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Letter from Charles B. Sweatt, Locust Hills Farm, Wayzata, Minnesota, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his election as President-Elect of the American Medical Association, and seeking his assistance in finding a horse, "a good hunter prospect.", 9491

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

LOCUST HILLS FARM ROUTE TWO WAYZATA, MINNESOTA I REGISTERED JERSEYS July 8, 1941. ` _ Dr. Frederick Rankin, Lexington, Kentucky. Dear Fred: A First, Mardy and I want to congratulate you on the very high and dis- tinguished honor that has been conferred upon you. Maybe it is more ` work than it is honor sometimes those things turn out that way, but in any event, we are proud and happy to know the president of the A.M.A. . we did enjoy so much seeing you and your beautiful establishment in Lexington and only wish we had planned so we could have stayed a few days longer and taken in the races. I Mardy and I are planning a horse hunting trip this fall. we are looking for a good hunter prospect, preferably a good size mare about 16-hands or more, with A-l conformation. We don't require a made horse as we have a splendid groom.who is capable of developing and making any animal with suitable conformation and an inclination to jump. It has occurred to us that you may hear of something around Lexington that would answer this description, as they do so much breeding down there. Ixealize that they are breeding primarily for track but they must have occasional mares which are perhaps a little too heavy for the track but could be turned into good thoroughbred hunters. I understand they have a sale in Lexington in the fall but it is my impressionihat it is largely for racing prospects rather than the general run of animals. L Perhaps you could give me the names of some people in and around s Lexington to whom I might write and tell them my requirements. Our verylnest regards to you and to "the head of your household." Sincerely yours,