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Letter from Baxter Brown, M.D., Buffalo, New York, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his election as President of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

B ; ,- i,, i*'`; I L ` i * il. Bviii _.,_ ` v ~` _ *` `? , ; it r#a$%a?sra%eki ri I .r*l.f?#@: J r. *i #` &#i#$$%$iaau B e s ; i * J ggggt _ I ] AXECIHEEKI I{C)VV}i,h.I). 40 WEST NORTH STREET I BUFFALO 2,N.Y. n l _ A G-A:RFx1a:LD 9497 iOctober 13, 1953 Dr. Fred W. Rankin hOl Security Trust Bldg. Lexington, Kentucky V I Dear Dr. Rankin: _ Please accept my congratulations upon the attainment of the Presidency of the American College of Surgeons, _ a distinction you merit richly. ` During the past few days I have had reason to re call other years when I was a fellow at the Clinic and I you were one of my teachers, as well as very good friend. While I am quite sure that you may have forgotten several small kindnesses to me, I would like to assure you that p I B ;_ I have had reason to remember them and to recall them aj V I often. I think I can say now after all these years that its it f the most satisfying position which I have ever held 1 V "B is _was that of House Surgeon at St. Mary*s Hospital, and the consequent assistantship to Dr. Judd and to you and to others of the staff. Testimony to the accuracy of this ~ T statement is contained in the fact that I have reason to remember those days and to apply their teachings daily I in my work. " Because at one time in my life the bad practices in surgery in one Midewest community had the effect I of making several years of my life miserable ones, I Ji have had a great interest in the present day action by the American College of Surgeons. The principles in- velved and the actions which have been taken to secure ,*them meet my approval and they summon my sincere wishes for suecess in attaining their purpose. I would like to l saya however, that I am very hopeful that at least as much action will be exercised in the kitchen as is on the front porch. No one could read Dr. Edwin M. Limbert's _1 letter, or be normally informed, without realizing that this battle can not be won in the newspapers. I personally _ v favor more action in the background. Again, my congratulations. . BB/pcs