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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL AGE 6 SPORTS BASEMLL TRACK FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Just who will occupy the mound for Is not known. Coach GUI TRACK TEAM MEETS BT WILDCAT TEAM FIISTDEFEAT HERE DePauw Defeated in Easy Game For the Miami Scores Five-PoiLead on Wildcats In nt Wildcats Contests in to 52 With a score of 56 The defeat of DePauw last Thursfavor of Miami, the University of Kenday by the Bcore of four to two retucky track team Saturday afternoon, lieves us of any doubt whatsoever as almost wiped out the defeat suffered to what the Wildcats can do, since at the hands of the Ohio school last this was the third straight victory for year. the team. Without a doubt, Coach Buchhelt The game, as a whole, was rather has produced one of the best track slow. After Grubbs got started, he teams the Wildcats have had In years. fanned 'em out by the, well something LaBt year Miami defeated the team over a dozen, in fact, fifteen In all had by some fifteen points. This year the the strenuous exercise of striking. It Wildcats have the same team exactly, literally looked as if their whole team except Orabfelder, who always made was going on a strike out. Norrls, betten and sometimes fifteen points by ter known as Stewart Norris, of Cowinning the 100, 220 and broad Jump, lumbus, the gentleman with the mousand Kohn who usually scored five tache, played good ball for the visitpoints by taking the 440. The absence ors. His work in catching flies on of these men .'disabled the team to short was spectacular. some extent, but Clare and Snyder Zerfoss at short, Burnham at third, are helping fill these vacancies. In Propps at second, Brown at first, fact, another week's practice will Heber behind the bat, and Muth, Sauer i snake them look good. and Sloamer in the outfield, played The day was rather chilly, yet fn their usual good game of ball. The spite of this, Clare lowered his own victory was not unexpected because record for the low hurdles, made last Transylvania had; just beaten them Saturday against Vanderbilt. This, the day before. however, was not official because it. Each man on the team, at at least was not made in accordance with the! nearly every man on the team got a S. I. A. A. rules. He hopes to lower, hit. They were pretty equally divided. the official record of the S. I. A. A. at The longest hit of the day was made the track meet to be held in Atlanta by Grubbs, who got one later on in the season. Next Friday and Saturday the WildKnight, as he is accustomed to do, cats play Tennessee here, on Stoll easily took first place in both the mile Field. and the It seems to be Hits Off Julian, The summary: getting common as taking rides in a 10; off Grubbs, 2; earned runs, Kenmotor car for him. Looks as if he tucky, 3; DePauw, 0; base on balls, can't be defeated. Thornton and Gra- Grubbs, 2; Julian, 0; errors, Kentucky, ham are also showing up well in the 3; DePauw, 2; struck out, by Grubbs, half-milhit, Grubbs; 15; by Julian, 2; At first it looked as if Miami was time, one hour and fifty minutes. Umgoing to run away and leave the Blue pire, "Rasty" Wright. and White side of the score nil, yet the Wildcats came back strong on the later events and almost brought their VOLUNTEERS TO COME score even with that of their oppo3 3 . Kentucky has said it would not be announced until Friday. Gill has a recent find in Megular, a freshman, and it is likely that he will make his initial appearance In one of the games. In practice he has shown form which may make him a very baffling pitcher. In addition to Megular, Kentucky has Slomer, Grubbs and Cooper to fall back on and the fans are expecting the Wildcats to "do their stuff." If Grubbs is up to his usual form we nre assured that Kentucky will win one of the games, at least. Then there are Slomer and Cooper, whose ability as twirlers would be recognized as above par on any college diamond that they might perform. The line-uwill be the same as Kentucky has presented in the last several games. The umpire will be either Jim Parks or Rasty Wright. Lexington. opr Phoenix Hotel I Phone 945 J. DONALD DINNING, Representative p High-Clas- s CRIMSON TRACK half-mil- itwo-bas- e nents. SUD ALL WORK GUARANTEED Kentucky Ready To Add Another Victory To Her List We also have a line of new high grade Shoes for men and boys. These are guaranteed to give the best of satisfaction. Next week the team journeys up to Cincinnati to give that school's track team an artistic finish. The results: Shot Put Essig, Miami, 1, 38:3:; Davidson, Kentucky, 2, 108:9; Miami, Discus (Perrone, Browne, Miami, 100:2. 148:8; Miami, Javelin Brown, Downing, Kentucky, 140:1. Kentucky, Pole Vault Cameron, and Murphy, Miami, tied, 10:3. High Jump Wilhelm and Dorman, Kentucky, and Blanz, Miami, tied, 5:6. Broad Jump Blanz, Miami, 1, 20: Snyder, Kentucky, 2, 19:7:. Kentucky, 1; Low Hurdles-Clar- e, Rogers, (Miami, 2, 25. High Hurdles Clare, Kentucky, 1; McDermott, Miami, 2, 15:3-Dash Rogers, Miami, 1; Clare, Kentucky, 2, 10:1-5- . Dash Smith, Miami, 1; Masell, Miami, 2; Snyder, Kentucky, 35:. 7:; 100-yar- d 220-yar- d 3, 22:4-5- . Dash Measell, Miami, 1; Snyder, Kentucky, 2; Thornton, Kentucky, 3, 54. Half Mile Knight, Kentucky, 1; Thornton, Kentucky, 2, 2:2:4-5- . Mile Knight, Kentucky, 1; Schultz, Miami, 2; Graham, Kentucky, 3, 4:48. Relay Forfeited to Kentucky, 5 440-yar- d points. Totals 52 Saturday afternoon, May 1, on Carson Feld, Cincinnati, the University of Kentucky will meet the University of Cincinnati in a track contest. Kentucky has two objects, to add another victory to her list and to get revenge on the Crimson for the defeat suffered at her hands in football last fall. The Cincinnatians have a strong team this year, although they were defeated by Earlham College last week. They are eagerly awaiting a chance at the ferocious Wildcats. The Wildcats have practiced hard all week in order to be in perfect trim to defeat their enemies from the north, and are now in much better shape than they were last week when Miami defeated them by a narrow margin. Tomorrow's meet will be no for either team and the Wildcats will have to exert themselves to the utmost to come home with another victory. Cincinnati is banking on winning the distance runs, basing their hopes on Mlttendorf, who it is reported, can tear up the cinders at the rate of a mile in 4:45, which is three seconds faster than Knight has ever made it. They are also confident of winning the dashes and hurdles but the Wildcats believe they have a grand surprise in store for them. They are especially weak in putting the shot and throwing the Javelin, in which events Kentucky should have an easy victory. race which. There will be a will be the first one for the Wildcats this year. Porter will run it for Kentucky and will make a fine showing. has worlds of enHe is durance, and can make the distance In 10:45, which is the same time as the Cincinnati man made against Earlham. walk-awa- tMlami, 56 Kentucky, FOR DOUBLE HEADER Wildcats Plan Two Victories In Week-en- d Games baseball games Two will be staged on Stoll Field Friday when the and Saturday afternoons University of Tennessee Volunteers make their 1920 debut before the Wildcat fans. The Volunteers will undoubtedly attempt to revenge the four defeats they suffered at the hands of the Wildcats last season. Little dope on the events can be secured since iCoach Benden's aggregation has played few games this year. They have, however, practically the same team that they had last year. Coach Benden has been putting the Tennesseeans through some stiff work in order to stage a brilliant comeback over last year, but the Wildcats are not to be daunted. Despite the ralnB and the mud they have turned out In large numbers for practice and the Kentucky lads show excellent form. Last season Kentucky romped over the Volunteers, defeating them on their home ground by scores of Kentucky again showed her and 13-supremacy at Lexington and walked away with both games to the tunes of 10-- and d 11-- 3 11-- Shoe Repairing Done While You Wait WILDCATS TO MEET I r. Phone 4085 THE INEW WAYTSHOP Corner Short Mill Streett In Selecting: a University For a college education, there are five things to be taken into consideration: 1. y The men at the head of the Insti- tution. The scholastic standing and ability of the Teaching Staff. 3. The location and advantages of environment. 4. Equipment, buildings, laboratories 2. and libraries. 5. Cost. In all these respects the University of Kentucky commends itself to those seeking a higher institution in which to carry on their education. All Departments, including Liberal Arts, Sciences, Agriculture, Law, Education, Mining, Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. The Government needs trained men and women; college training will bring the result. two-mil- e Address PRESIDENT FRANK L. McVEY Lexington, Ky. University of Kentucky fleet-foote- A number of dairymen in Pulaski County .have requested the Departa ment of Dairying to purchase young, pure-brebull with which they intend to build up their herds, thereby Improving the dairy Industry of that community. These are the men whom E. M. Prowltt a few weeks ago Induced to begin keeping records of weights of ahoir daily milkings. ml C. D. CALLOWAY & CO. FOOTSALL SUPPLIES, SWEATERS. KODAKS. DEVELOPING AND PRINTING 41 Wtat Main Strut LtxIniWn, Ky