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News clipping. "Younger Surgeons Blamed for Abuses: Lexington's Dr. Rankin, New Head Of Surgical Group, Makes Charge." The Courier-Journal, Louisville, Kentucky, p. 2, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

l 2 ~ THEI (]0URlI,]R-JGURNAL, LOUISVILLE, KY, l l S ,2,,. l l I l I I I I {J - 7 V ( J I . 0HHgI llIg0niS I I I I I Q Q O I l I LX111gt0l1'S Dr. Rank111, New Head I l Gf Surgical Group, Makes Charge Chicago, Oct. 9 (UP)-The new president of the American I College of Surgeons tonight blamed the younger, postwar i l generation of surgeons for fee-splitting, unnecessary operations, I 'A and other surgical abuses in the professions. ranks. J I But Dr. Fred W. Rankin, Lex- _ jllglom Kyq Sald Older Surgeons who charge exorbitant fees for J I also were to blame for tolerating their Services- J the growth of this "avarice.j Brought Abuses In Open Rankin spoke at his inaugura- . . . ' I I tion as the A.C.S. concluded its Them hhmheh as I Shih le / - H I annual clinical congress here. Small- hh? eveh ehe malefmmr ` _ reflects directly and unfavorably r I J CRES Twill Pitfalls upon ug 3]l_" "There are some in our midst The A-C-S b1`0Ugl' surgical r . who do not recognize their obli- abuses out in the open at last gations, or who, recognizing years meeting despite disapprov- them, lack the courage to live H1 Of the move by some other . by them-," he Saleh branches of medicine. Yesterday , A _Theyall inte the twin pit- the A.C.S. board of regents re- J I l falls of avarice and i1lgotten P01"fd that Such priwlices as i I I gains. They persuade themselves fejesplittine appeared to be I J - . ` that they are justified in what (diminishing. ` I they are doing. Rankin, a past president of the I lt is regrettable that fel- the American Medical Association, most part the men who are so W0lIderedl0ut loud whether con- I demnations by the A.M.A. and J The great pmgyess of medicine other groups of surgical abuses II _ in the field of radioactive iso- ahem made m Smcemty nr expe` ` topes is discussed in an Asso- whcyj _ J " ciated Press article in tomor- hahkih Said he Pi`ii"{`d _l0 _ , I rows Passing Show. Another believe they Wl` made ll'1 $1 ' Slgoyy Says that Kentucky -,,0,0 cerity, but reported that attempts - has four hospitals authorized by had been made to dlSlPll . - the Atomic Energy Commission ACS l`ghl$ who 5P0k Out _ I ,. to receive and work ibith, iso- abflut abuses- l?0l0S. 16 Kentuekians Inducted it ` mmlnmmr mammlym are the aaa-lhii Siiihhgalhii-aiihSlZ- J . - yehhgehl pestweh gehehhheh sue should have been raised at * Let he admit that there are all leaves one wondering-is the J meh ih ehh imfeSemhhh`th' explanation that the wicked flee I J ie nately their number is small- when no ,4mm pursueth-ln ' I who practice division of fees, I SlXlQEn'K(_mmcky Sulge on S whe dei ghest Surgery- whe heh were inducted as fellows in the J ` form unnecessary operations and College of Surgeons ttonlghh J _ I Fellowship is based upon ac- J cezlnble medical education- ad- I I :" ` ` '`'' ``` " `` Vnnnmi irnining in Surgery- mr1 J - ` " {I, character, and ethical practice. J I II Seven Are Frngthnnlsvilln I - -r*rr-i Krnnmlm mrmnm m