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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE S THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Down Town MEMORY BOOKS $4.50. ABOUT THE CAMPUS KODAK ALBUMS 50 Cents ot $8.00. Mr. William E. Wlckenden, of the Engineering Department of the Western Electric Company of New York City, was nt the .University of Kentucky for several dnys Inst week for the purpose of getting men to go work at that plant during the summer. It Is probable that E. M. Baulch, n Junior engineer, will spend the coming summer there. The writer Is wondering how some of us are going to find the sufficient number of greenbacks with which to purchase the "blue Khaki" in case the "Overall Club" becomes a reality in the University. The clothing stores won't credit us for a pair of overalls whereas we might be able to persuade them to do such a thing In the case of a. Buit of clothes. Doctor Shull has returned from Graves County, and Glendale, Jefferson County, where he delivered the commencement addresses for the high schools. "Ideals and Citizenship" was the subject on which he spoke at both places. Donald T. Wright, of Oil City, Pennsylvania, Special in Journalism, is in St. Joseph's Hospital, where he was taken more than a week ago. His condition is greatly improved. Doctor James K. Patterson, President Emeritus of the University, has been confined to his room for several days on account of illness which, however, is not of a serious nature. He is resting very well. Professor E. C. Mable has resigned to accept the appointment of Head of Department of. Public Speaking in the University of Iowa, Iowa City. Propubfessor Mabie has had charge of speaking since he came to the Englic ago, lish .Department more than a year to his efforts that and it is largely due the Little Theatre and the Community Drama have had such noteworthy entry into the life of the University. He has also taken a deep interest in The Strollers; advised and worked with them, and much of the success of "Under Cover" and "The Climbers" is PENNANTS $1.00 and up. for FRATERNITY STATIONERY If we haven't your Fraternity Paper we can get it for you. University Boys Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening COLLEGE STATIONERY, DANCE INVITATIONS, DANCE PROGRAMMES High Class Haberdashery SENIORS, ATTENTION! Please leave your order now for Caps and Gowns, also engraved cards. College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS uuiversHi Bookstore Basement Main Building. Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage 233 West Short St. Luigart's Mammoih Garage Co. Phoenix Block (Incorporated) The Store For the Well Dressed Man. Studehaker Automobiles University Pharmacy offers to the students of the University a complete assortment of Stationery, Candies and Toilet Arti- vjasonne and Supreme Auto Oils "That Uooa uuf Prescriptions filled promptly. cles. CIGARETTES, CIGARS and TOBACCO. Bring Your Kodak Films Here. Opposite Campus. due to his efforts. Everything for the Automobile Ralph W. Owens, "Y" secretary, has been elected to membership in the Rotary Club of Lexington. This shows the regard which the Lexington business men have for Mr. Owens. Jesse Osborne, graduate Meeting Place Orders taken for special College and Pennants and Banners. 1 East Main Streetjl Dick Webb, President. WALTER S. WELSH j SUCCESSOR TO WELSH & MURRAY CO. assistant has been elected to the position of Professor in Mathematics in the College Department, Berea College. In mathematics, loft Wednesday for Ann Arbor, Michigan, to attend the Deans' meeting. At that meeting he read a paper on "Freshman Courses in Citizenship." The Academy of Sclonce moots hero Mllll-leaon Saturday, May 8, and R. A. Professor of Physics, Yale, will ho one of those oiu tho program. Doan Boyd will read a paper boforo tho meeting. ENGRAVING Incorporated Doctor Boyd Professor A. J. Olnoy, Department of Horticulture, has been in Daviess and Henderson counties in interest of his department, while W. K. Westovor has been to Ohio, Fulton, MoCracken, McClean and Muhlonburg counties for the same department. COLLEGE STATIONERY CO. GRADDY-RYA- N AND THE COLLEGE BOYS' STORE DIE STAMPING FRAT and DANCE PROGRAMS Clothing, Furnishings, Hats, Shoes and Tailoring 124-12- 0 DE LUXE Ladies' and Gents' Tailors Pianos Player Pianos Columbia Orafonolas Aeollan-Vocallo- Competent Home Tailors 4 Tract Building, 2nd Flr LMlnfUn, Ky. PHK n PHONE 592 Established 1899 KY. Records Musical Instrument Player RolU Sheet Muslo The E. C. Christian Music Co. P. ANGELUCCI UnUn Bank LEXINGTON, N. LIMESTONE 177IY 205-20- 7 Everything Pertaining to Music Moving, Tuning, Repairing and Refinishingr Pianos a Specialty Lexington, Ky. East Main