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HIS LIFE AND LABORS Lewis Craig was born in Orange County, Va., about the year 1737, according to Dr. J. H. Spencer; about 1740 according to Dr. James B. Taylor. He was the son of Tolliver and Polly Craig. Tolliver was the only child of English parents, and was born in Virginia about, the year 1710. At the age of twenty-two he mar- ried Polly Hawkins and settled in Orange County. These were the parents of eleven chil- dren, seven sons and four daughters. They all became Baptists; three of the sons were Bap- tist preachers-Lewis, Elijah and Joseph. Betsy, the youngest daughter and child, married Rich- ard Cave, one of Kentucky's pioneer Baptist preachers. We learn nothing regarding the early life of Lewis Craig, other than that he was reared on a farm, and that he received a very limited edu- cation. Early in life (how early we have not learned) he married Miss Betsy Landers. We find no record as to number of children born to them, but in his will, written June, 1821, he mentions four sons-Lewis, Elijah, John and Whitfield. Lewis and Elijah are named as his