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The Kentucky Kernel, April 5, 1957

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r: 1 it- , Cart Derby, Parade vPush Will Be They're off rind .stylo :is I push Cu t I w r r i : T Mial'ti.i Chi Alpha IV: bv swni m'n fc'mtcen Held Tomorrow tomorrow Ira't actan. ri nt pu-- .'i;h h cart annual In .itci miio and nine sororities n i o : :! i n. wi:h ibv ( the enfnes hi the hist heat si hi ilu'.i tl to leave the po-- t in front of thr AdminiM l ;tt .on hi;ldi:i.; at about fi rn-tcr- lei 2 ;t-- , b pin. l parade scheduled to bruin at 1 '!:!?() pm. uill open Derby D.iy festivities. The parade will start on Hast Main Strrrt in downtown Levins ton, travel west on Main to Limestone, and hrad up Lime to the Administration lluilding. There thr parade ends and the day's race card will bruin. Featured in thr parade will bo Troupers downs, n FYrshintr Hiflo drill tram and color jjuard. various Kentucky bands and 2G UK lovelies compel iim for the title of Queen of the Derby. Mayor Shelby Kin- - " ' ' w ' "'"r '' ffullfliumfl' n,irnliliroiv Oft A. im ;.,, ": - ein m ir.e.jf th. tin " mil with K.wr t ). r.i , ; t . i d.iv. a t. 111.:! u the i ' : T' v.;i u.ll he iu!!rn in tin- pu.i hi ;.: ud in the si'.ks it the f..:;n he t.i.ll ruts. :i I The I'll'' t.i - 1 ffi-:- .1'('m ,t e :'h '! 1 ! 1 i 1 1 Derb rarti. the parade will be the deroratrd and Mill be rninp't in; for tr hies for rriinalily of drroralion. The hist fpia'.if UK In. it fir fratrruif ies hein; at the colli Iiimoii of th.e parade, with the car's stripped of their nms travel, iu completely around the cucle in front of the Administration A MsWVxA i' t:'v The i. .it i in The Kei ;.i tinl I'r l i' on iui rf lnv: cd ut tltt1 Mi CM: 1;! i 1V M tcpri' 'A Al-- Tat in o It Mill be Huildum. K.a h men's cntrv will have one ruler. Tour on I'acr push-(Continu- ed IG) I miinmiiinilililillllliilMilli Queen Candidates Shown above are the candidates for queen of the Tush Cart Derby. They are: (Front row I. to r.) Nancy Adams. Helen Shuck, lietty Leu Miller, Bonita Lillard, Hetty Allison, and Hetty Carol Vhallcn(Sec-on- d row 1. to r.) Ann Smith, Jran Long:, Ann Hislie, Edie Warner, Norma Jean Isenberg, and Nancy Foster. (Third row 1. to r.) Paton, Nancy Smoot, Scharme WijrinRton, Sally Burke, Nina Vann, and Sue Carol Jones. (Last row 1. to r.) Cynthia Beadell, and Sandy Cline. Har-barnel- le Vol. XLVIII University of Kentucky, Leint;ton, Ky., Ti i(layr"ATi1T.'), NuiiiIht'JH If)."7 Trustees Appoint Thrpe New Deans Matthews, Shaver, And Purdue Educator Receive Neiv Positions ly the Three new deans were appointed Tuesday 1 - 1 x NVt lt' n) r; jll'i1 ' a PPi 'I' ' D ts .I .. ri il. - voui-i;'' ..f I v.oiu-e;,m riii;iueei inj;. unci uean oir iiu t ' 11 . OI iaw. nit1 I L' ..... TI - new uean.t f n liiLaie: ui. ivuns m. .tcwarii, assisiaiu uean ot T?1LS 1 Kammerer Lectures On Spoils 1 Dr. Seward, who 'will also serve as professor of education, will take over the office of the dean of women Aug;. 1. The other appointments will become effective July 1. Miss 'Seward will replace Dean Sarah B. Holmes and Prof. Shaver will take over the duties of Dean Daniel V. Terrell, both of whom have been granted a change of work. Dr. Matthews will take over the post vacated by Dean Elvis J. Stahr Jr., who resigned to become vice chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh. Miss Seward attended Indiana University, Syracuse University, Columbia University, and the University of Minnesota. She holds the doctor of philosophy degree from Syracuse University, where she majored in student personnel administration. She is a native of Troupers To Give Musical Comedy y Students will have a chance to see one of the entertainment highlights of the season tonight and tomorrow night when the UK Troupers present their musical comedy,' "The County Fair," at Memorial Coliseum. The comedy is an original production, written and directed by Don Adams, and performed by UK students. Skeeter Johnof the play. son, director of the Troupers, will act as The spoils system in American government was termed morally indefensible by Dr. Gladys Kammerer in her presentation of UK's annual Arts and Sciences Lecture Tuesday The plot is in- the finest melo- night. dramatic tradition. It is built 1 1 women and associate professor, Purdue University; Prof. l?o!ert E. Shaver, professor of civil engineering and head of the Civil Engineering Department, UK, and Dr. William I,. Matthews Jr., professor of law and acting dean of the College of Law, UK. PROF. SHAVER DR. SEWARD DR. MATTHEWS 1 1 e T UK Hoard 't woi neUjt lean co-direct- or BloominRton. Ind. Dr. Seward served on the staff of Dean of Women Sarah (J. Wand in at the Cniversity of Ken. turky in 1939-4She ha been associated with Syracuse University, the Student Christian Movement of New York State, University of Minnesota, Pennsylvania State University, and Purdue University. She Joined the Purdue staff in 1952 as assistant to the dean of women. In 1953 the waj made assistant dean of women she served M and during 1955-5- 6 acting dean. Prof. Shaver was born at Greenville, Ky. He received his early education in the public schools of that city and in 1922 was graduated, from the Greenville High School. He attended UK and in June, 1927, (Continued on rage 11) 1. - i Kammerer, Distinguished Professor lor 1956-5- 7 in the UK College cl Arts and Sciences, said that "no other western power permits so great an area for spoils as do cur American state and local governments." "The Premise? of Child Welfare Administration" was the title of Dr. Kammerer's address, and her criticism of the spoils system was mainly related to child welfare. Kentuckians, she said, may be considered a not having moved out of the 19th century in their "conception of the public service and functions of government." She continued that child welfare admini: ion was a field in which "prejudice anil i'norance have been allowed to run rampant in many sections-- including our own stale." I'ntrained personnel were blamed for niudi of the corruption in ihild wef.ire, she said. ."Medical and social scientists, not "untutored opinions of politician's,' should provide the basis lor policy, and then there can be no "Republican child welfare" or "Democratic child welfare." rir If.immcrcr vnirt if is nil "net of extreme emotional cruelty" to children to allow staff members in children's institutions to te tilled and vacated at the whim cf political bosses. (Continued on Tage 10 Dr. non-professio- Stan Chauvin, Ann Murphy To Run For Student Government Offices around a county fair, and the action takes place in and around booths on the stage. A sideshow barker falls in love with a local belle. Polly. But, alas, the affair seems doomed when her father thinks she is too good for the barker. He threatens to flog The Student Government Asthe lovesick barker if he docs sociation Spring political skirmish not. leave poor Polly alone. was kicked off early this year with Between trying to elude the the official 'announcement vester- father, and hang on to Polly, the day of Stan Chauvin and Ann barker, plaved by Doug Grant, 'is Murphy as Constitutionalist candi-- . . office of president .' for on his toes. HweuT. Polly. 'dates vioe the am, Resident of the is played by Nancy Proffitl, j,cmbly. refuses to allow her father to The SGA elect inn will be held break, up the romance and. even- - on May 8. The Students Party will tually, her mother intervenes to announce its candidates for the Assembly s two niUIM'st on ices iol- bring about a happy ending. conve ntion low in", a nominating, Woven into this plot arc the April Troupers' acts which include modChauvin, a graduating senior in ern dance, tap dance, acrobats. political science, plans to Ur male and female vocalists, comedy graduate school in September He is past president of Phi Delta and hillbilly entertainment. combo will play lluta; a former member of SGA A where he served as chairman of music for the ci tire production. the elections committee and the The show is scheduled to begin public relations committee. He is at 7:30 "p.m. with a clowh act. a past IIC rush chairman, a memThe curtain uill rise on the main ber of Patterson I iterary Society, and is vice president of the Arts production at 8 p.m. both nights. and Sciences senior class. Tickets will be on sale at the In announcing for office. Chaufor 75 cents. No re- vin said it was his intention to served seats are available. make the Student Government See pictures on Pae.e 3. mere effective, "I believe that my past positions whether campus city, or .state." Chauvin emphasised that he wai of leadershiu qualify me for the "not running against any one peroffice", he said, adding that, "as to a political science major, I have son". "I have no political bemerely want to, and studied government, and I be- grind--- ! lieve I can. Improve student gov- -' lieve SGA is comparable to any " IConfi'nucd on Page St "other g o v e r n m e n t a I a'--i nc'y. J'' ae . . 11-1- six-pie- box-offi- ce As-w- ho . . X. . A 2. r-- V X I V,.' ce 7 j I i L. STAN CHAUVIN ANN Ml'ltrilY