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Kentucky Geological Survey Papers, 1892-1957, 1892

Part of Kentucky Geological Survey Papers, 1892-1957

kgsInventory of the papers of the Kentucky Geological Survey, 1892-1957Archives StaffSpecial CollectionsUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039 USAPhone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13University of Kentucky Archives and Records Programn.d.Text converted and initial EAD tagging provided by Apex Data Services, April 2000.ENGInventory of the papers of the Kentucky Geological Survey, 1892-1957Collection number: 1976UA004Contact InformationSpecial CollectionsUniversity Archives and Records ProgramUniversity of KentuckyMargaret I. King LibraryLexington, Kentucky40506-0039Phone: (859) 257-8611Fax: (859) 257-6311Email: sclref@lsv.uky.eduURL: http://www.uky.edu/Libraries/libpage.php?lweb_id=298&llib_id=13Processed by: StaffDate Completed: n.d.Encoded by: Apex Data Services Copyright 1999 University of Kentucky. All rights reserved. Kentucky Geological Survey Papers, 1892-19571976UA004Kentucky Geological SurveyThe materials are in English.University of Kentucky Archives and Records ProgramLexington, KY 40506-0039 Collection is open for research. Copyright has not been assigned to the University of Kentucky [Identification of Item], Kentucky Geological Survey Papers, 1892-1957, 1976UA004, Special Collections, University of Kentucky, Lexington.Other Descriptive DataVariant Title: Kentucky Geological Survey Topographical Map CollectionContainer List1. Adolphus Quadrangle, 1931Tenn.-Ky.2. Alexandria Quadrangle, 1936, repr. 1950Ky.-Ohio3. Alton Quadrangle, 1950Ind.-Ky.4. Barthell Quadrangle, 1934Ky.-Tenn.5. Beattyville Sheet, 1892, repr. 19326. Benton Quadrangle, 1955Ky.7. Big Clifty Quadrangle, 1932, repr. 1948Ky.8. Big Clifty Quadrangle, 1949Ky.9. Big Stone Gap Quadrangle, 1929, repr. 1950Va.-Ky.10. Bowling Green Quadrangle, 1923Ky.11. Brownfield Quadrangle, 1917, repr. 1943Ill.-Ky.12. Brownfield Quadrangle, 1962Ill.-Ky.13. Brownsville Quadrangle, 1923, repr. 1946Ky.14. Buckhorn Quadrangle, 1913Ky.15. Byrdstown Quadrangle, 1929, repr. 1948Ky.-Tenn.16. Cairo Quadrangle, 1931Ill-Ky.-Mo.17. Cairo Quadrangle, 1933, repr. 1944Ill-Ky.-Mo.18. Calhoun Quadrangle, 1908, repr. 1943Ky.19. Cannelton Quadrangle, 1934Ky.-Ind.20. Cave In Rock Quadrangle, 1925, repr. 1942Ky.-Ill.21. Central City Quadrangle, 1909, repr. 1944Ky.22. East Cincinnati Quadrangle, 1914, repr. 1941Ohio-Ky.23. West Cincinnati Quadrangle, 1914, repr. 1947Ohio-Ky.24. Clarksville Quadrangle, 1957Tenn.-Ind.25. Clintwood Quadrangle, 1915, repr. 1945Va.-Ky.26. Cornettsville Quadrangle, 1916, repr. 1932Ky.27. Corydon Quadrangle, 1931, repr. 1942Ind.-Ky.28. Corydon Quadrangle, 1950Ind.-Ky.29. Cub Run Quadrangle, 1925Ky.30. Cynthiana Quadrangle, 1934Ky.31. Dawson Springs Quadrangle, 1913, repr. 1942Ky.32. Drakesboro Quadrangle, 1913, repr. 1942Ky.33. Dunmor Quadrangle, 1914Ky.34. Earlington Quadrangle, 1909Ky.35. Earlington Quadrangle, 1954Ky.36. Eddyville Quadrangle, 1931Ky.37. Eddyville Quadrangle, 1955Ky.38. Ekron Quadrangle, 1947Ky.-Ind.39. Elizabethtown Quadrangle, 1938, repr. 1942Ky.40. Elizabethtown Quadrangle, 1949Ky.41. Estillville Quadrangle, 1945Ky.-Va.-Tenn.42. Falmouth Quadrangle, 1946Ky.43. Fancy Farm Quadrangle, 1952Ky.44. Felicity Quadrangle, 1947Ohio-Ky.45. Fordsville Quadrangle, 1932Ky.46. Frankfort Quadrangle, 1950Ky.47. Georgetown Quadrangle, 1906Ky.48. Gilbert Quadrangle, 1945W.Va.-Va.-Ky.49. Golconda Quadrangle, 1948Ky.-Ill.50. Golden Pond Quadrangle, 1955Ky.51. Greenup Quadrangle, 1926Ky.-Ohio52. Greenup Quadrangle, 1940Ky.-Ohio53. Hagan Quadrangle, 1945Va.-Tenn.-Ky.54. Hardinsburg Quadrangle, 1941Ky.55. Hardinsburg Quadrangle, 1947Ky.56. Harlan Quadrangle, 1919Ky.57. Harold Quadrangle, 1916Ky.58. Harrodsburg Quadrangle, 1943Ky.59. Hartford Quadrangle, 1932Ky.60. Hazard Sheet, 1918Ky.61. Henderson Quadrangle, 1947Ky.-Ind.62. Herndon Quadrangle, 1957Tenn.-Ky.63. Hickman Quadrangle, 1954Ky.-Mo.-Tenn.64. Hickman Quadrangle, 1939Mo.-Ky.-Tenn.65. Hickory Quadrangle, 1951Ky.66. Higginsport Quadrangle, 1948Ohio-Ky.67. Hindman Quadrangle, 1941Ky.68. Horse Cave Quadrangle, 1944Ky.69. Hurley Quadrangle, 1945Va.-Ky.70. Hyden Quadrangle, 1919Ky.71. Inez Quadrangle, 1932Ky.72. Ironton Quadrangle, 1918Ohio-Ky.73. Jonesville Quadrangle, 1945Ky.-Va.-Tenn.74. Kenova Quadrangle, 1919Ky.-W. Va.-Ohio75. Kosmosdale Quadrangle, 1942Ky.-Ind.76. Kosmosdale Quadrangle, 1950Ky.-Ind.77. LaCenter Quadrangle, 1932Ky.-Ill.78. LaFayette Quadrangle, 1931Tenn.-Ky.79. LaGrange Quadrangle, 1932Ky.-Ind.80. Lawrenceburg Quadrangle, 1946Ind.-Ky.-Ohio81. Leitchfield Quadrangle, 1941Ky.82. Lexington Quadrangle, 1929Ky.83. Little Muddy Quadrangle, 1914Ky.84. Lockport Quadrangle, 1945Ky.85. London Quadrangle, 1917Ky.86. Louisa Quadrangle, 1946Ky.-W.Va.87. Louisville Quadrangle, 1941Ky.88. Louisville Quadrangle, 1951Ky.89. Madisonville Quadrangle, 1941Ky.90. Mammoth Cave Quadrangle, 1922Ky.91. Manchester Quadrangle, 1934Ky.92. Matewan Quadrangle, 1945W.Va.-Ky.-Va.93. Mayfield Quadrangle, 1952Ky.-Tenn.94. Maysville Quadrangle, 1936Ky.-Ohio95. Middlesboro Quadrangle, 1927Ky.-Tenn.-Va.96. Middlesboro Quadrangle, 1941Ky.-Tenn.-Va.97. Model Quadrangle, 1957Tenn.-Ky.98. Monticello Quadrangle, 1914Ky.99. Morehead Quadrangle, 1935Ky.100. Morganfield Quadrangle, 1907Ky.101. Mount Eden Quadrangle, 1927Ky.102. Munfordville Quadrangle, 1941Ky.103. Murray Quadrangle, 1951Ky.-Tenn.104. Naugatuck Quadrangle, 1941W.Va.-Ky.105. Naugatuck Quadrangle, 1941W.Va.-Ky.106. Newburg Quadrangle, 1921Ky.-Ind.107. New Castle Quadrangle, 1932Ky.108. New Concord Quadrangle, 1955Ky.-Tenn.109. New Haven Quadrangle, 1939Ill.-Ind.-Ky.110. New Madrid Quadrangle, 1939Mo.-Ky.111. Nolansburg Quadrangle, 1919Ky.-Va.112. Nortonville Quadrangle, 1912Ky.113. Owensboro Quadrangle, 1912Ind.-Ky.114. Paducah Quadrangle, 1942Ky.-Ill.115. Paintsville Quadrangle, 1945Ky.116. Pall Mall Quadrangle, 1934Ky.-Tenn.117. Pikeville Quadrangle, 1916Ky.118. Portageville Quadrangle, 1939Mo.-Tenn.-Ky.119. Pound Quadrangle, 1912Va.-Ky.120. Prestonsburg Quadrangle, 1915Ky.121. Princeton Quadrangle, 1942Ky.122. Prospect Quadrangle, 1941Ky.-Ind.123. Providence Quadrangle, 1909Ky.124. Providence Quadrangle, 1941 (reprint)Ky.125. Providence Quadrangle, 1954Ky.126. Red Boiling Springs Quadrangle, 1945Tenn.-Ky.127. Reelfoot Lake Quadrangle, 1925 (1937 reprint)Tenn.-Mo.-Ky.128. Reelfoot Lake Quadrangle, 1939Tenn.-Mo.-Ky.129. Regina Quadrangle, 1945Ky.-Va.130. Richmond Quadrangle, 1923Ky.131. Sadieville Quadrangle, 1939Ky.132. Salt Lick Quadrangle, 1929Ky.133. Salt Lick Quadrangle (Duplicate), 1929Ky.134. Salyersville Quadrangle, 1949Ky.135. Sciotoville Quadrangle, 1942Ohio.136. Scottsville Quadrangle, 1926Ky.137. Sebree Quadrangle, 1943Ky.138. Shawneetown Quadrangle, 1946Ill.-Ky.139. Shepherdsville Quadrangle, 1949Ky.140. Smithland Quadrangle, 1944Ky.-Ill.141. Somerset Quadrangle, 1929Ky.-Ohio142. Springdale Quadrangle, 1929Ky.-Ohio143. Springdale Quadrangle, 1935Ky.-Ohio144. Spring Lick Quadrangle, 1906Ky.145. Sutherland Quadrangle, 1906Ky.146. Taylorsville Quadrangle, 1943Ky.147. Tell City Quadrangle, 1921Ky.-Ind.148. Tompkinsville Quadrangle, 1939Tenn.-Ky.149. Troublesome Quadrangle, 1949Ky.150. Uniontown Quadrangle, 1947Ky.-Ind.151. Vanceburg Quadrangle, 1919 (1938 reprint)Ohio152. Vanceburg Quadrangle, 1949Ky.-Ohio153. Vine Grove Quadrangle, 1946Ky.154. Warfield Quadrangle, 1911Ky.-Tenn.155. Water Vally Quadrangle, 1952Ky.-Tenn.156. Whitesburg Quadrangle, 1945Ky.-Va.157. Whitesville Quadrangle, 1935Ky.158. Wickliffe Quadrangle, 1952Ky.-Mo.-Ill.159. Williamsburg Quadrangle, 1941Ky.-Tenn.160. Williamson Quadrangle, 1943Ky.-W.Va.Kentucky Geological Survey Papers, 1892-1957