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79 > Image 79 of Annual report. 1923

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

I The Marketing of Kemfueky Strawberries 7 The organizations have been formed where one could handle the lilly I business. -ll The manager of the association is in direct charge of the mck marketing of the berries. He usually spends some time in i'fl advance of the opening of the shipping season in getting in the touch with buyers. The keeping of the necessary records is in l ill * his hands, and he must devote some time after the close of the S50 shipping season to the winding up of the season s business. He kcly also attends to the purchase of supplies handled thru the asso- 10Y ciation so that his services are required for a considerably wd? longer period than the actual shipping season. In the case of SWF one or two of the associations, the business office has been kept open thruout the year. UUE; The berries are pooled either by cars or by days. By pool- by H ing is meant the averaging of returns, usually by grade, so that fl1lF each member is paid at the same rate for each grade. The 111`S` associations which employ the earlot pools average the returns nl ef of each car, while those that employ the daily pools average all the sales each day. Final settlement is not made with the zrries growers until the shipping season is over. Some associations some make advances during the shipping season to the growers who wers. desire such advances. The expenses of operating the associa- sracts tion are prorated and are deducted from the returns before have final payment is made to the growers. must The associations in addition to marketing berries for the ; noted members usually purchase for them such supplies as plants, ers to boxes, crates and fertilizers needed in the production and han- :1na1, dling of their berries. They also assist in securing a supply arket- of pickers for their members. te not www MARKETING METHODS im] as The picking and packing of the berries bear a cl0Se 1elatiOI1 to SCH to their sale, because the way in which these operations are per- 3. At formed has considerable to do with the results obtained. Picking mdmn requires much hand labor and this is often difncult to obtain, l more 0SDC