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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, November 4, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

r 'PAftE TWO THE KENTUCKY KERNEL ALUMNI PAGE Subscribe for THE KERNEL And Help the Association J ames Park, PLANS MADE FOR HOMECOMING GAME Largest Crowd in History of University Is Expected to Attend Thanksgiving '15 Game Mrs. Bodes Estill, '21 T Raymond SECRETARY-TREASURE- R DANCE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Dr. George H. Wilson. '04 Dr. E. C. Elliott, '02 W. C. Wilson, '13 Win. H. Townsend, HOMECOMING The one day in the whole year when the majority of alnmni want to return to the campus is the day of the Homecoming game. This year the game will be on Thanksgiving day the day when the football season is officially closed. A game on this 'day is a stronger drawing card than any other day in the whole year according to our viewpoint. It is usually the last chance to see a football game for many months. This year much has While the record of scores does not been said about our team. show us to be a very strong team, yet in almost every instance the score was by no means an indication pf the playing of the team. We have faced odds all year that at the outset Beemed positivly insurmoutable. Still we have, to a certain extent, overcome a part of these odds. The schedule this yeaf, as every one knows, is as hard as that played by any team in the South. We have been handicapped by a lack of enough material with which to make a winning football team. Our men are small and this is realized more and more each game when they face their opponents. At the present plenty of There is the matter of seats. seats are available for this game but experience has taught us that seats on Kentucky's side of the field do not last indefinitely. At most of the games this year they have been all taken on our side of the stadium. We here in this office would like very much to help you in any way that we can. We will reserve seats for you, and get the best available. We will make hotel reservations, learn the road conditions and tell you the train schedules. In other words we are anxious to do anything that we can to assist. We want you to come home for this game; This office is maintained for the benefit of the alumni and the university, and anything in the way of service for either is a pleasure to us. Be sure to call on us for anything you want. ! I We are gratified with the response that has been made to our appeals for information concerning the alumni whose names have appeared on this page under the Lost List, Several valuable alumni have been found through he readers of The Kernel There are and we are glad to get in touch with them again. more in this week, read them over and drop us a line if you know where any of them are or if you know where we can ask for This list changes from time to information concerning them. time. Please read it each week. and former classmates. He is at present located in Exeter, Calif., where he is a member of the firm of the Exeter Company. Mr. Cary was called to Kentucky because of the illness of his mother who lives in Versailles. He has followed his profession in various parts of the country and has been in California about ten years. He spent some time in Lexington renewing friendships made during his years at the University of Kentucky. The condition of his mother has improved and he has returned to his home in California. O They Tell Me o o George E. Kelley, B. M. E. 1914, is secretary and treasurer of the Casey Home Telephone Company and assistant cashier of the Citizens National Bank of Lebanon, Ky. He is another Charles S. MTllikin, A. B. 1927, has just sent in his check for dues for this year, beginning his first year out or school in the right way. His ad dress is Box 2100, Louisville, Ky. R. P. Peffer, Ex-'1- 3, is another member of the Birmingham Alumni Cfub who has paid up his dues this year. Birmingham is the first organ ization of the association to send in any paid up members as a club. Mr. Peffer lives in Ensley and has for about five years. His address is 2832 Bush Boulevard, Ensley, Ala. Name Degree Address for sending Kernel. 4 Remarks: Virgil D. M. E. 1917, son Graded and lives in WEST SHORT ST. Breakfast RECENTLY Peter Burnaugh, 34 years old, former student of the University of Kentucky and nationally known turf writer, died in New York, July 13, after a short illness. He became ill a few days before his death, and just two weeks after his marriage to Miss Betty Pricilla Stanley, of Wichita, Kans., while he was at the Empire City Race Track reporting the opening of the meeting there for the New York Sun. He was buried In Carlisle, Ky., his He is survived by his widow; his mother, Mrs. James Duncan Burnaugh and one brother, Miller Burnaugh, of Chicago. While a student at the university he was a member of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, and began .as a reporter on the Lexington Leader. After a short time he resigned from the Leader staff and left the university, going to New York. Later he. returned to Lexington and obtained a position as reporter on the Lexington Herald. In a comparatively short time he rose to the position of manag ing editor of the Herald. In 1920 he returned to New York and took a position on the New York Herald as turf writer. He later went with the New York Telegram in the same capacity. afterwards going with the Sun. At the time of his death he also was an associate editor of The Sportsman, a turf magazine. He was born in Carlisle, May 17, 1893, and moved to Lexington when he entered the university. In a comparatively few years he rose in the ranks of sporting writer until ha was considered one of the most brilliant in the United States. He wasan authority on racing and his story of the last Kentucky Derby was consid ered one of the greatest stories 'of that classic in its history. At his birth he was christened Henry Maurice Burnaugh, but chose to write under the name of "Peter" as he was called for many years. birth-plac- EXCHANGE e. 11:45 to 12:45 5:30 to 6:00 Open between neals in the mrning for Sandwiches, Milk, Hot Drinks, Candy and Ice Cream UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA Basement Administration Bldg- - Try Our Green Tree Sandwiches Delicious and Appetizing FRESH EVERY DAY 1927-2- 8. Class as The Lexington Drug Co. THE FIRST BIG STOP DOWN TOWN Augustus M. KIrby, A. B. 1907, is another who is on our Roll of Honor. He has been in foreign countries since 1914 and is at present with the Stan dard Oil Company of New York and stationed in Hongkong, China. He has been stationed with the btan dard Oil Company for 12 years and has been stationed in China all that time. Before that he was provincial treasurer at Tacloban, Leyte, P. L When you need a car for business or social affairs LOST RENT A CHRYSLER wold 4 v or LIST Chevrolet scad, iitto tUa We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. Commercial Co. Rent-A-C- ar 133 W. SHORT PHONE 3145 Bittersweet las 4 ." Just a little different Made with double thick bittersweet per cent ice cream i Marjraret W. Wooten (Mrs. James Sue Hunt Frost '16 ... r. lliggins), A. B. in Education 1926, Is married and is livinc in Elslecoal Ky. She was married last Jnniinrv Mrs. Bessie Fogle Judd '16 while she waB teaching in the nublic schools of Hazard, Ky. She tells us that she is anxious to receive The Kernel again this year and wishes us Charles Frank Kumli 16 a most successful year. Thanks. Thomas E. Earle. B. C. E. 1912. C. George Page Neagle 16 E. 1915. is another whose name has a distinctive place on our Roll of Honor. He has iust sent in his MippV Presley H. Tipton 16 for this year. He has been for several years head of the production de- - i for some time and each day adds an other to the list of active alumni, Lalley has taken a position with the General Electric Company in Schen ectady, N. Y. His address is 866 Union street, Schenectady, N. Y. Roberts, B. M. E. 1905, is principal of the FerguThe Alumni effice would appreciate it if yen school at Ferguson, Ky., Somerset. He was on the office addresses of any of the graduates listed below. campus last week, coming here to attend the educational meetinir. Hie Raymond Earl Steffy' '14. called in person to pay his dues and made sure that he would receive each issue e Kernel. This is his second year as head of Ferguson school Herschel Russell Shelton '14. and also the second year that this school has had a full four year high school course. Charles William Bailey '15 George W. Pirtule, B. S. in Geolosry Clarence Barbour Shoemaker lvti, is a consulting geologist and is located in Coleman, Texas. His ad dress is Box 696. He went to Texas immediately after receiving his M. A Ralph Emerson Bltner '16 and has been practicing his profession there In the oil fields. He also be came a member of the association at Norberto Devera '16 the same time and apparently is go ing to keep on being active. Phone 1792 7:0i to 8:15 . Lunch Dinner ex-'2- 6, find check for $3.00 for Alumni Dues for Occupation. bridge-buildin- Ann Cafeteria Meal Hours Julian Sneed Yager, LL. B. 1924, was a visitor on the campus last Saturday, coming here to see the Wash- Esther Mae Bailey '15 ington and Lee game. He called at the office and paid up his dues. Sneed is practicing law in Ashland and is Elizabeth Fearn Eldrige '15 doing well. He was married to Helen Arthur, in 1924. He has his Elmore A. Vossmeyer, A. B. in offices in the Blackstone buildincr in Zechariah Pierce Hamilton '15 Ashland. Commerce 1926, is a real estate oper ator in Newport, Ky. His home ad Carter Coleman Jett. B. M. E. 1899. dress is 126 North street, Southgate Ky. This is his second year out of is another member who has a place Melvin Hays Judd 15. He has been school and he has been paid up each on our Roll of Honor. time. One hundred per cent so far, an active member for years. He is a professor in the College of Engi a candidate 'for the Roll of Honor. neering of the University of Ken Archie Xavier Pfeffer '15 Capt. James Monroe Morris, LL. B tucky. 1915, is on R. O. T. C. duty at the Charles M. Roswell B. M. E. 190B Ernest Edgar Pittman '15 University of Florida, at Gainesville, Fla. He has been in the army since is a consulting engineer and lives at bpruce street, Philadelphia, Pa. the war and has been in numerous army posts during this time. He be He is another who haa nm'H im M dues every year since 1914 and has a Charles Stephenson Rainey '15 came active, after a lapse of a few years, when he was stationed in Ger piace on our Koll of Honor. SEND 'EM IN FOLKS! Enclosed Dana M. Taylor, '25, Returns to Campus for Few Days ALUMNI alumnus who has been active in the association for a long time, only missNow Located in ing three years out of the last 15. James White Cary, who was gradof Engineeruated from ing with the class of 1912 with the degree of B. M. E.., was a recent visitor on the campus, visiting friends WAS MARRIED E. Barrett Lalley, B. S. M. E. 1926, Mary M. Graves (Mrs. John B. Nelson) B. S. in Industrial Chemistry is another from tins class to swell 1921, is married and is living at 16 the total. T!ie class of 1926 has been Pelham avenue, Princeton, N. J. She leading in the number of members was married, October 5, 1925. Mrs. Nelson has been active every year since her graduation and soon will have a place on our Roll of Honor. J. W. Cary Is Visitor Grad of 1912 Is Exetor, California Former Student of University and Nationally Known Turf Writer Succumbs After Short Illness Alumnus Visits Us Special Rental Rates to Students typewriter OT a KTr Opp Courthouse DIES IN NEW YORK s, THE LOST LIST ; Homecoming Game, Thursday, November 24, Stoll Field, Lexiag. ton, Ky. Club Secretaries: Please send in the dates and places for your regular winter meetings. Help us keep everyone informed as to the activities of the association. 2, Still this can be said for them. They are hard fighters and never yet have let up a single second. They begin giving all they have and at the close of the game they still are giving their all, even in the face of defeat. Thanksgiving day will find them the same. While you may be forced to watch them go down in defeat, it will, by no means, be an ignominious defeat. You will be proud of those who carry on for Kentucky. - PETER BURNAUGH ANNOUNCEMENTS Dana M. Taylor, B. S. C. E. 1925, was a visitor on the campus last week. He came to Lexintrtnn from Pittsburgh, where he is associated witn the McUlintic-Marsha- ll Company, one of the most famous g companies in the United States. This company recently completed the international bridge between Detroit, Mich., and Windsor, Canada. Taylor was graduated from the College of Engineering with honors, and was the winner of the Tau Beta Pi prize for scholarship. He was in Miami, Fla., with the Biscayne Engineering Company for a year after his graduation. He is very en' nOQillTTI thusiastic over the unusual opportunities in the field of bridge building .In spite of the fact that our team has not a wonderful list of victories for the young engineer at the present to its credit this year, it is a good time. little team and the players are working as hard as possible to be in even better Bbape on this day of days for partment of the Lake Shore Sand and a lot of us. While we do not predict Gravel Company of North East a victory for the team on this day, rennsyivanla. His address is Box 26. we can assure you this one thing: you He has been an active member of the will see a team that is full of fight association since 1914. and one that will fight to the last Dr. E. C. Elliott, still is a second. You will see them play some real football even . if the odds are practicing dentist and has his offices against them. at 306 Security Trust Company buildAll of Knoxville will be in Lexing ing Doctor Elliott is a most active ton on that day and you know just alumnus and has been a member of how much you have enjoyed the Ten the executive committee of the assonessee game in years gone by. At ciation for several years. He also is the big dance that night you will meet one of the most ardent supporters of all your old friends and classmates. all the athletic teams of the univerSee some that you have not seen since sity and whenever possible will make graduation. You can loaf a little in the trips with them. He was a star the drug, visit friends in the hotels, on the Wildcat eleven during his see a good game of football and go to years at the university. a regular university dance that night, Bernice McClure, B. S. in Home EcThat program should make a lot of you come back, when you think of it. onomics 1922, tells us that she has One of the best orchestras in Ken- moved from Buffalo, N. Y., to Louis-villKy. She is junior association tucky has been engaged to play at the dance and every qne will be there manager of the Colonial Lunch in that This will be your day; it has ben city. For the last three years she has set aside especially for you. Come on been dietitian for the City hospital in Miss McClure has been an home and enjoy it to the fullest. You Buffalo. active member of the alumni associa know Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without turkey and a football tion ever since her graduation. game. Charles Lyon Oman, B. S. M. E. 1925, has just sent in his check for many in 1920. He returned to the dues for this year . He has done this United Statese in 1922. He has not every year since his graduation. He missed a year since 1920. His ad- is with the American Creosoting Comdress is in care of University of Flor- pany of North Haven Conn. His ad dress, however, is Manville, N. J. ida. 12 TYPEWRITERS Aloani Assn. Secy.-Trea- s. BE GIVEN The annual homecoming game this year vril be on Thanksgiving Day when the Blue and White will meet the Volunteers from the University of Tennessee. Indications at this time lead us to predict that this Homecoming will be one of the largest in the history of the University of Ken tucky. Preparations are being made to show you a royal time. In years gone by there was to be a program of events that took up most of the day. However observa tion has led us to believe that Home coming alumni, returning to see one of the big football games of the year do not want to be bothered with a lot of affairs not actually connected with a good time. Consequently as was the case last year there will be the game in the afternoon and a big dance that nicrht hi tht row from. L. Kirk, '24 Walter Hillenmeyer, '11 Wayland Rhodes, '15 WILL ALL MAKES RAYMOND KIRK Published By And For University Alumni ALUMNI ASSOCIATION of THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PRESIDENT Edited by (our own) topped whipped cream. ! with