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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 18, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY 4 KERNEL Hcnenth tho branches sister sits, And in tho hammock swings, While like a luckless landed fish Idea). (Formerly The Sho slyly her beau strings. 'Published every Thursday throughout tho College year by the Btudent body of the State University of Kentucky, for the benefit of tho students, alumni and faculty of the institution. For Men Only. TUB KENTUCKY KI2HNEL is the official newspaper of the University. "Sport shirts It Is issued with the view of furnishing to Its subscribers all the college news of Kentucky, together with a digest of items of Interest concerning the uni- Vest chains versities of other States and Canada. Spar chewing tobacco SUBSCRIPTION, ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR. FIVE CENTS PER COPY Entered at Lexington I'ostofficu as second-clasmall matter. Popular Parody No. 6. 'TIs the last benn of winter, EDITORIAL STAFF. ED1TOIMN-CHIEWilliam Shlnnick Left sighing alone. Dlllnrd Tumor Assistant Editor All Its lively companions W. T. Cottlngham Managing Editor Arc faded and gone J. Franklin Corn "Squirrel Food" For sweet greens and fine cnbbago Miss Eliza Plggott "Coed"ltor Arc everywhere blown. M. C. Finney Athletic Editor .1. It. Marsh Exchange Editor Announcement For June 1. J. T. Gooch Agriculture Locals and Law 0. H. Nance, Jr Come over this way, boys. It is now Harry Melton Mechanical Julia Vnnarsdalo. . . .Home Economics safe to take 'em off. Fraternities Mining Herbert Graham S. J. Caudill Education Miss Anna L. Whltworth. .. .Sororities O, shall we have a senior ball? Miss Elsie Heller Thus was tho question put. REPORTERS. Miss Mildred Taylor 0, shall wo sulk within our tents, Estill Woods James Council Or shall we shako a foot? The Kentucky Kernel s BUSINESS STAFF. Business Manager S. C. Johnson Good-by- e, 1916. Our years draws near to its close, and in this, the last issue of the Kernel, we feel that we can do no less than bid a fond and regretful farewell to the members of the clas sof 1916. Through four years of storm and stress, of struggle and glorious achievement, they have kept ever before them the ideal of duty to their No good University and of friendship to their fellow workers. their support, no good tradimovement has ever failed to receive tion has been allowed to die away while they had power to uphold it. We do not know of a finer or more unselfish act than that of the class of 9 6 in establishing a loan fund to aid poor students who are forced to earn their way through the University. It is sincerely to be hoped that succeeding classes will continue this 1 1 Then boldly came the loud reply, That none could e'er confuse: "We'll surely throw that senior ball If seniors pay their dues." We who are left behind want the class of ' 6 to know that they are not unappreciated, that they are not unloved, and that their spirit will remain with us when their earthly selves are far 1 away. The Kernel and all who know them, we feel sure, unite in hoping that they, "who have so successfully sailed their barks over the placid lake of college life, will meet the waves of the broad sea of world life in the same grand spirit, .and at the end sail out into the purple sunset to meet the brighter dawn which lies beyond the depths of night as bravely and as happily as they met the dawn of this bright spring morning." Hail to you, 1916; hail and farewell! The rainbow years of youth with us were not your los3, we feel, and certainly they were our gain. Success in all good things be yours! ELECTS mil proper Initiating exorcises agreed on. J. F. Gregory Is Chosen A. I. E. E. President For the Ensuing Year The Kentucky branch of tho American Institute of Elcctrlcnl Engineers wero addressed by Mr. C. K. Morrell SMOKER THIS WEEK on Wednesday morning on tho modern business methods applied to contracts The Democratic Club of tho Univer- And specifications. sity held its last business mooting of Mr. Morrell Is nn electrical engitho year last Thursday ovcnlng in the neer of wide experience, and his talk Tho entiro meetLaw Department. was greatly appreciated by tho senior ing yas devoted to tho election of ofmechanicals. ficers for tho ensuing year. Tho following officers were chosen for next VISITORS' DAY yenr: Owens-borPresident J. F. Gregory, of Mechanical Hall was thrown open Vice President A. S. Kelly, of last Friday afternoon for tho annual visitors' dny, nnd many friends of the Owcnsboro. Secretary A. C. Proston, of Inez. college accepted tho invitation to inTrensurer Floyd Potts, of Owens-boro- . spect tho shops, laboratories and drawing rooms. shop, machine The Recording Secretary 'Clarence Harshop, blacksmith shop and foundry ney, of Lagrange. Attorney General B. E. Hickerson, wero vory interesting to the visitors. Probably the greatest drawing card Springfield. of was the automobile testing laboratory, Chaplain Elmer Robertson, r where a test was run on Louisville. Tho car is Sergeant-at-Arm- s M. Robinson, a now Cadillac Eight. J. placed on a revolving drum, which regof Lexington. George R. Smith, a local attorney isters the force exerted upon it and a graduate of the University, was through a system of balances, and from the readings taken the horsepresent and made a short talk. The following committee was ap- power of the machine Is calculated. wood-workin- g Farewell. Owing to tho fact that this is- - tho last meal of Squirrel Food and that we no longer fear Enoch Grehan or the phaculty board of censors, we use some words below which we have longed to use for ten long months: Damn, hell, unmentionables, chemise, pointed to arrange for a smoker to bertha, teddy-beabe held next week: D. L. McNeil, of camisole, billmi, et cetera. Fulton County, the outgoing president; J. F. Gregory, A. S. Kelley and J. T. Gooch, of Madisonville. bras-sler- horse-powe- r, good work. Time and space do not permit of a resume of the accomplishments of the class which is so soon to leave, but we can say that we do not believe that a more brilliant and faithful class ever trod the greensward of old Kentucky's campus. Four years of work and play they had with us, four years of association with the University of God's Country, and four years with each other garnering sweet memories to store up in the ebony box of Time for the longer years which are to come. lay night In tho "Infernal RecosscA" )f tho old Dormitory. Chnrtcr members were taken In, officers elected DEMOCRATIC CLUB HERE AND THERE One of the best college .papers the Kernel receives in its exchanges is the "Silver and Gold," published by the students of the University of Colorado. The following are clipped from its Wit and Humor column of a recent issue: Now I sit me down to sleep, I hope my chum full notes will keep, And if I snore before I wake, Pinch my hand for pity's sake. A woman in Joliet filed suit for divorce, stating that her husband kissed her two years ago at the depot, took a drink, jumped on a train and disappeared. A case of Osculation Union Station Long Vaca- DIssl-natio- n MAXSON ADDRESSES CHEMICAL SOCIETY Dr. R. N. Maxson, professor of Inorganic Chemistry, addressed SHINNICK HONORED meeting of the Lexington Chemical Society which was held at By way of recognition of his acScovell Hall last Thursday afternoon, complishment in winning the right to Dr. Maxson's subject was "Note on represent the University at the Anthe Occurrence of Fallium." Practinual Intercollegiate Oratorical Contest cally the entire membership of the soat Danville last Saturday night, Will-la- ciety was present and a number of Shlnnick was Monday night previsitors were also in attendance. sented with a beautiful pair of gold and platinum cuff buttons by the Blue STROLLER MEETING. Grass Council No. 762, Knights of Columbus, of which he is a member. The Stroller meeting for tho purpose of electing officers and making BASHFUL STUDENTS plans for the ensuing year, which was ORGANIZE SOCIETY to be held Tuesday, has been postponed until this afternoon at 4 o'clock. The first meeting of tho "Nervilak" All members are requested to be presSociety, recently organized on the Unient in the Stroller room at that hour,' versity campus for the purpose of engendering more nerve into the makeup of bashful students was held Mon- - Patronize Our Advertisers i tion. Whether it's cold, or whether It's hot, We must have weather, whether or not. Word to the Wise. If by chance, girls, you get to see the Inside of a man's room, do not exclaim over the beauty of the pictures. You should have seen the ones that were there before you came. A Sure Sign. tell when a man has had a dato, by his hair-cut- . TAXICAB COMPN'Y (Incorporated.) Phoenix Hotel Lobby C ity Phone J 854 Hotel Phone 1900 DAY AND CITY RATES NIGHT SERVICE 25c A You can always The Kentucky Colonel Says: ! The Bright Stude. A late spring, suh, is powerful hard Prof: Can somo one tell me tho difJim Why . aro you entering tho on the mint crop, but we have much ference between a penniless Univer- broad jump? to be thankful for. Tho julep out- sity student and the "Phoenix Hotel Jack Because I have tho spring put Is never affected by weather condi- detective?" fevor. tions, suh. COLLEGE MEN Stude: Suro. One soaks the watch and tho other watches tho soak. The Kernel feels honored by tho Macbeth. fact that tho name "Squirrel Food" It You Stay in After School. First Shade: Going down tonight? adopted at tho first of last year to Teacher: Johnnie, compose a verso head its alleged witty column, is now I Second Shude: Think I'll stay up. in used by four other college papers. Tho 'First Shade: Well, don't got pulled. for mo with tho term Second Shade: If I do I'll conceal It. latest addition is "Tho Holcad," pubJohnnie: ; everything. lished by tho Michigan Aggies. Have you seen those swell English Last Shoes we are showing this season? They are euro beau ties; made in mahogany calf and gun metal calf. They fit like a glove and stand the knocks. They are just the Shoe for the Dressy Young Fellow. Prices, $4, $4.60 and $5.00 the pair. a "bow-strings- " The Special Shoe Co. ao West Main Street, Lexington, Kentucky. Gy Hanks, Manager.