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9 > Image 9 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 30, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ogy, the Idea of representation of any Judged by the audience if It tried, and thing except one's own views in de are not so Judged by the Judges, who CROWD SEES PROGRAM bate breaks down in theory when ex don't try. The analogy of an oratoriamlned, as it has broken down here cal to an athletic contest Is oven reOF AESTHETIC DANCING In practice when tried. Apathy to moter and falser than In tho case of wards may be Just debate. The contestants nro not even the mute expression by the college playing the same game. As a contest Third Presentation in community of an Intelligent grasp of It puts one In mind of a thing Imag ests of Community and of athletic spectacles. And who this truth. It may be more. It may inable, but seldom seen, a progressive Editor Kernel: Drama Is Artistic It is perhaps pointing out the ob can blame them? Hence the presence be a manifestation of our Innate love solitaire party. Success . . n it persons martyrs to wit of sincerity. Perhaps the greatest vlous to say that college oratory In of only ii iivu ineriiry societies ana an the University Is not on a very satis ness the U. of K. and Cincinnati Uni fault to be found with the elaborately elaborately series of intercollegiate and In speaking contests have failed hopefactory basis. By oratory is meant, of verslty debate, and of only an aud A capacity crowd braved tho storm debate is that the debaters lessly as agencies to encourage effec- to soo the first presentation course, all forms of undergraduate ience of sixteen curiosity seekers at of the may not believe their own arguments. tive public Bpenklng In this Univer- third community drama program In public speaking. Your anonymous the resuscitative clinic of T. K. A. contributor desires at the outset to the society of rhetorical "K" men. The Their side of the question may be sity, Is there any other expedient left tho Llttlo Theater, University campus playhouse, Monday night. Dances, confess membership in two of the "protagonist" shall we call him, of chosen by lot, and the lot may fall on to be tried? There Is. University literary societies and to this society, the chief contestant or a man to support the side he doesn't aesthetic, folk, classical and interpre STYLUS. plead guilty to having 'represented chief sufferer, whichever you like, in believe In. The writer remembers this tative, and musical solos composed the program. the University once in debate, hoping his opening remarks referred pathetl was distinctly so in his own case. AS As Harry Lauder might say, "It thus to allay hostility to his remarks cally to the suffering which he and his Now, audiences enjoy plays wherein confreres had undergone in "repre actors speak their lines without pre as being criticism ab extra. went off with a bang." The dances DISCUSSED BY M'VEY wore colorful, and There are now and have long been sentlng" alma mater on the bema. tense that they are expressing their elevating. It has been a long time in existence at the University two Taking his words as indicative of the own views, or even the view of the Each of the dramatia Hnce Lexington audiences have seen agencies designed, quite badly, to en feeling of men who participate in dramatist. ersenae speaks In character. But a Juniors and Seniors Have an amateur terplchorean presentation courage effective public speaking, speaking contests, and the size of aud First Special Chapel is good. Much of the success of the These agencies are the literary socle lences of these contests as indicative certain innate sense of honesty in the Program of the feeling of those who only reluc audience is offended by the prostitu ties and Intercollegiate speaking con "Teaching is one of the great pro lances were duo to tho lighting effects tantly listen to them, Isn't it strange tion of the debater's powers of speech and stage artistry. tests. fessions of the world on which civili The program was opened by Kath that such vehicle of misery for all con to the defence oj a proposition to zation There are Ave literary societies: the and progress rests. It Is the which he himself does not really as Union, the Patterson, the Phllosoph- - cerned should be so persistently bol great connecting link between the leen Renick, Jane' Gregory, Martha sent. One can listen with pleasure to lan, the Horace Mann, and the Henry stored up and maintained as one of present and the future. The teacher McClure and Virginia Throckmorton In a fairy dance. Tho buette polka the activities of our university life? the spontaneous exuberance of genu Clay. In so far as these five exist for holds In his hands to an enormous ex ine conviction, even though it be in of the classical (Variety, was very th'e purpose of cultivating the art of Let us examine the false basis of in tent the destiny of the human race. s artistically done by Dorothy Potter. and inter-tha- t speaking con fact erroneous, but one simply fails effective public speaking, there are Without him civilization dies," said to be charmed by premeditated sophis "By the Firelight," a picturesque four too many. It is far from the in tests and see the reason why they re Doctor McVey In a lecture before the try. If It leaves the audience cold, gypsy dance, wilth Virginia Downing, quire to be bolstered up. tentlon of the writer to urge the disso lunlor and senior classes In chapel won applause. Tho few minutes beIt is admitted on all sides that Inter does it not also tend to corrupt the Friday. lution of any of these five. Each may young speaker? The losers tween the first aud second series of collegiate and speaking successful have other reasons for continuing to "Not everyone, however, Is fitted to of the decision are perhaps the gain dances was filled with a solo by Miss live. The Union has a charter from contest's are not popular events. It is teach. In the great human race there ers in a moral sense. For is it not 311en Blanding. The number was the State. The writer never having admitted that athletic contests are. are two general types of mind, the Speaking contests seem to be based better to lose the medals, the tangible motor and the sensory. Each type is Eckerfs "Swiss Song." read the charter is unable to say that rewards of intellectual dishonesty, of Miss Frances Smith, a dainty miss, it does not assign to that society on a (false analogy to athletic contests. fitted best to pursue different profesrhetorical knavery, and to sit in de opened the second series with "Mo broader objects than those merely Their whole machinery, methods and sions. Of the motor type of man is feat nursing the reflection, that after ment Musical," a classical presentaforensic, the attainment of which terminology are assimilated as closethe engineer, the surseon, the man all, in life, the best way Is to be hon tion. A patriotic color was lent to The ly to those of athletics as may be. would Justify its continuance. ufacturer; to the sensory type belongs est? Such roundabout utility hardly the program by "Dixie," a number tho statesman, Patterson enjoys a sentimental con Why athletic contests succeed as popthe preacher, the given by Margaret Parrish. "The events, it is beside the poinfto amounts, however, to justification. nection with the former president ular teacher and the lawyer. This psychoWood Nymph," a aesthet during his, Inquire. It is enough to say that they which would Justify its life Of the other kind of oratory, from logical fact is, however, seldom reic terpslchorean effort, was danced by and its continuance afterwards in his do. It is not enough to say that speak which the element of debate is lack garded by college students. They are ing contests, built on analogy to ath ing, and of which the main object is apt to choose their professions rather Virginia Downing, which with her memory, apart altogether from the gypsy dance of earlier, gave her two Matter of public speaking. The Uni letics don't, and to wonder why. The not to persuade but to delight, it can with regard to their pecuniary results triumphs in an evening. verslty is not rich in things of tender fact that they don't succeed is proof be said, that it has always been hard than because they are adapted to such Leland Snoddy, piano soloist, gave analogy is forced and false. to see how several "orations" having a vocation and will gain their greatest sentiment; and the writer would not that the three numbers following Miss Down-ing'- s poorer. The Phil Occasional oratory has one function, nothing of subject-matte- r gladly see it made in common, happiness therein. number. There were "Grieg's osophian has for years delighted us to delight. Debate, whether joint or in no way related or opposed to one "There are great opportunities in Prayer and Temple Dance," Nocturne, to per another, delivered in vacuo from the teaching profession; first there is with its charming annual dramatic otherwise, has one function, from Chopin's "Opus" 15, No. 2, and productions. No one could desire Its suade. What place has either delight clear sky, without reference to any the opportunity for influencing and Isolde's Liebes Tod, the" Wagner-Lisz- t discontinuance. The Horace Mann or persuasion in a contest in which occasion or pending issue, simply ab moldling lives and through these of composition. and Henry Clay are both of them de- the other speakers and the audience solute and elaborated outbursts of the influencing the trend of civilization Misses Margaret Parrish and Dorare alike ignored while the speaker gift of gab, can properly form the and of leaving one's mark upon pospartmental societies which can find talks only to the Judges, who score basis of a contest. If they all delight terity. Next Is the opportunity of en- othy iPotter reappeared in the technically useful work to do. a folk dance of interesting It Is only as means of encourage- him on points; Just as experts in the can we say which Is best? Can you gaging in fruitful scholarship of enter nature. This was followed by two solo agricultural college would judge a fat say which is best, a juicy ing Into the field of scholarship that ment of effective public speaking that the five societies are arraigned. The bull? Nobody can be expected to be a toothsome cherry pie, or a smoking shall not only be a help to others but numbers rendered by Miss Ellen "The Awakening," 'by only objection to them is, that there interested in such a contest except the cup of coffee brewed exactly to suit a Joy to one's self; the opportunity of Blanding, your taste? There is no basis of com being brought into contact with big Spross and "Love I Have Won You," are too many of them; that instead of Judges and perhaps the bull. Debates deserve no more audience parison; each is best in its proper or people and with big things; opportun- by Roland. Martha McClure, who apbringing together all the undergraduates who would like to exercise their than a moderator and the judges. If der? Well, let us assume the ora ity of intercourse with the master peared in the .first number of the delightfully returned to the in- the number of Judges be arbitrarily tlons are alike enough to compare. Of minds of science, of literature and not nascent powers of disputatious to three or five, the absence of six cherry pies which is the best? the least important, of being brought spotlight In "Vive la France," an inthey keep such limited genuity, number. The program apart, split up into ineffective much more audience than this number Whatever you might say at the time into contact with the students them- terpretative of eating all six, It is almost certain selves. "The real teacher will never was closed with "Two Butterflies," an little groups that simply get nowhere. should be put down rather to the than to the insensibility of the you would say next day, the first. It's become old except in years, for the 'nterpretation dance in which KathIt may be doubted whether there is However much one may dollars to doughnuts that no mere spirit remains always young." The leen Remiek, Virginia Downing, sufficient Interest in public speaking absentees. Porter and Margaret Parrish. here to hold together one University enjoy being persuaded by Mr. A., one human would say, the last. And yet opportunity of leisure and of forming certainly cannot be very keenly interested in our assumption would suggest the pos pleasing associations are among the Miss Renick's performance was esdebating society. There Is no doubt of there not being Interest watching .Mr. A. persuade no, not sibility of comparing impartially the other opportunities offered by the pecially well done. ;Miss Birdie ICombs was tho accom enough of this sort to require five persuade, but show off his good points, pleasurable effect of six orations very teaching profession. panist for the dance. Fred Augsburg Is the his "delsorte," and what not, to Mr. much alike. Of course the effect on separate forums. Proof of this "The chief disadvantage of teaching Tho producing Judge B. The answer might seem to the audience Is not the thing that is of course money, the small salaries was the electrician. anemic state of all Ave. The other agency mentioned was be, to make the whole audience judges counts. Again the Judges are there paid to the teacher as compared with directors were Mrs. R. L. Stout and contests. of these debates. Obviously, you with their score cards, their feelings those paid in other professions. Sal Miss Sarah Blanding, tho heads of the the only proper instruments of this aries are, however, becoming increas women's section of the Department of contests should be mentioned also. could never thus have impartial debates. kind of oratory in abeyance. They ingly higher. The time to enter a Physical Education at tho University. One cannot help being reminded of Judges of girls who appeared In tho prothe Greek word for "contest," "agon." The "home team" (athletic nomen don't eat any of the pies; they merely profession Is when other peoplo are Tho gram are their pupils. Miss Blanding English word "agony" Is said to clature!) would always win Any Judge them "on points" as they would leaving it. And the economical prosOur explained each number before Its prestrace back to this. Before the days of other result would be conclusive evi judge the good ladies' pies at the pects of the teaching profession are country fair, In utter forgetfulness ap- brighter today than they have beeu in entation, assisting tho uudieuce to a inter-tha- t inter-thlspeaking con- dence of gross lack of "support" and and tests agony meant the suffering of the "college spirit." Even in the case of parently of the fact, that after all, many decades. Another criticism of true understanding of real urt. Tho program was repented Wednos; contestants. debates the bulk of the the proof of the pie is In the eating. teaching is that teachers are out of Now It more aptly describes the suffering of the audience. audience would be swayed not so Without further ado this part of the touch with uffuirs. This stutemeut Is day night as a part of tho athletic College men and women are willing to much by the persuasiveness of the de subject may be dismissed with the not entirely true, for in many cases carnival program given in the gymnu: suffer in a great cause. They showed bater as by considerations of loyalty dogmatic observation, that tho rela the teacher is not only the best in- slum of the University. The tive merits of bJx consecutive, absolute formed citizen, but the leader of this in the war. But not otherwise. to the society he "represented." pleasures of dancing whole truth is that the athletic anal orations could not bet Intelligently They prefer the Patronize Our An Examination of Some Aggravating Causes of the Sickliness of College Oratory "lnter"-debatln- g Inter l7 stage-manage- stage-manage- y Interest-compellin- ter-thi- inter-societ- y well-know- Tyro-lienn- beef-stea- pro-;ra- under-grad-uat- Mil-ire- d e Inter-societ- y s Inter-soclet- Advertisers