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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 ST R A N D CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING THE STRAND ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA Open 10 A. M. to 11 "The Best Orchestra in the South" Everybody Sayi Se. ATHLETIC CARNIVAL (Continued From Page 1) of all the prnlsc given her. Three games of volley Imll were engaged In by members of the faculty. team was comThe Engineer-Laposed of Hamilton, Wolf, Durcau, Freeman, Gocbel, and Summers. The team consisted of Smith, Whiting, Lamport,! Owens, Buchhoit and Downing. The games wore attended by wild enthusiasm on the part of he students, who cheered lustily when one of their favorite professors made a brilliant play. Wolf and Buchheit were the stars of the games, both men being in nearly every play. The first game went to the Arts by a score of 11 to 7, while the Engineers won the other two at the rate of 11 to 6, and 11 to 7 Coach Gill refereed the gaird. In the dance "Vive la France," Martha McClure showed exceptional talent as a portrayer of the terpichorean art. She was charmingly attired in a gown and with her beauty and grace, made a forecful picture of the spirit of France. "Kayo" Boyd and "Knockout" Smith, two heavyweights, engaged in three rounds of pugilistic argument. Boyd being the taller had the best of his opponent in reach, but Smith is heavier built and a trifle quicker. The contest started with Boyd landing punches to the body and face, against which Smith could not defend himself. However, in the last half of the round, Smith landed several stiff jabs and uppercuts. The next round started with both men waiting for the other to start hostilities, but they soon began mixing it up with each other. Both men landed telling blows, but they often Smith's dodging and foot clinched. work was a feature of this round. In the third round Boyd started off like a whirlwind and boxed rings around his opponent, who seemed to have no idea where to guard. Boyd hit his man freely and wherever he wished with little or no resistance from Smith, who appeared groggy. tri-col- P. M. AdmlMlen Arfulte HOME Paramount, Artcraft, Metro, Rcalart GoWwin and Select Pictures. Children, 18e, Blue War Tax, Total SSc. 27e, Blue 3e War Tax, Total 30c. "Bud" Slomer refereed the bout. "WATCH YOUR WATCH" The Spanish dance, "Tyrolllcnne," performed by Miss Get Your Watch Cleaned and Put In was beautifully Order. A Wateh That Will Not Parrlsh nnt Miss Dorothy Porter. Keep Time la Equivalent to no Spanish They were dressed in ancient Watch at all. Careful Watch Re costumes and each fitted her part well. pairina. Satisfaction Guarantee Plua Promptness. Benson and Clay engaged in n short wrestling match. It was supposed to R. W. SMOCK last five minutes, but Benson decided 157 South Limestone. it was time to quit after 4:35 had passed, so he immediately put his op- (Formerly with Caskey Jewelry Co.) ponent's shoulders to the mat. Ben son had tho advantage over Clay in VICTOR BOGAERT that he Is twenty pounds heavier; but LEADING JEWELERS good scrape and fought Clay put up a Established 1883 hard until the last second. "THE HALLMARK STORE" Virginia Downing danced "By the 1 Lexington, Ky. W. Main St Firelight," a charming gypsy dance. She wo messed In gypsy costume, zua carried a tamborlne, which she played with dexterity. OP REMEMBER "THE BEST IN MO VINO PICTURES THE CLASY PLACE FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS HOME-MAD- CANDIES AND LUNCHES E McGurk & O'Brien "EVERYTHING NEW" PHOENIX FRUIT STORE FOR FRUITS, CANDIES, NUTS PHOENIX BLOCK 133-13- The prize wrestling match was between Enlow and Aiken, who are the best known wrestlers In the University. They wrestled for eight min utes, to a draw, but Enlow showed his superiority in "the fine art" time after time. He would allow Aiken to get a hold, and then would break it with ease. "The Two Butterflies" was danced by Misses Parrlsh, Renick, McClure owning. These dancers were and dressed to represent two yellow and two black butterflies, and their dancing revealed the beauty, grace and daintiness of butterflies. PATTERNS THAT APPEAL TO COLLEGE MEN See Them At Send Your Suit in Early to Avoid the Easter Rush! BECKER DRY CLEANING CO. C. R. McGraghey, Proprietor CLEANERS THAT SATISFY. WE ARE ALWAYS ON THE JOB WHEN YOU WANT ANYTHING CLEANED, PRESSED OR REPAIRED. JUSTRIGHT TAILORING COMPANY PHONE 621-- 145 W. Main St. Suits made by us pressed for one year free of charge. Cropper s Laundry W. B. GRIGGS Opposite Agriculture Building of Mexican athletics to the event in CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCO AND SOFT DRNKS thsi speech about the wonderful act which he and Mr. Smith were to per STEP IN AND SEE MB form and which they did not. Mr. Bud Slomer also entertained with his act. marvelous As a whole the entertainment was a great success and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Mr. Herndon Evans added a touch PHONE 210 fore-eatin- g GEO. T. 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