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6 > Image 6 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 6 No. 3 summer 1960

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

S I'1 IC BI] IIS III GH HC Y, yy ItFdChk Ft'Ktk at Say Results of Poultry Consumption Survey Data indicate that Kentuckians average. Almost all of the difference was consumed as fried chicken. __ - eat 10 percent more poultry M . meat than does rest of U.S. Attthtdes E"P'd gf When asked about the sizes, quality, and avail- ability, most homemakers commented favorably. By JOHN B. ROBERTS E h .t. . d t 1. _ r>.,.(.m...,. of Agricultural r;m.w".ra mug eh S_Y"aS exetesse e_at SUPP tett * that continued diligence in processing and merch- _, l)2l(ly-{0-COOl< pOl1ltI'y is 21Vtlll?tl`)l to 8lHl0St Vl`y guidigjug is 3 1]]u5t_ Any Comljlacgllgy that wgllld ` Kentuckian. In city markets the choice is between destroy the Confidence gf the homgmakgys in the ,5 fray-pack and whole bmilers, stcwing and roasting wholesemeness and quality of poultry meat could __ Q lWi0l<$ tmil tUYltW f1`$h fY0Z reduce consumption. There were some objections ' ` and ready-to-eat packages. to pin feathers not being removed and some dissatis- 4 7 ()ut of the 527 families interviewed in a study of faction with the way the pieces were cut. y poultry consumption, 99 percent used poultry. When asked the type of package each home- Seventy-five percent served fried chicken often, or maker wanted, twothirds favored tray-pack friers. ,;~ at least every other week. Turkeys were used by This package was liked by those in the higher j` two-thirds of the families, but only once or twice l11COm brackets Zllld by th y0Lll1g1' age g1OllpS. a ycar. Stewing and roasting chickens were used Many of these groups of housewives either did not sk by two-thirds of the families. Hens were served by know how to cut chicken into pieces or found the _ _ one family in {ive as often as once gr month, job distasteful. Some older women seemed to take *"' The families sampled consisted on the average of pride m the tttet that theY had ths Skill to wt UP Q ` 8.5 persons each. During the year, the amount of tttets tmd eetdd Please thett tamthes bY demg tt v poultry used by the 527 families combined exceeded Seme SPeeltd WeY_ Meet et the tespehdehts felt that 18,000 pounds. This was enough to serve every the mest eeehemtetd WZY te buy was tv Ptttehttse <* n family member 23 pounds of fried chicken, 6 pounds Whele httds- The letgeh mete metttY Pm`tS lege of St(.w(.d or mustcd Chicken and 55 Pounds of thighs and breasts were liked better than such parts turkey. At these rates Kentuckians consume 10 per- tts heekS sizzmlsr livw hed Wthge heme higher 1** cent more poultry meats per person than the national mceme SYOUPS Solved thts Ptehlem et Ptetetehee gw by purchasing only the pieces they liked most or C`?;_ ; , _ ' ,~- hifi vv`- ' g xi "~_, i< =rr ` - . -... -. exe ,\ counter display in at Slll)C\`llllll`kc{ of fj' " fflfi the _f_ whole and cu1up bmilcrs. Traypuck gh tr .{ A h ig == --: __ . ms- it :1 ._ 4 lriers. as shown on the right. were fav- `f`.. -. ~ f s. ' ``.= . "`Z`e. , ;- .. - ' .,,...... ...-- { = _=r_ _ orerl by twotl1ir1ls of the homeniakcrs Ah_..., r` ```` __; he lI\l(l`\'lC\\C(l lll [l]( K]][[](ky I)()ul[ly :__ < h M_ -.,;:2,*4-w a _- { _-( ]#_ -=--.=. . .... . T if f4-= i (UIISUHII) IOII S KH} ` A l M W W lr; wm'.; ~-" we _w,...,_; _..... ..,,i__ __,_ ** , :i* . . ..m-... ..,, , _ cc`~ r me *s N 7 ..... . ...... .. .... (i l{lZN'l`UC]{\' Rum Axn Hour Scmxcu Soxrxncn 1960