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Pag THE KENTUCKY KERNEL 91m SOCIETY AGRICULTURAL NEWf Pearl Morgan Thurmand, of Franklin, Ky., an alumna of the University of Kentucky, was in Lexington Saturday. Mrs. Thurmond came to be present at the initiation of Phi Upsilum Omicrom, of which she is a member. Miss Phi Upsilum Omicrom, honorary Home Economics fraternity, conducted its initiation services Saturday afternoon at the home of Dean Thomas P. Cooper. Miss Bess Rowe, of St. Paul, Minn., national officer of the fraternity, was here for the initiation and a banquet was given in her rhonor at the Lafayette hotel Saturday night. K Keys and Thirteen Pledge New Men Beautiful .pledge services were held last Saturday at the Keys and Thirteen dance, which was given by the active members of both chapters in the Armory at the University, and the following men were taken into the two Keys James McFar-lanorganizations: Charles Hughes, Joe Walters, James Chapman, Al Kirwan, John Mihvard, James Dabncy, Emmctt Pearson and C O. Warren. Thirteen William Tate, William Embry, Tom Turner Ballcntinc, James Darnell, Gregg, Marian Gorman, James Reed, Sam Caldwell, Karl Rohs, J. A. Estcs, Wayne Foust, Ralph Borcn and Layman Mays. d, o -- 2 The Seventh Annual Convention of the South Central States Food, Feed and Drug Officials Association will be held along with that of the Central States Food, Drug and Dairy Officials Association May 1, 2, 3 and 4, Several incn, repreat Louisville. senting the University of Kentucky will be at this meeting. mands. I suppose it is true that we, and University." the Association Jay L. Chambers, superintendent of of the teaching profession, arc more apt to kcc,p in close touch with the city schools, Providence, Ky. University and its work and I heartily agree with you (that such should be the '21 H. Ben Orr, is sales manager with case. I believe quite a large percentage he Armstrong Cork and Insulation of our seniors will come to Lexington Company, 808 Powers building, Ro- next fall. "The editorial in the Kernel of chester, N. Y. March 28, entitled "Develop the "I know there are thousands of Church Habit," might well have been d Kentucky alumni 'shouting from the based on conditions here. Good, ministers, might do much in housetops' over the stadium drive That's towns of tins size to modify bad imlaunched at the University. all that was needed; just start the ball pressions left, in most instances, by rolling and it will go over in great visiting ministers and evangelists. I style. This is the beginning of the shall do all in my power to keep the march onward for the University that relationship between the University, will carry into the centuries. Although the Alumni Association and the public Dayton does not have an alumni club school system as close as possible." Ky. we have a few memjbers here who are Oscar C. Rackc, Providence, f- broad-minde- Wednesday morning Dr. L. A. Brown, in charge of the public service laboratories, Kentucky Agriculturand Edwin al Experiment Station, Gott, bacteriologist in the laboratories, wil speak on "The B Coli count of milk, using Endo's Medium as an index of the sanitary conditions, in the ready supd to give their production and handling of dairy port for this edifice, I'm sure. Would like to know just what is expected, whether there will be boxes for sale Eugene L. Jackson, vegetable histol-ogis- t, earlier planned, and also a list of Feeding Stuffs Department, as alumni living here and you may rest Experiment Agricultural Kentucky assured they will receive personal inStation, is to speak to the convention terview from either E. M. Walter '15, Value of the Vegetable about "The writer." Fred Luker, Box 137, adul- or the Histologist in the detection of Y. M. C. A., Dayton, Ohio. teration of food, feed, drugs, and feed"Please change my address o Evans- morning, ing stuffs," on Thursday ville, Ind. I want the Kernel espeMay 3. cially." Mrs. R. E. Phillips (Kathleen Oglcsby.) J. D. Turner, head of the Deparment of Feeding Stuffs, Kentucky Agricul '22 tural Experiment Station, has for his "In the short time that I have been in Kentopic, "Labeling of feeds tucky and difficulty of adoption of uni away from 'the University I have come it form standards," which he will give to realize more than ever, all that cans to me. It certainly is gratify Thursday afternoon. Mr. Turner is a member of the executive committee of ing to know that I can depend on the the South Central States Food, Feed, University and Alumni Association for help and advice when the occasion de- and Drug Officials Association. Stanford University California SUMMER QUARTER, 1923 Tuattay, If Junt, to Saturday, Opportunities to work for higher degrees and the A. B. degree in the oceanic climate of the San Francisco peninsula. Courses in the regular academic and scientific brances, and in law. Information from office 26. STANFORD UNIVERSITY CALIFORNIA, The Most Popular Place On Limestone Everything to Drink University Confectionery 216 S. Limestone Just Above High. YJilWXJL Wanted men tofind the answer SENIORS Pay your class dues at once to Julia Willis, Edith Alexander, Dan Baugh, Clyde Davidson, Raymond Arnold, James Humphrey, William Kirtley or Clifford Davidson. We still owe $1700 on the Annual which is long past due. Less than 40 per cent of the class have paid their dues. It is as much your duty as it is any Senior's to see that the class meets its financial obligations. Don't wait to be asked two or three times. The students trying to collect dues have to attend classes the same as any one else. Clifford Davidson, - Treasurer. K NOTICE FublUMi Longer wear guaranteed. Theu is a, style and color to suit your particular needs. Duro Bell Hair Neti pcTfcct material, perfect work, manship and perfect inspection. That ii your guarantee. If you appreciate hair nets that year longer and always look well, you will demand Duro Belle. Comes ia all styles and colors. Full site. Just try a few aad , see. ttwtkrmbytke. to the man who loves to seek the quantity. He is the kind of laboratory worker who ventures into untried fields of experiment, rather than the man who tests materials. Industry, has need of both types, but of the former there is a more pressing demand. College men may have been discouraged from pursuing pure research. In this highly practical age it may seem there is little room for work which does not have an immediate dollars and cents application. But such is not the case. The pure research man is the pathfinder. With' out him our fountain of knowledge would dry up. His findings in themselves may be uncommercial, but they .establish a field for others to develop. Vol ta worked out the crude voltaic pile unimportant until other men improved and applied it. And so with Papin in the field of steam, or Lavoisier in chemistry. Men of the inquiring slant of mind, stick to your last. In post graduate study, on the faculty, in the laboratory of some industrial organization, there will always be an "X" to baffle other men and call for the keenest thought of you blaaers of the trail. THIS tkiinurnffElK trial DiuUtmtnt am b Inttitmthn alaf Mptily wkt industry. by Wfill is written Astern Electric Company Skm 1869 maimt md dittributort ifthctriml tfuffmmd The White Mathematics Club met at 3:45 Thursday, April 19, in Room 305 of the Physics Building. Miss Tomie Broaiton lajske on the cissoitj osYDiocles and Mr. W. R. HutoherMa described the conchoid of 9futt lap- - Stcansl haV btfftaa 25 July. whole-hearte- The following beautiful invitations with gold seal embossed on top, have been issued to many friends of Kappa Sigma fraternity: Beta Nu of W. G. Campbell, a graduate of the Kappa Sigma University of Kentucky and formerly Saturday, April twenty-eightemyployed in the Feed Stuffs Depart Phoenix Hotel ment at the Kentucky Agricultural Eight thirty, Experiment Station, and now acting Dancing Formal K chief of the Bureau of Chemistry, United States Department of Agricul NOTES ture, Washington, D. C, is to make an address to the Convention, Friday morning, May 4. The Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. -- Ksocial, which was given Friday night, BETWIXT US April 13, in the reception room of the boys' dormitory, proved to be a great (Continued from page 2.) success. In spite of the bad weather condi '20 tions, a large group of students gath Mrs. Harvey R. Livesay, formerly ered together and had a jolly time. The program consisted for the most part Margaret T. Bird, is living at Fort of games, after which sandwiches, Sam Houston, Texas. Her husband is cakes and punch were served. The a Captain, Medical Corps, U. S. A. They have a daughter, Martha Jane party lasted until 10:30. Livesay. Address, Laboratory, 8th A joint meeting of the Y. M. C. A Corps Area, Fort Sam Houston, and Y. W. C. A. was held Sunday, San Antonio, Texas. April 22, in the reception room of Pat"I am glad to note the spirit of loyterson Hall. Dr. Noe was the speaker alty and that is rapidly of the evening. The program also in University and among the alumni and eluded special music. After the service I would do anything within my power a social was given and refreshments to give the University a greater spirit of served. and interest. Prob ably you will be interested to know Daddy Zerfoss will speak at the that several days ago, Capt. A. L. regular Y. W. C. A. meeting in Pat- Donan '07, Willard Barrows '12, and terson Hall Sunday, April 29. There I, planned for a meeting of all students will be special music given by Miss of the University who live in this Mary Catherine Daniels. (Webster) county, to organize a local alumni club. We are having a splen Oh, Girls, Lookl The Y. W. C. A. did response and expect to report a is giving a hike Saturday, April 28. good meeting. We expect soon to have an active club, ready to co Come and enjoy the fun. operate in every way with the plans of 1