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Image 9 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 02, no. 03, 1930

Part of Kentucky alumnus

· -·.» .._,,___T=· ` ) . §· _ KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 7 ` _ 3 . ` X } sg Alabama- llClCE1l Football Game l\lOV€II1b€l' l ‘ s __ By NIEL PLUMMER ably will be taken care of by Ken An- l i Alabama’s Crimson Tide playing Ken- drews, Bud Cavana George Yates or E > tucky’s Wildcats, all the folks back to Jake Bronston nithengh they may bg i l Lexington for homecoming, the enthus- ousted by some other ambitious young i i · ieem which always accompanies a Ken-· men who want to play for the Wildcats ? i` I i tucky—Alaban1a game, and combine A great deal has been said about the i L e i ’ these with the possibility that the Big Wildcats this year. ~They have attract- ree ‘ A _ Blue may upset Coach Wallace Wade’s ed more pre-season comment this year J i , charges, then you see why November 1 than at any other time in the history E is the day of days for Kentuckians. of the university_ This has been meet ` Qi,. S l For Weeks reservations have been gratifying to all followers of the Big ii it _ pouring into the office of the manager Blll€ but most of them have guarded l I - of ticket sales at the university, and al- lll€lllS€lV€S against letting their enthus- Y _ though thousands of extra seats have laam €X€eed the bounds of reason, t _ . » been provided, it looks like the Wild- _C0a€ll Galnage has given the sensible * 2 gi,} - eats and Alabama will play a "stahd- V1eW of the football situation. He ad- l i » ing—room—only" crowd on Stoll iield on lllllS that Kentucky has a stronger team ` this {jest day Of Neyembeyi 193()_ There than in former years, but so have many V i are plenty of tickets yet to be had, but 0lll?l` _l€alnS» he Warns. Give all teams ,_ Qi ‘ l V the ehejee Seats eye gejhg 1·epid]y_ their Just dues. But whatever is the re- l J _ It will be a new type of team which sult Of a game with Ke“t“ek¥ ···· if · 5 Kentuckians will see performing for Kentucky loses ···· _lh€ Wlllll€l`S Wlll _Q i them against Aiabamir For years the know they have been in a real football J ~_ ‘ cry was "hold them State" but gradu- game Y _ ally the defense attitude has changed "” *‘*"‘ . j, J j y until it’s the other fellow’s time to yell, KENl`UCKY» BEATS SEWANEE 37‘0 i _l i gl;§,i°Q;h§§§ “§ilg“‘]§§i,€ {i‘Q,§}Q"’1;h‘§,i;§eS§ The University of Kentucky Wildcats ~ y . dazzling offense, with Shipwreck Kelly, mede their l93° debut m Spuihern Celt 4 . Cgcii Urbaiiirik, Carey Spicer, Jack feieiice circles Saturday night, October , y Phipps, Dick Richards, Bo Meyer, Ellis feud til when Ehey defested the Sewanee X Johnson and a list of other ball carriers Tlgels by a 3*0 eelmlfiul the mst game if . showing brilliantly. The last two were of thefeasen fur the Bis Blue · g kept out of early season games by injur— _“SlllllWl`€Ck” Kelly, ll'l€ l}0Y of tll€ l ies, but they have4been showing rapid “`lllg€€l ll€€l$;» élllllollgll €€ll`l`Ylllg the ball V » = improvement but a few times, displayed even great- i i f sib » Kentucky’s line, while not so power- €l llO“’€l` RS Fl ball f??ll`l`l€lf lllall (-llll`lll§ i i i i ,;,6 i ful as some of. the great defensive lll? S0llll0lll0l`Q Z>’€al»_llaVlll§ €l€V€l0lQ€d f , teams, is still a joy to followers of the Wllll llls Ylllllllllg ?lbllll?Y» 3 lll`0ll€llSllQI>’ i new _ Big Blue. it averages inoi-e than 190 for forward i>assina· Kelly had to lns . sgi l pounds from end to end. Captain “F1on- credit Saturday night runs of 25, _15, ig V o py" Forquer and his buddy, Connie 46» 11, five and six yards on running i ig i Rose, of Evansville, Ind., have been see- lll?lY$» ll€Sl€l€S l`€llll`lllll§ il llllllli 40 i ; ing a lot of service at guards, with Babe Y*ll`€lS· _ _ ` el , i W right, Windy Aldridge, Robert Kip- Sharing honors with Kelly in the Se- 5 l Ding, and Robert Baughman perform- wanee melee was Cecil Urbaniak, Fair- g l ing at tackles. Of course Howard Wil- mount, W. Va., boy who started the liams, 211-pound outstanding candidate game in Ellis Johnson’s place, Johnson V; ; ¤ i?`i'i’ili = for all-Southern honors, is performing being out teinporarlly on account of an _, i ‘ at center. “Dusty" loves the game and inj-ured shoulder. “U1‘be” was the only i · i i his playing is right up to the perform- player to play through the entire game, =; i » N ?lllCe he showed in the all-star game at and jumped 1HtO prominence when he Atlanta last New Years. The ends prob- first skirted left end on a dOL1ble re- j i · — l ¤ li 1 l"‘ l ' V E ir it / l \ , i;;_ji;··· i _ _________y _ . ..· il _ _K, —-¤ ·i···i 4 ’ · J ` ' , _