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More Doctors For Kentucky: A Report on Medical Education by the Board of Trustees, University of Kentucky. 16 pages. Stamp on back indicates owned by William T. Rumage, Jr., M.D., Louisville, Kentucky

Part of Fred W. Rankin, M.D. Scrapbooks

A r possible that this building and the hospital could be combined A AA A . A of thekind proposed. In this connection, the plans now going A A A i _ into one structure. Fortunately, the Federal government can A 4 Aff A A forward in Mississippi and West Virginia are of interest. . i A A A v . assist in the construction of a hospitalunder the provisions of i The Universit (ii Mississi i has for Some time O Hated 3 t . the Hi1lBurton Act, thus effecting a large saving for the State. A AA W .4 Q S ir iWO_yai mmiicaiyschboii It IEEHOW Pioiioscd that ih}; Ciiiiiciii A . A A A Representatives of the Council on Education of the American v i A A r Years be added and that the new School b iocaicd at Jackson r . Medical Association have, in fact, suggested that as much as . , 2 Q t A s Ffh _i950i .1 A . d 4000 OOO h S B .id` . I A . -hhes of the eest of suchahos itaimt ht be available hem A A V E Cglsatm appmpmte $ mt C me ul A A A gzggrai i nds iv P g l r .. ing Commission for the purpose of erecting a medical sciences _ ll . e , s A / t _ . .... . . ~ A , t { t bu1ld1n . Hinds Count , in which ackson 1S located, has A Sueh a preieet aa ra here errviaieaed will require Several Years A A A AA s setee aghehe issue of $1200 000. This SUH1 is to ate in the A A A , . for completion. Sometime, however, a start must be made] It y 3 A A Construction Of a hospital, the wml Cost Of which Wm be HP_ ii`A A P irS%geSred rhereforee rhrrer*eiSrePSbe rekrrr arrheeurrem A A t Aproximately $4,500,000. it is expeetee that $3,000,000 will A A AA A fAA AAA ,A"$AAA*A?*AA , me '(g * r.rA sA A > A A A be maeeaaishte bythe Feeetai government under the Pm- A s A . SC OQ at t 6 mVY$1tY 0 eurue Y- s AA _ Af s visions of the Hill-Burton bill. i A s p ~ It is recommended iirst that the General Assembly go on t A Ar s A For a Ood man Sars West vii inia Universit has Os i_ si i A record as recognizing the need for additional medical-school AA SATA Al A ated ii tiiO_v3i scgozi Oi basic mgdicai sciences ind iiiPi_ . s raerrrrea ra rrr rrare are errderre a raarrrr ar POHCY rrr . 6 . A t sees years ts has been contracting with the Meeieat College A . establishment of a second medical school at the Universityof , A A . . . . . . . . . . . L A t K t k it _ m Hd d i ih th tA Hi _ t f di bs . , . A of Virginia for instruction in the clinical years. Now 1t is in Cn uc y' ls mmm 8 ur ET 3 su Cum lm S C A A t the process of expanding the campus program into a fouryear A A A A A A mage iifuleblc to secure the rgqlilrgq consgliauvc Sr`;ifs U; A { s ., medical school. To this end the 1951 legislature passed a bill Yi ma e e necessary surveys an s u ies, an o cover .e cos Ai s 4 t .d. i iid . k i i b i d s i A s er drarrrae Prerrraraarr Prarrrar _a raedrrar arreaea uuraae , s s A Eiiiiaigsit grliiduiiionr;IdchA;;(u1(itai)1?il;i11E iii egiiifagit eiii s . A- A A A are i ?P" hsii;aih TEE iecgriauvg i1"Sia*i; Cmdm?;;i A A s { tax to the hhahcthg of a medical school. it is estimated that 5 p A coopera ion wi e mversi y o en uc y, an wi e , v i i s. h .11 i b i 4,000,000 ii i Th ii A s i s assistance of such out-of-state consultants as it may select,. should Ai g ~ r A A i v e incbiidigg tfefjwamizicii S Ch 001 Ogiggiaipus Oi dit v A i . s maria a jirrereueh arairr ar an ihgrerrriia rririrrjid rriira Pre- A p versity will be the eseeeee ee s hehehe for the eaee I'I'1dlC&l A s Pi;AS&i Tcpgit ra t dc ferera ssc? yd? ig ' _ is rigrdr A r,`A Y I tA. p g sciences, including not only medicine, but dentistry and nurs- F A S Ou. Cover C nec S ar Improve me ma SEYVICCS m Cn; CAA ~ y s ing as well. The second step will be the start of a 600-bed A A mckli are tiliijcopc iithi?iT1i;di?_t1_ Prgs?iii;CS` A . AA A A . s A hospital that when completed is expected to cost approximately s ~ A SZITY O IIICC CSC HCC S. S 011 OU IHC III C 211 C TC- .s A A _A i ii t t. b t d th i A i A p quirements for a first-class medical school at the University of A Ai iiiii involve an evfpciiiiiglirig i)fOab;u(Ergi00i00_ C near umm N . i i KenAtucky in terms of buildings, equipment, and library, and s _ r Av AA i A _ A _ _ _ _ __ _ _ A it should make accurate estimates of the costs involved. A it j . Y A A _ tl?c_IT1P;Un rise incdlcal Schwis m Wct Vliglma i i p t A, A Finally, it is suggested that the current session of the lAegis- . i gn ih lislgpl t tcm W1 i iiijgit iwoismics 1igj";gi th? s r A lature give some eohsteeratteh to means of hhahethg a pregram V A [ r A s OV. _ 3 9 SPPT " AC3 Sc OO S a _ S 2* Fm` i 4 4 , g A l As . vers1t1esFlor1da and Kentucky. Plans for starting a medical A . , A tseee esse e eee Manlove,op. c1t.,p. 7. A A AA A A Aeehael iu Fleridasare Weil adraueed- . A A [14] v A Ai sAi. CQA . A ` [15] . A g ,A