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12 > Image 12 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 27, 1929

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available rr wl THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE TWELVE "It's An Old TAVERN Custom" to serve the best THANKSGIVING DINNER in Town- - THE TAVERN TREAT YOURSELF TO SOME REAL FOOD AT "Home of The College Folks" Phones Ash. We Deliver tmtwmttmtttttttwtttwfflffltttttfflttmttmatmttt ittmntuui ITENNESSEE AND (Lexington High school, led a team which played only three games. At the beginning of the season, thirty-fiv- e men reported for the squad, and prospects were for the best team in many years. But before the sea I son was wen unaer way, inc epidemic of flu of that year, so depleted the ranks that after the third game the team was disbanded. Among numerous men who were famous in other athletic activities and who are returning for the homecoming game are L. C. Davidson, track captain,, '23, who is manager of the Buffalo Forge Company of Philadelphia; Ted Bryson, 12 baseball, prominent lawyer of Ashland; 22 baseball O. W. Van Arsdall, j farmer of Burgln; Reed Miller, Louisville, cantain. baseball. '25 ! C. Everett, grain dealer of Maysville, basketball captain, 20; and Thomas D. Grubbs, lawyer, Mt. Sterling, baseball, '20. It is generally admitted by former athletes that the team of this year is one of the best that has been pro duced in many years. It is Just as believed that the improve- i widely ment is due to the increased coach-Blu- e lng staff, the better equipment, and the wider experience of the players, . when they enter the University. KENTUCKY WILLI CLASH THURSDAY StOP AT THE ViaductPharmacy FOR YOUR LUNCH We Make Our Own Sandwiches and Toast 'Em Also Hot Chocolate, Good Coffee and All Fountain Drinks Free Prompt Delivery 2386-919- 0 will contain offices for the librarians, while the third floor will have classrooms and a room for the filing of documents. Back of Mechanical hall the Percy Johnson Solar Laboratory, a gift to the College of Engineering from a former Kcntuckian, for the purpose of studying the effect of sunlight on plants, flowers, and animals, is rapidly ncarlng completion. Another building that soon will be ready for use is the dairy building which is being constructed in front of the stock pavilion on Rose street. Workers are now busy plastering walls, installing refrigerators, and are doing plumbing work on the Inside. A ditch is being dug along Rose street for the purpose of extending a power line to the dairy building to supply power for the operation of machinery that will be used by argriculture students. Training The new Teachers' School will be completed by next fall. Workers are now putting on the roof and are plastering he inside. It will be a school to enable men and women to undertake complete courses leading to degrees In all branches of the teaching profession, and including some college courses. "THANKSGIVING GREETINGS" FROM THE (Continued from Page One) Much has been written, a lot has been said, and a great deal more has been thought about the probable outcome of the game tomorrow. 201 Woodland Ave Sport scribes, fans, coaches, kiddies, in fact, Just about everyone has been Juggling the dope around in an effort to Eive the Wildcats an advant age but all in vain, the figures favor US YOU the Visitors. But even so, this is not discouraging to the Kentuckylans BIG GAME who remember how the Big Blue trinncd the Neylandmen last year Vols scurried down the chamas the pionship path. The stage is all sft for history to repeat itself. Tennessee, vieing with Tulane, has the Conference crown THE BEST OF SERVICE IS ASSURED YOU BY almost within reach but a defeat or even a deadlock by the pride of the MR. G. S. STRAIN, Prop., and MR. ROY GRIMES, Mgr. Grass would snatch a cham- plonshlp from their grasp for the second successive year and for the third time in history. The first un- kind cut of Turkey which the 'Cats H7ADIT WMTIMITPC' HilNIMIiffllilillllN WW I I , I I I 1 II ftrt shoved in the way of the title-bou. Tennesseans was placed on the menu in 1916. The Blue team, althought 11 IV V I lei If I I IIcItx not even conceded a chance, refused Jf U1 V 1 UIlJuiJ to give the little boys from down the I . way a break and consequently neith- ., . . ., uaW ""ui.-- "uiu er scored: an event which has caused 177 EAST HIGH STREET the Vols to think bad things about feet. The basement will be used for the felines ever since. stacking and storing books. The "CLEANLINESS OUR MOTTO" Head Coach Harry Gamage has 'first floor will contain a laree men In tip-to- p condition for the rotunda in which rhnnrtner hm his " encounter and expects to send his You will find the last word in sanitation at our shop each instrument used strongest lineup of the season will be located. The second floor in serving you has been cleaned or sterilized since previous against the Vols. Captain Coving ton and Shipwreck Kelly, sophomore use on another; patron. sensation, than whom there is no superior brace of halfbacks in the conference, are raring to cut loose Thurs.-Fri.-Sa- t. through the Tennessee back yard. The "old reliable" Splcer will call signals and Jack Phipps will round (Formerly of the Lafayette Hotel Barber Shop) out the best- - balanced backfield that we ever hope to see. WIAPHONt" Sl Kentucky's mighty line PICTURE 'aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii will slightly outweigh the Knoxville outfit but the Blues lack the veteran individual performers that compose the Vol initial defense. Floppy For-que- r, the most consistant player Hl among the big boys, will lead the Shively-coachBlue Wall. And Floppy really knows how, when he takes a man out of the play the man stays out, not at all like an inebriate being ejected from a subscription dance, which at most is only temporary. Tennessee, flashing Hack and To Mack as its trump cards, needs no introduction to Kentuckians who have heard with misgivings of the Volunteer prowess. Major Neyland rs coached his team of to a nt victory over Alabama, the only team that has thrashed the Wildcats this season. So on paper, it looks bad for Kentucky. But all 1581 of you fans that wish to avoid the splash and waves from the old dope bucket tomorrow had better come to All. the game equipped with stepladders or a reliable set s. of Woodland Barber Shop 'DOLL' "LET UP FOR THE THURSDAY AFTERNOON" Phones: Ash. li 4779-915- 4 Knuiiiimc3iiHimtiiicniiiiiiiiiiuii!iiiiiiiiiHNiiiiiiiiiiuimiiiiciiiiiiiiii!iciiiiiiiiiiiic I I ON, ON, U. of K. j Beat Tennessee! THE VIADUCT BARBER SHOP STATE I BUT FIRST HAVE MR. A. E. WARREN, Prop. P TURKEY DINNER at the THE WOODLAND DRUG CO. Corner Woodland and Maxwell Rose Street Confectionery to 1 p. m. And after the game 12 OYSTERS CHOPS SALADS CHILE DRINKS OF ALL KINDS SOUPS 1 1 I Old Captains Will Homecoming: Thanksgiving TUt I Watch SHORT ORDERS JHIIIIIIIIIiailllllMilllCIIHlllHHMmillllllllHaHHHtHIHMIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIMIIIIHinimilHHIItll,,l...,..lm,u,M,m And Calls Your Wishes You A Happy Thanksgiving: "Where Friends Meet" STEAKS SANDWICHES IlU (Continued presses himself year's team is many years. J. G. Heber, Sun.Wed. VILMA BANKY in "THIS IS HEAVEN" from Page One) as thinking that this one of the best in captain '18, coach iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMitmmmt Attention Its Special Delivery Service Phone Ashland "TRY OUR DELICIOUS SANDWICHES" THE MAXWELL TAILOR SHOP IS IDEALLY LOCATED FOR STUDENT SERVICE Dry Cleaning and Pressing TAILORING A SPECIALTY ALTERATIONS MAXWELL TAILOR SHOP THE CLOTHES SHOP 110 175 EAST HIGH STREET East Maxwell CLEANING, PRESSING AND ALTERATIONS Step Forward WITH FRESHLY CLEANED CLOTHES Our Motto: "Efficient Work at Lowest Price" Without Good Poultry Phone Ashland 2259 No Thanksgiving Dinner Is Complete tfflttWtttt BENAU WE HAVE All This Week- - Appearances do count . . . and you can always step with your best foot forward if your clothes are clean, neat, freshly pressed and new looking. You can keep your garments in the best possible shape if you send them to us for regular cleaning. They will last longer and look their best always. HEMPLE'S Cleaners and Dyers 380 E. MAIN ASHLAND 470 DUCKS TURKEYS GEESE GUINEAS OLD ROOSTERS SPRINGERS HENS SQUABS Also Old Country Hams, Country and Creamery Butter and Eggs ALL TALKING ALL "cture TALKING Willi Elliott l'ICTUKU Nugent, Moore-Disho- n Poultry Co. Itobt. Montgomery, Cliil Edwards, Sally Starr. Matinees 35c Nltes, Holidays COc No Pastes Accepted South Lime and Water Sts. Phones Ash. 7900-790- 1 J