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Letter from George G. Finney, M.D., Baltimore, Maryland, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his election as President of the American Surgical Association, 1948

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

DR. Jr M. T. FINNEY (mss-42) CN5U!-T*Q`|'|N BV AFF|N'|MENT DR_ J_ M_ T_ F|NNEy__jR_ 2947 ST' PAUL STREET TELEPHONE UNJVIRSITY 1284 DR GEORGE G' FINNEY BAn.nM0R:-ls. MARYLAND 7265 bR. HERBERT E. VVILGIS ` June 3, 1948 Dr. Fred W. Rankin V 271 West Short Street Lexington Kentucky Dear General: I would like to add my congratulations to _ those of many others of your friends, on your election as President of the Amsrxsan Surgical Association. This is an honor which you not only deserve, but also I know you will fill the office in the way that it should be done. Since this was my first meeting as a member of the American Surgical, I took particular pleasure in having the opportunity to add my "Yea" when the motion was put to the house. I cant help but take this opportunity to express the feelings, not only of myself, but of quite a number , of other members at the meeting after the election of new members had taken place. It was the feeling of some, that some of the men who served with distinction during the war, A and therefore naturally had been away for su e time, perhaps did not get as much consideration as some younger men wher I thrc gh no fault of theirs, hed not been away, and therefore had been able to accomplish more constructive work. I I hope you will understand the feeling that I am expressing, and I wouldn*t do it if I did not feel that I know you as I do. I hope you will simply bear it in mind _ for what it is worth in the future. Again congratulations, and with kindest regards, _ Sincerely yours, MO DO g