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Letter from Urban Maes, M.D., Department of Surgey, School of Medicine, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Louisiana, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating on his election as President-Elect of the American Medical Association, 1941

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

:$Bg LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY V S c I-I 0 0 I. 0 F M E 0 I c I N E " ~ p New ORLEANS DEPARTMENT or SURGERY ` June 9, 1941 Dr. Fred W. Rankin 271 West Short Street Lexington, Kentucky My dear Fred: I I noticed a brief dispatch in one of I the afternoon papers here last Saturday saying that you had been elected President of the American Medical Association. My sincere con- gratulations and every good wish! I I think you have taken over a very im- portant position in very strenuous times but I have no doubt that the job will be well cared for. I can still remember our first meeting at Chateau de la Foret, and even then I predicted great things for you and Isam glad to see that my very early opinion was fully justified. With renewed assurances sincere esteem, I am _ Very cordially yours, wm ma _ Urban Mass, M. D. UM:LW