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6 > Image 6 of Guide to civilian organizations. Fulton County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

`\ i Q i -1- Q at FULTON COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS Q = AMERICAN LEGION AUIILIARY, MARSHALL ALEXANDER UNIT#72 (National American T Legion Auxiliary), 206 Jackson Street, Fulton. Founded 1921. President, i Mrs. Pete Roberts, 206 Jackson Street, Fulton, Telephone 297. Secretary, Mrs. M. T. Harse, 102 Washington Street, Fulton, Telephone 942. Terms expire August, 1942. Membership: 15. Qualifications, wife, sister, mother or daughter of a 1egionnaireJ Committees: .Amerieanism, Mrs. Jess Nichols; National Defense, Mrs. Robb _ Fowlkesg Rehabilitation, Mrs. Homer Furlingg Child Welfare, Mrs. Sam Winston, all of Fulton. Purpose: To aid ex-service men and their families. Normal Civic Activities: Aided Red Cross and Community Chest drives, also c local library fund. Provided gifts for a number of patients at Outwood I Hospital. Defense Activities: Engagpd in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical - Dressings, Rod Cross Assistance, Interviewing. Interested in Ambulance _ Service, First Aid, Collecting Books. Local Publications: Year Book. AMERICAN RED CROSS, FULTON CHAPTER (American National Rod Cross), 307 - Eddings Street, Fulton. Founded 1916. Chairman, J. 0. Lewis, 510 Third Street, Fulton, Telephone 145. Secretary, Mrs. S. P. Moore, 307 Eddings Street, Fulton, Telephone 176. Terms expire November, 1942. Membership: 550. Qualifications, contributors of an annual fee of one dollar or over. Committees: Finance, Joe Davis; Health, Mrs. Mansfield Martin; Hospital, F. Homra; Civil relief, Nora Alexander; Disaster, Leon Browder; Life Saving, M. L. Parker, all of Fulton. ` Purpose: Emergency relief in times of distress. _ Normal Civic Aetivities: Teaching first aid and life saving classes for adults and young people. ` Defense Activities: Engaged in First Aid, jewing and Preyeraticr of SurgFzi Dressings. ` Local Publications: None. i _ ___-_]