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Letter from John J. Curley (Dr. J. J. Curley), Leominster, Massachusetts, Major, Medical Corps, Camp Patrick Henry, Newport News, Virginia, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his promotion to the rank of Brigadier General, 1942

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

ee * I I I I I .; V jV Y _ ` I ` I Y I t@%edL@gg>* ~;@@%%%$ ttdettirtsres.- I .eeeeeesse I I I es%?g%eI I I:$i%; Igggig DRLJ.CURLEY II ~~i V ' Eighty-two Main Street y . I ' _ I _ LEOMINSTER, MASSACHUSETTS DSC. 15, _, j{ I Brigsdier~Generel Frederick W. Rankin, Q 5% Surgeon Generels Office, CZ/LAJC), EI Washington, D.G. i diy Deer Genersl Rnnkin: Q I received my orders to H.R.P.E. Stsging Ares, Gsmp Patrick Henry, IQ Newport News, Vs., on December ll, lQ42m In looking over the ` g speciel orders of the dey, I noted thst you hed been promoted to g_ I the grade of Brigadier-General end it is for this reason thst I v- ge em writing to offer you my sincere congrstulstions for your well gr, deserved sppointment. After being in the Army for s metter of _ _ gf three and s nslf months, I can spnreoiete the headaches you neve gg hed with the P & A and all of this rush of induction of Medical I @5 Officers. yQ, _ It hss been wonderful for me that I should be assigned to the yi Lovell General Hospital for tne pest three and s nplf months end _ to oe sole to be with my family for that period of time. Wnst the gr Q future nolds for sny of us is s matter of conjecture, but I sin- @j cerely nope tnst I will be pllowed to give my best effort to do %, my psrt in winning this wer ss quickly ss possible so tnet we mey I %; dell get beck to our old postsisgsin. . ri ; I n . . I ?nnIII I ee2lyonlsmlLovellldenerslwkospitslessen you eerr were tnere nitn I I I III @4 Senntor Berkley but did not=nsve the opportunity of making myself tI known to you, because ps you remember you were in and out of ans % Hospital within en hour. Le I.I.IIi gri A I, td pf eyes Y tf I- I 1 I I I seeett. . , %; Agein I wise to congratulate you upon receiving tnis greet nonor %,_ which I believe is well deserved end I nope that I nsve not committed I gr eny breech of srmy etiquette in offering my congretulstions to you. gz I will be passing tnrough Wssnington Saturday on my wey to my new I %I post. Wishing you tne best of luck end s furtner_promotion to dn I W~jor~Generl I on .,4. 6, .. J . ,I , (1 1 A @,, S ice ly vom , gil JJG/B I cnn J Irl V Ie or M.C. A,U.S.Q E;} y H.R.P. . Steging -res, I s, Gemp Petrick Henry, I ,I ; M I I Newport News, Vs, I I \ / I V rv I K M I ii ;I IIgQ;QII2I I- 1 er tse %% te I >eeereeetese ertns+vte#eee qsetee II eeseese Ite%t%e@: I V lessee n%r II~;;?f1"; ef I I . 4 ;%eiie@ee; I`It I II I _ I des; IIIIT ;egs $te?ee*l I I-I: I II.I I I I I I t%?ft?ri% ;%eEe se? I I Ii, I <* ?r*}