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58 > Image 58 of Annual report. 1923

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

A_` 52 Tlmaty-Si.rth Annual Report .F . - Apiary Inspection. The inspection of apiaries placed fc .. under the entomologist and botanist of the Experiment Ste- H tion by a state law enacted by the General Assembly of 1922, li, it has shown that foul brood is so prevalent in counties engaged O, i - in beekeeping in a commercial way that it threatens to put a al stop to Wllat SV1al years ago was a flourishing business, It ' in _ was formd necessary because of the burden of other work to b, _ l leave most of this to county inspectors during 1923, and it is m ., i believed that good has been done both in suppressing the dis- Sa . case and in educating beekeepers in methods of treatment. A ___ Q`; tl} total of 4,242 colonies was inspected, of which number 694 1, ,_'_ were infected with American foul brood and 159 with Euro- - ` fi.; , pearl foul brood. 2 . I Cfoamery and TStIS LiC11S6. Four hundred and fifty0ne Ei; ?E.i3}_j.., l_ ~ cream station licenses have been issued during the year; 29 of ` ' V tl1S W1 I11Wal llC11SOS for creameries, ice cream factories , and milk plants operating in Kentucky; 8 for new plants be- ~ , . ginniug operation this year; 25 for independent buyers of but if * r terfat; 272 cream station renewals and 117 for new cream sta- tions. There are at present 374 licensed stations in Kentucky >. -,_ __ and 11 Kentucky licensed plants in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, i Tennessee and West Virginia buying butterfat in this state, 1?">A=: Y., Z Twentyfour testers license examinations were held dur- _ . ing the year; 6 at Lexington, 6 at Louisville, 6 at Cincinnati, 3 h, l ` at Paflllcdll, 2 at Owensboro and 1 at Fnanklin. For these as I; examinations 204 testers were notified and 135, or 66 per cent W si .4 . - . . . of the number notified, appeared. Of those present, 88 per m T cent made a passing grade of 75 or higher. W A it . Of the 391 licensed testers in Kentucky, 318 hold renewal el licenses granted July 1, 1923, and 73 are new operators licensed _ dl , p since tha.t date. Sixty-seven licenses were issued to new m operators prior to July 1, i923_ it Creamery and cream station inspection has decreased, due W c to the fact that fewer stations are in operation, During the year 167 stations were visited in 91 towns and 44 counties. ls ` I Only a few cases of over or under reading of the test were W ee l . . i e V I