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Letter from Mims Gage, M.D., Oschsner Clinic, New Orleans, Louisiana, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., expressing pleasure at seeing him well in Chicago, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

I OCHSNER CLINIC A New om.EANs 1s, LA. . EFI:;TTlT;1 s;;(;;`;ER CABLE ADDRESS: OCHS CLINIC DR. M1Ms GAGE Da. RAWLEY M. Pzmcx, JR. DR. ROBERT C. LYNCH , _ Da. PAUL T. DECAMP DR. H. Rarcr-IARD KAHLE DR. JOHN E. BLALOCK DR. CHARLES J. RAY DR. RUDOLPH MATAS, CONSULTANT ` I November C 6 1953 Dear Fred: I was so delighted and thrilled to see you in Chicago, and, above everything else, was pleased that you looked so well and were feeling well. _It was a great source of pleasure and comfort to me to see you as you appeared in Chicago for the presidential v address. We have been terribly worried about you, but seeing you there with your rosy cheeks and same old vim, vigor, and pep thrilled me so much that I felt one hundred per cent better myself. I certainly hope that you continue to feel just as well for years to come, and that you will still be with us and a leader in American surgery for many, many years in the future. If there is anything that I can do for you at any time, always - remember that I stand ready and willing to do anything in my I power. Both Jane and I send you and your family our best wishes. Sincerely yours, Mims Gage, M. D. hew Dr. Fred W. Rankin V C hO9 Security Trust Building A Lexington, Kentucky E Url I n 3% A; E 1;-/{ /bvv