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Letter from Alice Schulte, Covington, Kentucky to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on his election as President of the American College of Surgeons (ACS), updating him on the status of her son, and enclosing a news clipping about Dr. Rankin from the Covington Times-Star, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

A 1337 Scott Street Covington Kentucky October 2g, 1953 Dear Dr. Rankin: W I am enclosing an article I clipped from the T1mesStar. $3%%% ,1 am very happy to say "Congratu1at1ons to you, as thessg_ new president of the College of Surgeons - to you for the k, fine things you said. `%ggL I am sure I mentioned to you some years ago that Don llww%&% wanted to be a doctor. He completed his PreMed work, had a year of Anatomy at U.C., worked for Tanner*s Research Lab on the U.C. campus for a~year, and now is in Medical School at Louisville on a shoestr1ng, no less. However, he is determined, and says he doesnt care how rough it is, just so it 1sn*t impossible. When I was 1n Lexington in July I heard that you had been quite 111, but had operated that week for the first time since your illness. I wish you continued good health and happiness and hope to be fortunate enough to see you on one of m infrequent visits to Lexington. As always, yours, j2!Z [ K ECE; E? x n b i ,A11ce Schulte f,*"`p ,;se s e ,=; o no ' h