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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 27, 1923

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE Page Eight KERNEL KENTUCKY strollers Lady Windermere's Fan Friday April 27 PRESENT WOODLAND AUDITORIUM Seats at University Book Store and Lexington Drug $1.65, $1.10, 85c.: -- find tlie College You'll BEST IN MOVING PICTURES" Girl "THE HOME OF THE STRAND ALL-AMERICA- "THE ONLY 4 : BOHEMIA SAYS BIBLE CLASSES OF U. K. THE STADIUM Three Groups of Students Are Honored For Their The Men's Bible Class for 'tih past year held a banquet Thirrsday at 6 o'clock at the Y. M. C. A. There were 48 students present to honor the three groups living at 628 South Limestone, 155 Virginia Ave., and 344 Harrison Ave. who were 100 per cent in atend-anc- . I've heard the old ramshackle Kentucky bleachers crackle Each time a Wildcat tackle Tore off a halfback's feet. I've seen the people wishing They'd never bought admission They had a premonition They'd never get a seat. e. Short talks were made by Dean Boyd Professor Bureau, Mr. Russell and Dean Massie, of Christ Church Cathedral. There are 20 groups in the University who .have completed the course, Ten where led .by faculty members, nine by students and one by a minister. The attendance for ten weeks was 3,017 wilth an average attendance of 301 a week. The following groups have completed the course: Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Sigma Phi, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Chi, Kappa Sigma, Phi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Nu, Tau Delta Alpha and Triangle. The following rooming houses have completed the course: 381 South Upper, 628 South Limestone, 155 Virginia Avenue, 334 Harrison Av., 409 Linden Walk, 328 Aylesford, first and second floors of the Men's Dormitory, and the third and fourth floors of the Dormitory. K TO SING AT WOODLAND AUDITORIUM GALLI-CUR- of the foremost singer in the world, the greatest coloratura soprano of all ages will sing in Wood land Auditorium, Lexington, Wednesday evening, May 9, at 8:15 o'clock. One's imagination leaps ahead of mere words as an adequate expression of i. Her voice is the art of one of heavenly beauty, wonderfully pure, amazingly flexible, and of even quality throughout its entire compass a voice that haunts the memory. Galli Curci is now in the biggest The insistent season of her career. demands for her appearances are so great that only a minor part of them can possibly be taken care of during the present season. It is due to the cancellation of a date that has made it possible for Kentucky to be thus honored by the presence of this great artist at this time. Other states celebrate the beautiful month of May with their "May Festival." There is not a more adequate way for Kentuckians to grace this beautiful season of spring than by sitting at the feet of "the foremost singer of the world today" and experiencing the delight that one gets from coming under the spell of this great master of song. Tickets are on sale now at the Lexington College of Music, Lexington and will be on sale in Ben Ali Theatre lobby beginning Monday, May 7 at 9 a. m. Prices are $3.85, $3.30, $2.75 and $2.20 including war tax. Order tickets now. Galli-Curc- i, Galli-Curc- Galli-Cur- CLASS ci K Mr. C. O. Mattingly, student assistant in Botany, has been appointed principal of the Warsaw high school or next year. But soon we'll holler louder, With voices more and prouder; We'll entertain the crowd, or Try mighty hard, by guml Then watch each prof and scholar That ever gave a dollar Stick out his chest and holler, "Gaze on our stadium 1" : ACTS BEN ALI THEATRE: 'THE BIGGEST SHOW ON EARTH FOR THE MONEY." SHOW OUTSIDE A CIRCUS" G BANQUET GIVEN TO MENS Concert to be Fitting Celebration May Day, May 9 - THEATRE N THREE-RIN- at tlieTlie College Boy, "VODVIL'S" BIG "VODVIL" OF HIGH to retain its freshness as long as you do. NOTE The foregoing rules of etiquette have been compiled after careful study, on the part of the author, of the usual procedure existing in girls dormitories and sorority houses. M. E. J. '23. The Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, KY. Bohemia has no political interests to foster, but to save ourselves the embarrassment of refusing hearty cooperation to the other ten candidates it hereby announces itself heartily in favor of Norris Royden for president of the Student Government Council. NEWLY FURNISHED AND EQUIPPED To the Highest Standard of Excellence. The Experienced Traveler Will Find K The Phoenix Hotel NOTICE1 A noteworthy example of modern excellence. Every department fully equipped for satisfactory service to the most Old clothing for he relief of European" students will continue to be col- lected this week and next. Anyone who has any old garments or shoes to give away is requested to leave them Rules of Etiquette at one of the fraternity houses, the Chapter 1 (Concerning Burglars) University "Y" rooms, or the dormiRule 1. Never observe a burglar tory or to call 2428 or 3236-y- . when you arc alone. You would be -K considered the victim of hallucinaProf. E. F. Farquhar delivered the tions and your testimony would be commencement address at Science Hill discarded. Your friends might call the Friday night. police tout only for the sake of politeness. MMMMMMMMMMMf Rule 2. When properly equipped with a witness or witnesses you may "The Show Place in Lexington" observe burglars to your heart's content. S Rule 3. Ordinary Procedure' a. Scream. Scream louder and allow the witnesses to scream with you. Encourage the gifted memibers of the group to indulge in hysterics. Call FLORISTS your neighbors, call your friends and, Phone 1419-- y 417 E. Maxwell above all call your latest crush. Scream, "Help! Murder! Fire!" at the Lexington, Ky. top of your lungs. This is the crisis, I make the most of it. MM MMMM M M b. Last of all, call the police. They appreciate this delicate attention. They will arrive in time to the neighborhood and assure you of your absolute safety. c. Talk of your burglar continually for the next week and after that introduce the subject as often as you can find an opening for it. Rule 4. Extraordinary Procedure: a. Remain silent. Feign unconcern, permitting only an occasional shudder. Manouver so that one person reaches the telephone without. attracting the burglar's attention. This person calls the police. Practice deep breathing exercises and ma:nta:n silence until the police arrive. b. The police arrive silently, hold a whispered conversation with their informant, and catch the burglar. It is customary to gnaw the fingernails or weep quietly during this portion of the ritual. c. Pandemonium ibreaks loose! Give way to your feelings and join the others in illustrating the extremes of emotion. Scream; faint; revive; scream; faint; revive; and continue ad libitum. Clutch the nearest policeman and succumb upon his rnanly Tk Style Skewm chest. Then resume the system of fainting, reviving and screaming. d. Talk of the episode continuously for the next three months, allowing no interruptions. Add details and lengthen the narrative as often as possible. It is only courteous to describe your East Main, Near Lime. burglar as an ugly villian of the deepest dye, but never forget that you are the principal character in the thrilling narrative. The story of your capture of the burglar is a valuable anecdote to relate at dinner prties and other social affairs. Jt is guaranteed Michler Bros. Company exacting temperament. CHAS. H. BERRYMAN, JOHN O. CRAMER, Mgr. Pres. liiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiTiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiini innmnnmim mnmiii Stadium Boosters Visit Our Soda Fountain ! For the Best ORANGE ADES COCA-COLA- NUT SUNDAES MALTED MILKS S Also I SCHOOL SUPPLIES, KODAK FILMS DEVELOPED. Agent Miss Hollady Candies. The Lexington Drug Co. Open Phone 154 7 a. jn. to p. in. 11 to FLORSHEIM SHOE RENT-A-FOR- D The man who wears The Florsheim Shoe can be justly proud Drive It Yourself ofthefineappearance of his footwear AND t For Dances, Parties and Pleasure Trips RATES: Open Cars 12c per mile Closed Cars 15c per mile Plus 20c an Hour. Brighton sio Baynham Shoe Co. mm f CALL US RENT-A-FORPHONE 3656 WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS X CO. D 134 1. SHORT STREET 1 MM