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Letter from Walter D. Wise, M.D., Baltimore, Maryland, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his election as President of the American Surgical Association, 1948

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

DR. WALTER D. WISE . 1120 ST. PAUL STREET ` BALTIMORE 2, MD. , Jodie 3rd , 19.4,8 Dr. Fred Rankin, 271 W. Short St., . - Lexington, Ky. Dear Fred, I felt inclined to send you a V telegram upon your election to the Pre- _ sidency of the American Surgical Asso- ciation but, when I learned of the num- ber that were being sent (some of them collect), I thought I would give you a few days grace and write you instead. It is very pleasing to your friends, to say nothing of your fellow alumni. You continue to reflect glory v of your Alma Mater. I have missed see- y ing you at recent meetings. You will have to he at St. Louis and I hope to be there. I also hope to go to the Southern Sur- I gical and perhaps you will be there also. I With cordial good wishes, I am i Sincerely yours, 1 I g WDW/at / I I Q 3 _ , _ ,__k,,_,o m_,(,_ ..,,_..W 4.,; i.r;n.,..,i.,..- mm.-.` we I ,. -w:4e.M ~~..;: eM;~. .sem.. >e..;x,u..;,.;..1..: .:wa;a