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Convocation Program, American College of Surgeons, The Medinah Temple, 600 North Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

5 t ‘ Fellowship Pledge ECOGNIZING that the American College of _ Surgeons seeks to exemplify, develop, and 2 enforce the highest traditions of our calling, I hereby pledge myself, as a condition of Fellowship in the College, to live in strict accordance with all its principles, declarations, and regulations. * * In par· r ticular, I pledge myself topursue the practice of surgery with thorough self-restraint and to place the welfare of my patients above all else; to advance constantly in knowledge by the study of surgical literature, instruc· tion by competent teachers, interchange of opinion ' among associates, and attendance on sessions of the important societies and at clinics; to regard scrupulously the interest of my professional brothers and seek their counsel when in doubt as to my own judgment; to render willing help tomy colleagues, and to give freely F my services to the needy. * * Moreover, I pledge myself to shun unwarranted publicity, dishonest money-seek- ing, and commercialism, as disgraceful to our profession; to refuse utterly all secret money trades with consultants in and practitioners, makers of surgical appliances and A · optical instruments, or others; to teach the patient his financial duty to the physician and to urge the prac- I titioner to obtain his remuneration from the patient A openly; to make my fees commensurate with the services . rendered and with the patient’s rights; and to avoid ` discrediting my associates by taking unwarranted com- g pensation and, specifically, to uphold and practice I within the principles of financial relations as estab· lished by the College, * * Finally, I pledge myself to co-operate in advancing and extending, by every lawful means within my power, the influence of the American g College of Surgeons. ,