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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, May 18, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

MkiMiittMiMMi THE KENTUCKY KERN EL 4! IJorca College, Centre College-anKentucky Wcslcyan. Mr. Foster, tho winner of the contest, is a llrst cousin of It. A. Foster, senior in tho College of Arts and. Science. lego, SHAKESPEARE-PAGEAN- Corner Co-E- d IS GREAT SUCCESS WINS SECOND HONORS English Club Production of University Representative Plays and Dances Held Finishes Close In State Y. M. C. A. OBSERVES on Campus Oratorical Contest "MOTHER'S DAY" LITERARY SOCIETIES 4 PARTS WELL PLAYED G. C. MAN IS WINNER "Mother's Day" was observed at . The Shakespearean pageant, held Meeting of All Societies M. C. A. weekly meeting William Shinnick, a junior in the yesterday afternoon on the campus, Held at Patterson Hall President Barker delivered an Department of Journalism, won secof JOINT SESSION PATTERSON HALL NEWS. T d OF the-Y- Sunday-nigh- Miss AnitA Crabbo was the guest Mrs. 0. 0. Popper for the week-end- . Miss Alice Gregory motored to Danville Saturday night with Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Grohnn, for the Oratorical Contest. Misses Mildred Collins, Mary Tur ner, Margaret Gore, Charlotte Willis, Anna Cromwell and Beth Rodes com posed a week-enhouse party given at Miss Collins' home in North Mid dletown. Miss Elizabeth Petty was the guest of .Miss Marie Young, on Forest Ave nue, Sunday. t. Saturday Night The English ond honors in tho Intercollegiate Orawas a great success. address on "Mother," which touched Club of the University was in charge torical Contest for the Stato of Ken- tho heart of every one of the thirty-fiv- e men present. Special music was; of the event, and although rainy tucky, which was held last Saturday evening at Center College, Danville. rendered by Eugene Grttben and R. A Joint session of all the literary weather caused a postponement Tuessocieties on the campus, together with day afternoon a large crowd was pres- - His subject was "America, the Ago A. Foster. Plans were discussed for tiolding a. the Agricultural Society, was held at' t to see tho playa of the Bnrd of and the Ideal." The first prize was won by E. W. joint meeting of all tho men and woPatterson Hall last Saturday evening. Avon performed in truly Elizabethan "oater, representing Georgetown Col men of the University sometime beTho program was presented by tho surroundings. lege. Mr. Foster's subject wns "The fore the end of the semester. It is Patterson, Union, Philosophian, Hor To all of the young actors who por- Challenge of tho Centuries." The in planned to hold this meeting, which and the Henry Clay socio trayed tho characters in the play mucli stitutions participating in the contest will be of the nature of song service, tics. Miss Marie Becker, of the Phil of Kentucky, some Sunday afternoon on the camosophian Society, presided. praise is due, but the managers of the were the University The program consisted of a humor affair, Miss Rebecca Smith, president Transylvania College, Georgetown Col- - pus. ous debate and music. The meeting of the English Club;- Professors by Miss Dantzler and Farquhar, Miss Frances Miss Helen Record is spending the was opened with a vocal solo Suzanne Beitz, accompanied by Miss Jewell and Miss Christine Hopkins de week with Mrs. Sally May in Win June Sale. serve the greater part of the credit for Chester. The subject for debate was: "Re- the splendid performance. All the ar Miss Elizabeth Farra was the guest solved that Women Should Have an rangements for staging and costumof Mrs. D. D. Slade, Linden Walk, Equal Representation in the Operation ing were entirely in their hands and Order your EnThursday night. Machines." The of they were carried out correctly to the graved Cards once. Get the cards to match Miss Annie Lee Bishop, of Emispeakers were Miss Nelle last detail. guest of Miss nence, was the week-enCrawford and Q. B. Nance and they the invitations. $1.25 to $3.50. The scene of the plays was the Judith Beard. upheld their side in an excellent man- greensward near Limestone street Miss Esther Denton visited friends ner. The negative speakers were J. and just in front of the old Chemistry in Nicholasville last week. F. Gregory and Herbert Felix, who Building. Miss Gretchen Bergmeyer was the equally well expounded the subject. Each scene was in charge of a sepaguest of Miss Alma Baker for the The affirmative side won, the audience rate chairman with Professor Farquweek-end- . acting as judges. once. The New Ones; $1.50. Get one har supervising "Midsummer's Night's A much enjoyed mandolin solo was Miss Myrtle Smith has returned Dream"; Professor Dantzler, "Winfrom Lagrange, after a short visit. played by Miss Neville, accompanied ter's Tale"; Miss Rebecca Smith, After in by Miss Stella Pennington. Miss Ila See spent the week-en"Tempest," and Miss Christine Hopthe regular program had been dispos- kins, "As You Like It." Among the Nicholasville with friends. Miss Simrell is the guest of Miss ed of, the meeting was changed into prominent characters were Misses a social session, delicious refresh Mary G. Fisher at the Hall. Rebecca Smith, Dew Flanery, Josements being served. The meeting was phine and Jane Farrell, Mary Sayre a decided success and it is likely to Williams and Christine Hopkins, and , become an annual affair. Fail To Read "Babe" Lawson, Wayne Haffler, "Bill" Shinnick, Franklin Corn, Henry PowIMPORTANT! ell, Waverley Briggs, Herbert Felix, This is the last issue of the Kernel Ray Gilbert, Boone Simpson and C. F. this year. Next week the editorial Richey. 326 W. Main St., Lexington. r forces will be busy with exmalnations Dan Roberts and Miss Helen -News of the and cannot do the work necessary to Publlshei 1'b.ref sang a number of ShakespearStyle Changes Times e "Vee the bringing out of the paper. ean lyrics and a May Pole dance by and the In t Special THE EDITOR. twenty fair was a feature. DaL Values .. Pap Offered. DEBATE FEATURE e n SENIORS Pari-Mutu- at d rJMEMORY BOOKS at Buy yourself a K. Fob d K. U. Pins - 50c 50c. with the Seal Doi't Box Stationery Purcell's StoreNews Burk-holde- POUND of Stationery 85 Sheets best grade Linen Papers s WILL ADDRESS HISTORY CLUB HOLDS FOREIGN STUDENTS ANNUAL ELECTION Society tRdetfel Mallen, a native of South jLiriericaV.who is in this country study Club Pirn GpM. ORDE FROM HEADQUARTERS HEINTZ JEWELER 123 EAST MAIN ST. OPPOSITE THE PHOENIX We Do Watch and Jewelry Repairing Bargain Counters: ing (fir the ministry, will address the tion Building Monday night with the tOTgigir students in tne x. m. u. a. membership present. Dr. J. K. His subject will be rele- iranjt.ciii .tjie nine Kiage uonierence tnis gqiritiier. It is hoped that all foreign-borstudents will avail themselves of ihis opportunity to hear this noted speaker. n In Solid The last meeting of the History Club this year was held in the Educa- KENTUCKY IS FIFTH IN S. I. A. A. MEET x no llHllivvtUf) uuivoia note inuauii Frank Crum, presi for next year: dent; Carrie Blair, vice president; University was the Mary Stagg, secretary; J. M. Scott, I. A. A. track meet treasurer, and M. U. Conditt, publicity Satlast Friday and agent. was represented by Louisiana State winner in the S. held at Nashville urday. Kentucky three men. Out of seven teams Kentucky defeated only two, Florida and Sewanee running behind. Grabfelder, for Ken tucky, won in the preliminaries held Friday in the dash and 220, making the distance in 10 seconds In and 23 seconds respectively. the finals for the dash Grab felder ran third. 'Marshall, in the hurdles, and Hodges, in the high jump, wero elim inated in the preliminaries. 100-yar- d 5 5 100-ya- - Box of 50c Paper SoJIed Box, - - 25c Best Fiction from our Circulating Library 25c Tablet Blank Books 3c entire Patterson, University, "Historical officers for President Emeritus of the addressed the meeting on Research." An election of the ensuing year was held, after Which the meeting was converted into a social session and delicious refreshments served. SENIOR CALLED HOME BY MOTHER'S DEATH O. M. Edwards, president of the senior class, was called to his home in Caneyville Saturday by the death of his mother. Her death, coming as it did on the eve of Mother's Day, makes the sorrow even harder to bear, and (Mr. Edwards' many friends in the University extend their deepest sympathy In his greatest sorrow. 40c a box University Book Store Security-Tru- st Short Street Building MURRAY WELSH PRINTING CO. INCORPORATED College Stationery , Engraving an Die Stamping Frat and Dance Programs 124-1- 28 N. Limestone Lexington, Ky. I