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8 > Image 8 of Basketball, 2000

Part of University of Kentucky Basketball Media Guides (Men)

fw I " l` t r M E DIA IN FOR MATI ON IM EDIA POLICI ES] PROCEDURES g . I I III VI ~I _fINI ic; II E, gn II G_.5>;: i_jII;I:IQYIIIi MI;I2teI;vItsIrS IMII,IsItI.,I.IIt..II.I-.cct r-em I . I V y `I r VI ly IIIIEWIEW PIIcIes_GeneraI _ University ofI Kentucky releases aml statistics I ttA V;.r__. __ .,I _; .I,.y _ I I, "_'V_ * AII ImCI.\,IC.S with UI,I\.mIII, or Kcmmpy. are available ro members ofthe rnedra via . VII; I II III .', 1 "'' I IIIIIII.CI .,,=. '_ #3.1 * It QF l*aslugh [Im IVICIIIII RQIIIIIOIIS I,{{IC_ ed service, can instantly seml information to I I The Wildcat Lodge and other assigned living VRIIII {ml lmcllme 24 IIOIIIIS il flillir Swell I*llI* il I I @s$IISI; V60! i``i-A jIII.f.I, c uarters are wriyate team areas. Media rnernhers II< This SUIVICC I5 *I*l'I*lII re mcflm I I 5 . CDYf3g.9l:IICll Nvlldcatsi - ,.-. ` i__t_t Q are not permitted in these areas unless accom- awmlrerr "IY I:lI* il {fix 'CIr I*lI _ f,QII ti`i Panied hy appropriate University personnel. 77O'S'6OOO uml cmu Your llm mlmllcn Q _I pltOtOgta[5IfiS/SIiCIS,*, yi.t I I I f The passcode for the SEL is (32. Once rn , ; Cfverlng Pracvce/Press Con ergnces _ the system, the following can he olwtained ; . - p a r I - _ ,ii - I Cenerally, UK haslretliall practices are closed. I _ I, I. _ I I- rtake Hr moment _t0;famrlrartzeIypurselfer.g I; - I _ 4 , _ iii ~ ms- I I H `', Player []\[@l`\`l\\`$ are contlticytecl IIIIDLIICS III? Quick Stars Unly I 1 ; I _ II _,VI A r- ,_. I __. ,_ ._, 3 Y :4.. r_. I ,._` fi prior to practices the day hefore games. lvl) l>t ll*r*> l~=> " " Z i I 1 I N ~ . r I - llzl I'; I I` l *. . - I ,IcABEp[}|1'IA|,$ I I; .I,,i ,VI .,. rl; Coach Smith meets with mernlsers of the IIS LI" , I .V h y-' _ media in press conference settings at scheduled ri]; t\1..I,$r>II|I I I I I I I Ii$Si1cII tIiCIiaI0IIl$f_;@dI_I ,:""2I_j`;I. _; times to he announced. 171% Roster-/sclwrlrilc . =. _ . I; I. z : PQ .. _- . E IY]-I Uptlrrretl l`Irwer Bios I_ Requests must beimadefmIwr,itmg one _ I _ _ __ _ , _ 1726 prS,trdI$prrsr.f .,i I .t IIII rr. .. . .i i i I irs Sm I radio static IyIIIyi__.j,;_-,22; l Mile 5* TM ll L5 A A pin nurnlaer can he olwtained lwy calling com I I _I ri I I I'__ ,II I. ii { >_I vII,:_ IIgiIj_; *Ir`Ai'_ i Radio Call-In Shows/IniernetChaIs lfO599OO% ll CC I _iii ji ip. VV As specified hy the Southeastern Conference, MedIaTeamLInk _ the S i E I ; no players will he allowed to participate in radio - __ __ . - , . I _ , . _ Il l I I. andIjlcesduthstm.Cohflghym E h I Offers the same information as lnlo Connectroi C9 I I . ,V`_ I IV `. I_I_' is yvyl i .yAy call-rn shows or on lrye chat sessions on the IMI AIIOWS You [O SCICCI which IIOCUIMMS WU Thur: r j I;g._?mmg, I,,LQ yry internet. Coach Smith may not participate in _ ._ I 4 _ ._ _ th . r _. , I . -..I . . - .. I. I I; .;r would lrlxe automatically delivered to ou ria 8 5* I I I v_ any radio show other than those specified in C_m.III or pu TN mm IS Ibm. IIC (Med I6 the sched i 2 r d$IlYINW$P&PF$i3i1d{?tlVl$lQfY@dlO,ITI]i iII lm contract A II I I I _ II I .I s SEC I sttich IV_" I I slstem by the UK Media Relations office. (io tt I I A- I gjf `V.V_ g g pgygame Interviews .. www.metlrateaml1nI<.com. lf you already have an Ul"' ..* : --=-.I - . . i I I. SMIIIMSII IEI y._` Following each game, there will lie ti Zmrtrmrrte account, log rn\and request documents from rlit at ; I I . V. cooling-off period, during which time the players Sl*l|Fll1l$l0m (01lll` 'lIlll` l5 ITO lllllmllll OD H I I I S;,;gg;ggmeI; will shower aml dress. Approximately lO minutes Swiss lbs lll Vmilll slllcllmclll ~lli~rr IICV mma I I r I - I_I*I-_,I,II i = I III. I:_I 1 I ,I ,II ky after the game ends, Coach Smith will conduct his Documents 1slU5FCsl VIH fax will incur 8 Radio I _ I Internet Ii I,_ postgame press conference. A player will also he 15 lll* PGY WMV {C0 Brom] I IO _.II' Iy tal - _-`*I Q `_,. , _;..*,;QI.;;j I,,;,__.___ " W / C0l1III1gI1I lh I V I?L` _;:.I, II ` III ;:=I&&I;..',: f;" .` O l /' I ;j'_ I f h __ I ...;~I ; t.t ._II I L r I I ihe i ~ i rIII I- sc, ;f`IiT II ~ Media . . ; si _aIr_ I . *; _..:--. , A i. f.I covering |l$ . I YY; IIII `@ ,.I..I : I, I a I.III IIf b k tb II I m A I I *< II`= 3;iYei;I