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Image 8 of Kentucky farm and home science, vol. 6 No. 3 summer 1960

Part of Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station

l Blood Substance same groups were less price-conscious and were more (Clmmwcd from Page 3) aware of newspaper, magazine and other special ar- I j _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ticles on food preparation. Generally, families in the ‘ Sodium acetate, acetic acid and propionic acid higher income groupings were more Willing to try Out _, had a very dramatic effect on intake. The twins new Ways Of preparing and Serving Chicken This may p _ that received these metabolites immediately stopped have been 3 factor Encouraging greater Consumption _ Catmg mid actually Consumed only very Slight among the higher income families since variety pre- »~= amounts of hay during the injections. After the ad- vgntgd them from getting tired Of Chicken. ministration was stopped, normal consumption was ` 5* . maintained during the remaining 16 hours of each O? injection day. The administration of saline to the _ _ _ i control twins` substances had no effect on intake, Valued Research Flndlng-S ' i"f""_ indicating that the reduction in consumption by cows (C""tl"""d f"”'" Page 5) l`(‘C(‘lVlllg SO(lllllTl 2l.C€t2l.t(;‘, 2`i.C€tlC 21Cl(l O1` PI`OplOl`llC toppjug Corn Pay? Not Ou i 2l.Cl(l NVZIS ll()t (lU€ to HTC ITIZ-lIllplll2`I.tlOYl lIlVOlV€Cl lll the basis Of yield, ag1·Ou0n·]y rgsearchgrs Say, after COD- A T; *“l'“l"lSt°"l"‘f% thc mCmbOllt€S· ducting a topping test last season. Untopped corn sca These results suggest that the feeding center is more Crops Outyigjdsd topped Crops from 5 {O 1() bughgls 7 , sensitive to acetate or propionate than to any of the an aC1·€_ · ` other substances examined. It may be possible to in- ¤ Q Ja ug; crease substantially the feed consumption of cows. flvowever, these studies are only a beginning in lterms INSECT RESISTANCE;1-he loughmc breeding of learning how_ to •feed cows- for increased intake Program undertaken Z1 {GW years ago by Experiment AWN uml Cmcmlcy of milk pmductmlh Station entomologists to develop insect-resistant to- I`. ; baecos is progressing. But the process is slow and a . F _ I Cl _ k F_ t “good many years” will elapse before results can be 'Y•r mm llc BH Irs determined. f(l(7IlffI|ll(3([ from Page 6) Q ¤ Q (git E threw away some parts. For the ordinary home- l`? . maker the problem was one of finding ways to get CLOVER COLLECTION-)/Io1·e than S50 clovers pr &· all of the chicken eaten once it had been bought. representing 90 species from all over the world now — are growing on the Agricultural Experiment Stati0n’s °”€’* M°fh°ds °f Pr°p°r°H°" farm at Lexington in a project to develop new clovers l?l‘l<‘(l ClllCl<(‘I1 \VtlS tlltt lll()St p()pUlz1l‘ ilI11()l]g the for Kentucky The Cgllgctjou Of Clovgrg jngy well be ` l homemakers interviewed. Next in order in cooking tha ]m·gCst Of its kind in the U_S_ 1**i preference was roasting, broiling and stewing in the 95 order named. Everybody liked fried chicken. In ¤ ¤ ¤ . general. simpler dishes characterized the every-day ’°"‘~. meals. Dumplings, gravy, biscuits, stewing and the BALBO FOB SO\VS—-Mature sows placed on good W _ use of extenders were most connnon but not limited Balbo rye pastures last season produced “excellent lit- 1 to the lower income consumers. ters” with a minimum of feed. A group of such sows, i"‘;·g 1 Specialty (llSll(‘S--llICllI(llllj.{ barbecue. roasting, getting 2 pounds a day of concentrate to supplement sg.? broiling and l)2ll{llIg—Cll1ll'ilCt(‘l'lZ(‘(l the preparation the pasturage, used $67.80 worth less feed than did ' by the middle and higher income groups. These similar sows on dry-lot. Tr; 14.-..1...-1y .x¤.»a-1.11111..1 i·;xpr·¤-ai·1r·i»e snazimi PEN;\I.'l`Y ron PRIVATE Us}; ro Avom ·:‘ ‘l 1i..a1-.».-say of rtl-suit-ry mrxinxr or POSTAGE, saoo l,•·xim;tou, Ky. ****2 U4 .¢~ Z mf 1>a{{r1»%{/ 1=1:1·t1c .»xm.i1.11 1i.»1»mr 111- ii1111.·1a11 .11- 1\1·po¤1 of l’1Ui1¥`<‘*‘ ,}*4: iumie xs. 1109 KY. \\’—ll-(lil-3,000 4* ` ros 1·x1.1s·1·1·211; 1·1.·..~.· 1.—1..m live 11 [ ..i..11...11..—1i. See 1·..,i.11 ism .1i1.1 im- ·"· , ..1»•;1m. {