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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, October 14, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

KERNEL University Women Meet The Lexington branch of 'the Amercandles. ican Association of University WoProf. Bruce Reynolds, violinist, and Mrs. Moymer Moberly, pianist, play- men held the first meeting of the year Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 o'ed softly during the ceremony. The bride is the daughter of Mr. clock at Sayre College with Mrs. J. W. Jones president, presiding. William Geary and Mrs. May KenMrs. P. K. Holmes and Mrs. Harry drick Geary and the granddaughter of Capt. John T. Geary. She is beau- Wise arranged the following interpalms, ferns, white roses, white chrysanthemums and tall cathedral SOCETY NOTES TO ! SPHINX WITH GREY OR Weddings BLUE EYES o- - (By Katherine Metcalf Root) Grey eyes sweet with promises They do not mean to keep. Depths that are shallows. Shallows somewhat deep. -- Geary Grey eyes that ask for love, Blue eyes that deny Soul windows? I doubt it. Just a grey or blue lie. McGehee COLLEGE MUSICAL HEADQUARTERS The Music Shop PHONE 8215 216 E. MAIN IF YOU AREN'T SATISFIED With your personal appearance COME IN TO SEE US and let us help you. Student's Barber Shop J. T. Shuck, Prop. Cor. Lime and Maxwell MEMORY BOOKS ' In real and imitation leather with the "K" front or with the University Seal front TWO SIZES $3.50 0 The marriage of Miss Jane Allen Geary and Mr. Frank McLaughlin McGehee was solemnized Saturday evening at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. May Kendrick Geary, on North Broadway, Dr. A. W. Fortune, minister of the Central Christian church officiating. The house was decorated in all the rooms and halls with pink roses and Southern smilax and an altar was made in the drawing room with Blue eyes that stab the heart Sharp like a blade. Death, if one loved you You make me afraid. $4.50 $5 $6 tiful and charming and was educated at Hamilton College, Sweet Brier College in Virginia and the University of Kentucky, a member of the nationv al fraternity of Kappa Kapppa while in school where she was chosen as the most beautiful girl in the university. Mr. McGehee represents the oldest and most prominent families of Columbus, Ga. He is a graduate of the University of Georgia, a member of the Chi Psi fraternity, and is now in business in this city with an Atlanta, Ga., company. Later the bride and bridegroom left for a motor car trip in the South, and will be at home in Lexington with the bride's mother. Gam-ma- officiating. The church was lighted with many candles, rows of them in the organ loft, across the balcony in the rear, on tall standards entwined with smilax at the end of the pews of the middle aisle; in the windows, and in clusters among the palms, ferns, smilax and white chrysanthemums which banked the pulpit, the altar and the choir stall. TIia weddincr music was nlaved by Mr. Cromwell Allen.' organist; Miss Marie Fitzgerald, harpist; and Mr. David Young, violinist. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Smith left on a wedding trip, after which they will go to Eldorado, Ark., where they have taken an apartment and will go to housekeeping. The bride is a graduate of Sacred Heart Convent, in Cincinnati, and attended Sweetbriar College, Virginia. She is charming and attractive, and a lovely representative of a distinguished Lexington family. Mr. Smith graduated in 1927 from the College of Law, University of Kentucky, with honors. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Keys and Thirteen. He is now connected with the Imperial Oil Marketing Corporation, of which Mr. W. B. Hassett, formerly of Lexington, is president. Both young people are tremendously popular with a host of friends, and have been the center of a round of charming courtesies since the announcement of their engage-- , ment. . See Our New Gym or Vertical Stripes Hat Sox 98c to $3.49 FellOWS!I i You should see Kinney's new Aristocrat line of Oxfords for college fellows. They are positively Made' special for college fellows, a knockout. and made to stand the wear that only a college fellow can give them. Sorority Party Delta Zeta sorority entertained last Saturday evening with a slumber party and a midnight supper in honor of the new pledges of the sorority at their on East Maxwell street. To Entertain Zetas Grand officers of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority will honor the Alpha Chi chapter at a formal tea to be given at the chapter house on Maxwell street Tuesday, October 18. Mrs. Catherine Bingler Beverley, grand president of the sorority, will ar rive Monday night, October 17, on her tour to visit all the sorority chapters and will stayt at the home of Mrs. B. H. Davis, grand vice presi Besides Mrs. Beverley and dent. Mrs. Davis, Mrs. W. C. More, of Louisville, province president of the so rority, will attend the tea. See our windows. ARE YOU READY Sturgis, who Alpha Gamhouse since returned to JEWELRY Watches, Optical Goods and Repairing of All Kinds FANCY CRYSTALS FOR MEN'S AND LADIES' WRIST WATCHES P. EDW. VILLEMINOT PHONE 111-- Y 163 N. LIME NEW JEWELR Y ARRIVALS! Ours is the finest novelty jewelry in Lexington! Copies of some of the most exclusive designs n BETSY ROSS' early American designs, reminiscent of the golden days, romance and youth! Reproduced with the very tools used in the early nineteenth century! CELESTIAL JADE inspired by the famous Chinese patterns and offered in the true jade color, that only a connoiseur can detect the difference. GROTTO BLUE a popular, style because of its exact Mediterranean tinted stone. Each in a silver setting. Quite striking when used on RUSSIAN ANTIQUE these pieces in' massive design have the famous antique gold finish and topaz settings. Worthy the most fastidious tastes. the plain fabrics this fall. Start the Year Right WAHL PEN Horrors! Another Run! Don't worry, we'll fix them! OUR HOSIERY REPAIR SERVICE is unequaled when it comes to lengthening the life "of sheer hosiery. -- t Dig deep in your trunk and collect all the discarded hosies and brine them to WOLF WILE'S for repair. If they aren't a mass of runs,, we'll show you that they can be made to look brand new $2.50 Work .Done in 24 hours! If you prefer you may choose from other brands Parker, John Holland and Eversharp. a girl's schedule calls for so many outside interests, this service And we guarantee the work to look like the original. HOSIERY DEPT. 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W. more than even to the fore, of school organizations. Mr. Heldean Davis, of has been a guest at the ma Epsilon fraternity the beginning of school, hi3 home Tuesday. Complete a Girl's Coslume ory board held a business meeting at the home of Mrs. George Roberts on Transylvania park, Monday afternoon at several dances to be given by this organization to raise money for athletic purposes and a large crowd is expected to attend.- - IMPORTANT LITTLE THINGS TO Coleman Smith The marriage of Miss Willy Cromwell Coleman and Mr. William Che-nau- lt Smith was solemnized Saturday everiine at the Second Presbyter ian church, the Rev. Dr. Robert Ogil- vie Kirkwood, of Middletown, N. Y., Y. W. C. A. The Y. W. C. A. cabinet and advis- Gym Building Basketball Suky Pledges The annual pledging of Suky circle was held at the men's gymnasium last Friday evening at the pep rally preceding the Kentucky - Wesleyan football game. The following men were chosen as new members: Messrs. Frank Davidson, Lawton Dailey, Louis Cox, Wilesting program: A group of piano selections by Mrs. liam Glanz, John Gess, Austin Beulah Stillwell Hughes; reading by Graves, Tryon Smith and Robert Miss Glayds Hardy; vocal selecions Thompson. by Mrs. J. C. Bosworth. SuKy Dance The other officers for the year are: Mrs. R. E. Monroe, first vice presiSuky circle of the university will Mrs. Harry Wise, second vice entertain with a dance on Saturday, dent; president; Mrs. James Server, secre- October 22 in the men's gymnasium tary; Miss Frances Roberts, following the Washington and Lee foothall game. This is the first of Entertain Campus Book Store Keds for PACE THREE mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmtmmm