until tty, V- V ASSOC [AT I O N this year took piano lessons. At her 4 Lo " i V Gi, VV, , r school they have an outdoor adventure . `_/ \ A i i ; ~ V V V V V-AV V program where Sl'1eS ClOIl lOCl< i- Vz,VV . VV ~ V. ,. V climbing, rappelling and canoeing. She y V V V plays tennis and golf, too." gill if I V - V i _ V Together the family makes a _ V V I foursome on the golf course. "In S T _ __ 1, _ ,V i fact," says Dr. Roselle, "about two J VVys[ 1:;.,J-Ck T V years ago Louise was leading our end- v.LgV.fVi;` T of-year family tournament. I told her to 3,; V .Q take it easy; the children do not want I i V to witness this! " V< , _ V VL Travel has also been a family V V_.VVV V r interest. "We have often taken the l f 3 children with us when weve gone on _ V trips unless it was strictly business. As V I the children were growing up we took sightseeing, educational trips. Weve * tried to broaden them in that way." A j V Mrs..Roselle, who has a master s V degree in mathematics, developed a Dr. Roselle delivers his first odclress to the UK Nolionol Alumni Boorcl math prcparation 0`$ for th ot the Summer Workshop. Scholastic Aptitude Test which she 6 UK