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7 > Image 7 of Guide to civilian organizations. Fulton County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

I I . I I I 2 I I I ~ BENEVOLENT PROTECTIVE ORDER OF ELKS, LODGE #1142 (Benevolent Protective .; Order of Elks, United States of America), Benevolent Protective Order of I Elks Building, Fulton. Founded 1905. Exalted Ruler, F. A. Homra, Fulton, Telephone 237. Secretary, R. L. Crockett, Fulton, Telephone 95. Terms expire April, 1942. ` Membership:. 140. Qualifications, American citizens not less than 21 vears of ago. Committees: Tuberculosis, Dr. Ward Bushark; House, B. O. Copeland; Chariiy, Frank`Wiggins; Defense, Smith Adkins, all of Fulton. Purpose: Charity. Normal Civic Activities: Sponsor Boy Scout Cubs. Cooperates with schools and tuberculosis program.of Kentucky State Elks Association. Defense Activities: Interested in Auxiliary Fire Protection, Salvage Demolition Service, Motor Corps Service, Hospital and Clinical Assistance, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Collecting Books, Discussion I Leaders, Interviendng. Local Publications: hone. _ BOY SCOUTS OF ANEHICA, FULTON TROCP (National Council, boy Scouts of.America), 502-504 Lake Street, Fulton. Founded 1952. Sooutmastar, Bertcs Pique, 308 S Third Street, Fulton, Telephone 681. Term expires December, 1942. Membership: 65. Qualifications, boys not loss than 12 years of age and able to pass scout tests. Committees: Organization and Extension, Ford Lansden; Leadership and Training, W} L. Holland; Camping and Activities, Hcnden Wright; Hcilth y and Safety, M. L. Parker; Advancement, James Meacham, all of Fulton. Purpose: To build better citizens. Normal Civic Activities: Cullacting aluminum ware and distributing food to the needy as provided by various organizations. Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance, Collection of Scrap P Motels and Other Metals. Training for First Aid. ` Local Piblications: None. *