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Letter from G. V. Brindley, M.D., Scott and White Clinic, Temple, Texas, to Fred W. Rankin, M.D., congratulating him on "the excellent address which [he] presented" in Chicago, 1953

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

A Q I V O + ` GENERAL SURGERY ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY DR.G.\L BRINDLEY AF""ATED W'T*" DR.R.A.Mu=mAY E;@3ii3T;JR ` Scovr AND Wn-NT; MEMORIAL HOSPITALS AND DR"*HBRN-EY DR;T;$,QEEDE Sc0TT,5ru;nw00D AND B1=uNDn.aY FOUNDATION UR%*-OG'A- SURGERY DRIRRIWWTE R.E.O.BRADFIELD DR.G.V.BRlNDLEY,JR. TEM Pl-E-I-EXAS THORAQC SURGERY ` DR_J_F_McKENNEY DR.G.VBRINDLEY,dR. NEUROLOGICAL SURGERY V _DR.J. C.WA1.KER o _ November 2, 1953 A n o _ _ Fred W. Rankin, M. D. 271 W. Short Street Lexington, kentucky * I l V Dear Doctor Rankin: I did not have an opportunity of seeing you after the Convocation in Chicago recently. I wanted to extend to you my congratulations upon the excellent address which you presented. My youngest son was in the group to be admitted to the A College, and I was pleased that he could hear an address such as yours, for I do know it will be stimulating to him and will help give to him a better concept of surgery, and it should make of him a better surgeon. You stressed, in your address to the initiates, many important facts pertaining to medicine and surgery. I just wanted to tell _ i you SO I I was pleased to see you looking so fine, and I hope that c you will have many more years in which you may serve the medical profession. With kindest personal regards, h A Sincegely yours, / G. V. Brindley, M. D. ~.~,, ro_ i3? , 4 cve/mn V