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Letter from Charles (Charlie) Huggins, Ben May Laboratory for Cancer Research, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his "masterly performance in conducting the convocation" [at the ACS meeting], and updating him on the "splendid" results of his recent blood test, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I T CHICAGO 37ILL1NOIS V THE BEN MAY LABORATORY FOR CANCER RESEARCH T A`; 950 E. 59TH STREET - October l2, 1953 Dr. Fred W. Rankin ` A T - 1561 Lakewood Dr. V g Lexington, Kentucky . T Dear General: ( V g ` The heartiest congratulations to you for your masterly A I performance in conducting the convocation. Your I _ speech was really wonderful. I particularly enjoyed [ the quotation from Agnew. . _ I 4. The hlood test was splendid. The total protein was 6.666 gm. The NPN was 30 mg.; acid phosphatase 2.0 units; alkaline phosphatase S .}.1. The phosphatase . values are in King and Armstrong units. The upper I limits which we obtained for these values are h.S I acid phosphatase; for alkaline phosphatase 10.0. Better reserve tickets for England right away. We would love to hear from you in three or four weeks. 6 ` v_ y From a surgeon who cares, _ T ` Yours faithfully, l` E I T ' Charles Huggins A Hzfmc - _ 1