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More Doctors For Kentucky: A Report on Medical Education by the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky. 16 pages. Stamp on back indicates owned by William T. Rumage, Jr., M.D., Louisville, Kentucky

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

L LT L L A L L e * = LIL T- T* L \* ` TT ` TLT T ` we A AS T EL Ty L T` LT i TT L- T T L TL S _ i i v' ._ TT i ` ` T L iT LT L LT T` 5 T L .i\ST in Y LTL` T V, { `S {V { in lj.; i ``V` ii L i' L_ Ll `ii [Y ni V} V, T V. s v,, L S. , \ , T L` i V i S SiS "Q Li A SLIS L T C In yl V/ S ST SS S ~ S " S ,S 4 ii { L y L/SSe, el S L T L S T_ The only medicalschoolin Kentuckyis maintainedcat StheL T S ii should be nooeomniomise with qnaiiiin The State needs nV L, L` L r L T o University of Louisville, aa municipal institution. The resources T S , L I S (S great center for medical research; it needs Ta post-graduate cen- _ l { To S S T ofthe University of Louisville are inadequate to maintain an S i Q i. T Si L tel" t0 which the liaticing PhY$iCi2m$ ofthe State may return AL i dL L i L_ L eeeeeiee Peeeeem ef eeeieel eeeeeeiee Wie*?eee _eeme Seeee eee- L L; . T L rss iseaha Lcm.4sL Observation, special march, and clinical . L sport. _.Should the Medical School of the University of Louisville To i ie_, T Experience; and it needs further a large state hospital tb which i L . T i Lbe,transferred to the University of Kentucky and givensub- L L . . ; . d. t atiems and which ma L T stantial State appropriations? Or should the University of Ken- T LL _ fe T L Cmmtlcs and Clues may refer In lgen P _ _ _ Y L r L L SL L _ tucky set up a second medical school with adequate support S E T l. Lv L L Q T ``~l LSEYYW as WCIL ee Provlde that SCOPC and Yailcw ef ehmeal X` e L i LS LL from state funds? Or should the University of Louisville be- .L /S _ Pcrmnc SO bedlr needeq br both Pmcucmg Physlcmns and .L LT , ` A come a State supported (and Stated controlled) institution for S T STC A K T Students in {mining- It ls not 1mPhd ef coursee that a State J S `y[ T T T Line Purpose oi medical edneaiionp These are among the alter! L ~ ii i T L , hospital would be for indigent patients only. On the Contrary, L , T T S n N S natives that must be explored in making a final decision. There L L if?] . ` _ A T S it would have many paying patients. As a matter of fact, host L T T * in i T L is no question about the need for the enlargement of opportu: Li L L ( T L T T S ~pitals of this character in some states have been so managed L. T. L S T nities for medical education in Kentucky. And whatever aly L ? T ST Sas tobe essentially self-supporting. One needs to visit the li Leye L _ L ternative is chosen, the cost will be large. The choice among i LL L T ieveeil _r T great medical centers such as are found at the University of if LS L the available alternatives involves fundamental decisions regard-N s i Qi L L A jp LT Michigan, the University of Minnesota, the University of Iowa} _ L T `i _ S ing. the Pattern Of the Statels Organization for higher Ldu` LL / L WQS SQ: L S TT 3 T`or more recently, the University of Washington, to understand T / L. Ll S L L L catmn`15 S ` l TS L S. iSLlSTT L L fully what is comprehended by a state-university medical school L S Si L / SSFurther reference is made to this matter in the following SL TL S T if *ST Lofquality. L S L SL L QL L. language: T L S ` {L SSS, ST LL _ _ { _ Tl It cannot be emphasized too strongly that a medical school S T S , LL L The time available thi the work ht this survey did hot pehhhi M L eL,L L elL, muse me be belle ee the CXPCHSC ef h"* d"PSL ef th_[{T L L , _,L` A i i, the analyses that would be required for a recommendation con! L T L Q iiW` L \S; S LiL T ' VYSitY= OY at th? XPU$ of the state colleges. The existing T L. V L J S L cerning the expansion of medical education facilities supported TL Tl _ to /L. L L Colleges of the University of Kentucky are not at present ade- S L by State appropriations. The problem is so urgent, however,. S LS LS L `LL/S `li`. T S, e~,SL TS S LS q\1?1lY fm3d They Heed m01 m0HY, HOK lSS Emil h L L S i T that a comprehensive study of it by some professionally com-J ` L ,; L L L elamounts needed in the future are likely to increase materially, L L L T ' petent body should be undertaken promptly. The University, T_ V i L L rather than decrease. . i " T TL SS _ T s I s of Louisville, by the very nature of its resources, unassisted L Si _ is \ If die states is to have the kind oi medieai school ieieiied to i Y L . KS Cannot, Prix/ide, either the quality ee the quantity ef medical L SL `L S. T T T above, it must expect to spend several million dollars for buildS L LL T i education reqmred to meet the needs of the Commonwealthiic L L L if i i ings and equipment Over the Course Of the nent 10 years, and in i ( L As suggested above, the establishment of a lirstclass medicall, T i i T LL it must be prepared as well to carry an annual operating cost L _ _ L school at the University of Kentucky will involve the state in Ll L S` T TL `LSS Q of at least a half-million dollars when such a school is in opera- S L S S L i large expenditures, but if such a school is to be built, there ~ S _` SL tion. It will be necessary to think in terms ofa medical sciences To s L _L; S S isn bl. H. h Ed . . K t k Th n. .. L fn, d L T L r SSL] S S l building to house laboratories, lecture roomssand other instruc- . S Y Si T U ZC L EY ZOTZ . \ ' ` .*2 S T S . . . . L I . , L L n_Ls_ once Oignducaiggtnedfai ggcgfiti; Again,1:/iQ2;i;ngtOnig1l;irCIi, dL LL ii._LLi L sis L tional andresearch facilities; a state hospital of from 300 ito L i L L .T L Lreport to the Committee on Functions and Res0urces of State Government. LL T i ;5OO beds; several huI1dICl tl10uSaI1d dQll21IS worth Qf Equip- V _ L `S L T s::EfolKLi;l;$iti;s1?3gF Research Ccmmlsswn ee Rcslarch Pul)haUnS 25* S _ is T S L Lment; and an extensive medical library. The 'library would, T A Y i l _ 16Ibid,, PL 47, L S L LV L_ S _ s S L L_ `j**i of course, be housed in the medical sciences building, and it is. T Ti? S T L T L L [12] L L i Ly.? T LL.* T T T i [13] SL L T L L ' r LL,, L L LL _ L LL L L L L LL _ 1 TL*T 1 LL _ L T S L L T TT S L LL TL. `