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Prefrace (Joseph Cushing), Baltimore, i8i6; Correspondence between General Jackson and General Adair as to the Kentuckians charged by Jackson with inglorious flight, New Orleans, i8x5; An Authentic History of the Late War, by Paris M. Davis, New York, i836; A Narrative of the Campaigns of the British Army by an Officer (George R. Gleig), Philadelphia, i821; History of Louis- iana, American Dominion, by Charles Gayarre, New York, i866; The Second War with England, illustrated, by J. T. Headley, two volumes, New York, i853; History of the War of i8 I 2 between the United States and Great Britain, by Rossiter Johnson, New York, i882; The Pictorial Field-book of the War of i8I2, by Benjamin J. Lossing, New York, i868; The War of i8I2 in the Western Country, by Robert B. McAfee, Lexington, Kentucky, i8i6; His- torical Memoirs of the War of I814-i815, by Major A. Lacarriere Latour, Philadelphia, i8i6; Messages of James Madison, President of the United States, parts one and two, Albany, i8I4; The Military Heroes of the War of i8I2, by Charles J. Peterson, Philadelphia, i858; The Naval War of i8I2, by Theodore Roosevelt, New York, i889; The History of the War of i812-I5, by J. Russell, junior, Hartford, i8i5; The Glory of America, etc., by R. Thomas, New York, i834; Historic Sketches of the Late War, by John L. Thomson, Philadelphia, i8i6; The Life of Andrew Jackson, by Alexander Walker, Phila- iv